leaving reality isn’t about doing drugs, its about not having your everyday burdens, chores, and worries. the only worry you have here is what artist to to next? what ride should I venture off to, and what kandi fits this person the best?

Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas <3 life changing


🌴 Massive thank you to Miami and #Ultra for taking care of us properly!!!!

🔺We had the pleasure of raving with some of the chillest, sweetest, most down to earth people on the planet!!

🌐Hope everyone made it back safe and sound!

💜We truly appreciate the love, hospitality, and the realness!!!

☀️If yall are ever in socal or vegas we got you covered in every way shape and form! Please do not hesitate to hit us up:)


🙏The vibes eminating from this crew are off the charts!! —Good ppls right here! 😄 🔻🔻

@whiteboymcfly @Emazinglights @Iheartraves

🔹(+ many more:) sorry if we missed ya:) )

Hope to see you all very soon;)




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-pic thanks to @equisitepapi

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