ladybeelane ha dicho i don’t know i’m interested in how snow’s turning out and emma with her powers…and dude how about neil and gold?!?!?! aaaaaahhh!!! new favorite family!!! but agreed ruby can do so much more…why don’t they let her?!?!?!

I’m not interested in the charmings anymore. They’re boring and a bunch of hypocrites. I’m more interested in the Neal/Gold(Rumple) relationship. That moment, when Rumple is dying and Neil is : I’m still angry, he look like a little kid again. An Ruby is a waste of a good character.

ladybeelane said: i think i might have to agree with your assumptions. granted, you can get pregnant that fast, but to me it’s very doubtful. and everything she says is just…it just seems fake and sketchy…i want to know the truth about her nooooooowww!!! lol

writing her mother that often in the middle of the war , to volantis? in valyrian? I can see Talisa in the RW after Bolton and the Freys having killed everyone (except Edmure, because the poor thing is clueless) and Roose telling Talisa: “Lannisters always paid their debts”