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Hogwarts Ladybug AU Headcanons

Adrien is a Hufflepuff, has a bratty black cat pet/companion named Plagg and a cat patronus. Plagg is constantly underfoot and getting into trouble (or getting Adrien into trouble) and begs for human food at every meal. Adrien pretends to be annoyed by the begging but secretly feeds him bits of cheese under the table (it’s his favorite.) Adrien’s the only person anyone’s ever heard of to have named his freaking patronus; he calls it “Noir”, which makes no sense considering patronuses are made of white light, Adrien, JFC are you even serious right now?

Marinette is a Gryffindor, with a little barn owl pet/companion named Tikki and a ladybug patronus. Tikki is smaller than most barn owls (about half the size of most) and super sweet natured. Unlike most students’ pets she accompanies Marinette pretty much everywhere, sitting on her shoulder during class or off to the side somewhere so she’s not in the way. She likes the occasional bit of cookie, but isn’t a beggar like Plagg. Marinette’s patronus is a tiny little ladybug– everyone teased her at first, but as it turns out, that little bitty ladybug pretty much kicks everyone’s butt. No one teases her about it anymore. ♥

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Personal Headcanons for Ladybug Hogwarts!AU

  • Marinette’s patronus being a black cat
  • Adrien’s patronus being a ladybug
  • Nino being one of the Beaters in the Hufflepuff’s Qudditch team
  • Adrien being one of the Chasers in the Gryffindor’s Qudditch team
  • Alya constantly complaining about the bad WI-FI in Hogwarts
  • Chloé being the daughter of the Minister for Magic
  • Chloé and Sabrina trying to create a love potion so that Adrien will have only eyes for Chloé but fail because the Moaning Myrtle won’t stop disturbing them in the girls’ first floor bathroom
  • Gabriel Agreste being one of the most famous fashion designers in the Wizarding World (and a previous Slytherin)
  • Adrien being really bad in potions class
  • Tom and Sabine being Muggles who are just as excited as Marinette when she receives her invitation for Hogwarts
  • Alya visiting Marinette during the summer holidays
  • Alya and Nino knowing each other since childhood because their parents are close friends
  • Alya and Nino secretly crushing on each other
  • Alya (as a Ravenclaw) always helping Marinette (as a Hufflepuff) with learning for tests so she won’t fail them
  • Nino discovering the Marauder’s map and sneaking with Alya to Hogsmeade for a date in the middle of the night
  • Adrien being an Animagus who can transform into a black cat
  • Marinette being followed by a black cat without knowing at first that it’s Adrien
  • Gabriel Agreste being disappointed because he wanted to see his only son in Slytherin and not in Gryffindor
  • Adrien spending his first Christmas holidays in Hogwarts
  • Adrien starting to work a part-time job at Honeydukes because he wants to free himself from home
  • Adrien looking into the Mirror of Erised and seeing his dead mother, himself and how his father was before her death. Happy.*
  • Marinette helping Adrien in potion class because she’s good with potions
  • Alya being a werewolf and only Nino knowing of it
  • Tikki and Plagg being two ghosts who happily live in Hogwarts
  • Plagg being known for stealing all the cheese from the tables in the Great Hall and Tikki being known to yell at him for doing that
  • Adrien and Marinette falling in love with each other
  • Adrien sneaking into the Hufflepuff common room in his Animagus disguise to see his love without anyone suspecting it’s him
  • A lot of magical puns and jokes
  • Alya owning a blog where she writes about her time in Hogwarts
  • Alya and Nino going to the Yule Ball as a couple just like Adrien and Marinette do. And the girls wear beautiful dresses
  • Adrien confessing his love for Marinette in front of everybody and asking her to marry him in their last year

*it’s not canon that Adrien’s mother died - it’s just one of my theories

I will probably post even more of these, because I have thousands of them in my head. But here’s a start for those who wonder why I’m so obsessed with the Ladybug Hogwarts!AU.