leaving reality isn’t about doing drugs, its about not having your everyday burdens, chores, and worries. the only worry you have here is what artist to to next? what ride should I venture off to, and what kandi fits this person the best?

Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas <3 life changing

“love her or hate her”
sorry but this thread pissed me off. You don’t just post a photo of someone and ALLOW people to completely insult lady casa for the way she dresses/just because she’s wearing a headdress. It isn’t “unplur” of her for preaching positive words to people, lady casa DOES NOT i repeat DOES NOT “shove religion” down people’s throats. I respect that people have opinions but ginger, i’m dissapointed in you for allowing people to say cruel things and you yourself for being extremely judgemental on this post/posting something like this. It isn’t an opinion if you’re completely insulting her and ALLOWING people to do so. So much for “plur” . It may seem odd to others that lady casa talks to people in the spirtual manner/saying positive things about your soul etc.. but personally it’s positive to me and that’s all that matters. Stop discrimination against “different” ravers. Lady casa is an inspiration to me.