ladybug girl and the bug squad

Ladynoir July Day 1 - Patience

Welcome to Ladynoir July. I will be writing drabbles for the whole month, hopefully.

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“How in the world do you put up with her?!” Ladybug stomped her feet and then paced back and forth across the beam they were standing on.

Chat Noir watched, bemused at her fury, and glanced from where they were at the top of the Eiffel tower at the beauty of the Paris skyline. The night had been quite good for him so far, no criminals to bother him, so he had been a bit surprised when Ladybug had shown up angry at the end of their patrols.

“Who is this ‘her’ I put up with?” He quirked his head to the side in question.

Ladybug turned and glared at him, her mouth in a flat line. “You just dealt with her Chat! I mean, how much patience do you have? To have to deal with some random girl demanding you to do her homework and then you just do it? You’re a freaking superhero for Pete’s sake! Just who does she think she is? Bossing my partner around.”

While she ranted her arms moved around to emphasize her points. A particularly vivid swipe to the air was delivered as she grumbled out the last bit.

“I swear! If Chloe keeps making akuma like this it might be better to just follow her around to stop them. No reason to wait when you can go to the source.” She snorted. “Maybe we should form a squad using Alya and her blog, a ‘follow Chloe around’ squad. Stop the akuma before they start could be the tagline!” She panted slightly as she finished up her rant.

Chat eyed her warily as he leaned back against one of the curved beams. “Are you done bug?”

She glared at him tiredly. “Why do you let her push you around?” She ground out.

Chat frowned. How was he supposed to answer that without revealing who he was? “I… know a girl that acts like her.” He considered his words carefully. “Sometimes people like her act out and there’s little way to change them.”

Ladybug frowned. “So what? That doesn’t mean you let them step on you, Chat.” Then her face changed to one of realization. “Wait. You said you know a girl like this? Has she been treating you like the way Chloe treats m-people?” She sounded very distressed at the idea.

“No… she’s fine, just a little… too much at times.” Wow. It was hard to talk about Chloe without giving away anything.

Her distressed look grew. “Are you sure, Kitten? If you’re being bullied…”

He waved away her concern. “I’m fine. Promise.” He flashed her a grin. “Girl’s like Chloe, well, I just think that the way to make them change is kindness not anger. If that makes sense?”

Ladybug sighed. “I don’t know…”

“Don’t worry too much about it. There are more important things for you to worry about then how to get Chloe to change her behavior.”

She smiled. “You’re right, for once.” She teased. She slid open her yoyo and glanced inside. “I do need to head home now, do you mind?”

He chuckled and bowed. “Of course not, My Lady. Have a wonderful night.”

She grinned at him as she swung off the tower.

He stood there a moment as he contemplated his lady’s words.

He frowned to himself. “She is my friend though, so what am I supposed to do?” The more he thought about it the more his frown changed into a grimace. “If even Ladybug thinks Chloe is out of line then shouldn’t I do something…?”

He sighed. He would have to talk to her and try get through to her, somehow. Hopefully before she helped create another akuma. After all, the last thing he wanted was one of his friends being the target of his lady’s ire.