ladybugs' picnic

New Miraculous Ladybug episode is supposed to come out today!!! I’m so excited! I just watched the table-read from SDCC for the episode (Adrien is so dense o|-<)

I remember when I was making this I was tempted to give Wayzz some pizza as a reference to TMNT, but I thought after being with Master Fu for so long he might prefer Asian food ^u^

A Lovely Picnic

Ladybug and Chat Noir have a talk on a rooftop about their love life. Two days later, Adrien and Marinette go on a picnic. 

                Patrols were a strange thing. They’d started as training exercises, allowing Ladybug and Chat Noir to get used to their powers, and each other, without the danger of fighting an Akuma. Then it turned into making sure the city was safe, both from potential Akumas and occasional petty crime. They’d fought a good handful of late-night muggings.

               Most nights though, Ladybug and Chat Noir ended up just talking. As long as they didn’t use anyone’s real names, they could talk about anything. They’d help one another with personal lives, personal problems, playing an impartial vote. So it didn’t come as a surprise when Chat started up a conversation.

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The Miraculous fandom is literally a bakery. We are the products in Marinette’s family bakeshop.

We have such precious people, so sweet and full of flavour! And by Flavour, I mean talent!!

And the most favourited character is a Cinnamon roll, bless by his very own lady luck, who is a the sweetest pain (bread)

We are food and we consume each other’s sweetness and share each other’s talents.

I love that so much <3

Anything for You

A Miraculous Ladybug Fic:

Pairings: LadyChat /adrienette 

rating: T

Summary: OTP prompt, fluffy elevator goodness, may be a continuation 

I went to, but they are having some issues it seems….

Anywho, I love writing from prompts….So enjoy this prompt fic.

“Imagine your OTP stuck in an elevator after they’ve had a fight.”

I couldn’t’ help myself, they’ve had cute elevator moments


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Cherry lip balm lips, dripping popsicles and how when she sticks her tongue out at you its red. Ladybugs, gingham prints and picnics. You love all of her freckles. Her hair is in knots but they’re beautiful. Sunburns and tan lines. Picking flowers for each other. She makes your heart feel warm