Lord Ranmaru seems to enjoy his lord’s company very much I give them my blessing. They are rumored to be a couple. Ranmaru has not commented it though… not even to me.

The answer to lady Da Qiao’s question about yaoi… I prefer more shonen-ai than ‘action’ you know…

((OOC: Thought of sorcery thing for ba x ranma scene, I hard see other reason they’d be in “romantic way” xD I meant to put Wenji-Ba and Nobu-Ranma pics together as one big drawing. But because tumbrl shrinks the picture it would have been almost impossible to read text. That’s why I split them two smaller pics though they’d work better together :c ))

PS. Sometimes I feel bad for Lady Noo, though I believe she wouldn’t care that much, right, lady Noo?

Cai Wenji - Necklace - shot 4

While studying and drawing I have been also continuing my cosplay and here are results:

I have now finished jewelry for Cai Wenji. I had a photoshot of the head dress on my head too but it was so bad quality I don’t even dare to send it.  I’ll probably take new one on this weekend. I did little changes on it so it will be a little bit different than in previous photo.

For necklace I used recycled materials, lace, cernit, plastic pearls, iron string etc. I am very sorry for the horrible quality. As you can see these are crappy takes by mobile camera but that’ll do for now. (( I also signed them and saved as jpg that made them even more horrible. xD ))

I wish I’ll get better camera soon lol!

// Ps. I would really want to join roleplay too. ono

I have done a rp sideblog for Cai Wenji if anyone interested. //

((OOC: I have been busy irl and feeling I need a little break of drawing. My mood has been a little sad lately. I have started few replies with hands already but some asks I have jumped over and wait till I get the tablet. I will answer all when I can. I feel some are easier to draw digitally.
Have a peaceful day, Christmas - if you celebrate Chirstmas - after all, I wish peaceful winter time and happy holidays to all of you! oh and happy new year! - if I didn’t post anything before new year))