🎧 Buffalo Soldier - Bob Marley 🎧
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┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ (at Amtrak Acela Express)


This was a live painting event for the furniture store ENVIRONENT.  FuseGreen, VinsOne. BlusterOne©

Apparently after all this time I have been on Instagram, this morning I received an email saying I had been “flagged”!? I was told to check my “content” and delete whatever goes against the terms. Immediately I wrote back asking for them to tell me what was deemed inappropriate to be flagged…and no response. Looking back at ALL of my content, I honestly don’t feel anything I have put up is wrong or in poor taste. I feel insulted. And to broadly tell me something, not specifically, I had posted someone didn’t like makes me feel that the “flag” option can easily be abused by those with a difference of opinion. As a mother, educator, artist, activist, etc. this violates MY rights. Nothing I have posted is in poor taste. And if anyone has any questions or comments, hit me up personally or keep it moving! I have been on here for over a year without any problem and that should be something Instagram should check before they’re quick to send me such an email. A response is appreciated. #flagged #instagram #abuse #rights #ladybirdlaurie #explanation

When I was site coordinator at PS 188 (LES) for Urban Dove my sciatica went bananas and I was out for almost 3 weeks. All the kids and my youth staff made me cards. I just rediscovered all of them as I clean the 596 space. This one had me in tears…(of laughter). And he’s. #ps188 #getwellcards #2007 #teacher #sciatica #dominican #dr #mentor #youthadvocate #youthdevelopment #passion #kids #ladybirdlaurie