Based on those tropes where they write their names on a piece of card for the reveal.

Behold!! i have risen!!
I initially was planning to draw them properly with a serious™ style
(i even filmed myself for reference )

But alas i was mapping their movements with placeholder wanky-limb sketches and figured the serious™ style would take too long, so i added their features to the wanky-limb models and called it a day

This still took 5 days to finish

Phineas and Isabella, but Adrienette


I was commissioned by @lovegeek1215 to draw a comic based on that one Phineas and Ferb scene where Isabella finally kisses Phineas lol but MAKE IT ADRIENETTE BECAUSE YES

Chat Noir: I don’t understand why Marinette can’t come back

Chat Noir: did you see how amazing Multimouse was?

Ladybug: WHy can’t you accept that Marinette’s not cut out to be a superhero?

Chat Noir: she literally used both of our Miraculouses at once while also using her own power but go off I guess

Ladybug: that was a one-time thing, she did her job well, and I’m glad, but that doesn’t mean she’ll be useful in every possible situation

Chat Noir: *deep breath*

Chat Noir: she’s an actual fashion genius, she has connections to like, every celebrity, she’s rediculously caring and can get people to be her friend in like 2 minutes, she’s probably the smartest girl in her class, she’s a brilliant artist and a buisinesswoman at age 14,


Chat Noir: she’s an incredible baker, she looks absolutely stunning with her hair down which maybe isn’t relevent but like she could probably deevilize some akumas just by looking at them, she has this sparkle that she gets in her eyes once she has a plan and it’s like you know you can trust her with your entire being, she never backs down from a challenge, she glows so bright she could make others seem dull if she wanted but instead she just spreads light everywhere she goes so when you’re near her you feel lightheaded but in a good way, She-

Ladybug, amused that Chat Noir seems to have fallen for her as a superhero again: Wow, chaton, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you have a crush on Multimouse

Chat Noir, panicking because he doesn’t want Ladybug to think he’s unfaithful: what? no no no no no that’s crazy talk I don’t have a crush on Marinette. I just have… a friend who’s super in love with her and he always rambles about how crazily awesome she is which is why I accidentally started talking about her using the same phrases he does

Chat Noir: yeah that’s my explanation

Ladybug: *eyeroll* That’s totally beleivable

Chat Noir: stop teasing me, I’m telling the truth!

Ladybug: and who is this mystery friend?

Chat Noir: I can’t tell you because… secret identity reasons

Ladybug: wow what a convient excuse

Chat Noir, struggling to think of someone who wouldn’t contradict his claims that Chat Noir is friends with them and also who obviously has a crush on Marinette: um

Chat Noir: it’s Adrien Agreste

Chat Noir: he’s had this enourmous crush on her forever and he refuses to stop gushing about her

Chat Noir: he’s always just like “oh my God, Marinette looked at me today, I can’t believe how lucky I am,” or like “hey look at this amazing lucky charm Marinette made for me” or like “wow I didn’t even realize Marinette’s in the background of my Instagram photo, I can’t believe I was that close to her, this is proof we were meant to be married”

Chat Noir: it’s kind of annoying actually

Chat Noir: but like, in a cute way

Chat Noir: *hahaha I’m a genius*

Chat Noir:

Chat Noir: Oh shoot Ladybug are you ok? What did I do? Why are you crying?

chat noir:


chat noir:


chat noir: so i’ve been reading this 132k slowburn enemies to lovers adrien agreste/chat noir fanfiction

ladybug: …….

chat noir: it updates every sunday and it’s written by bugaboob if you wanna check it out

ladybug, to herself: oh god that’s my fic



so i like suits so much so im like ‘what about love square in suits??’ because suits just make people more attractive (to me at least qwq)

probably the reason i like formal events is because I get to see people in suits (i don’t work yet so my only chance to see these are during prom or birthday parties) and then when the event is coming to a close, people would remove their coat and would fold their sleeves and it’s another level of attractive. 

my friend even gave me a heads up that she will be wearing a suit to our prom because she knows how much i like it and she’s like ‘ get ready, we’re taking lots of pictures’ and i’m just ‘YES!!’


Commissions are still OPEN owo