“I love the sky after rain, it always means new beginnings.”

So. It’s about time I did some Miraculous Ladybug fanart, huh?

I imagine Marinette helped Chat out of a fix again and a storm finally passed and Marinette’s just loving the stars and Chat’s like ooooah wait Mari why are you so beautiful also you look REAL familiar and it’s freaking me out. Basically, this is how I want him to figure it out already.


Virtue/Moir and Davis/White: Vertical Lift Comparision



1) Tessa prepares slender -as if she was preparing for a vertical -and Scott gives the base.

2) Tessa is resting on Scott’s right shoulder; in split she gives the impetus to get vertical. NOW soars high in both legs with her strength. Scott accompanies the movement.

3) Same thing in step 3. Notice that Scott’s feet are always perfectly aligned, even in the following points.

4) Tessa is on. Now, since the position, to rhyme such, requires a considerable work of abdominal, Scott supports one of the two legs of Tessa to make sure that she reaches alone its center of gravity balance.

5) Tessa bend her pelvis backward to seek balance. With the strength of the abdominal muscles, biceps and quadriceps remains on. Scott always gives support on his right shoulder (the only obvious support) while continuing to accompany with his hand.

6) Scott leaves Tessa’s leg, the lift is perfectly in balance, the two arrows signify the action-reaction that Scott and Tessa engaged one against the other to achieve the perfect barycentre

7) Due to the fact that Tessa has a perfect center of gravity (as mentioned above the pelvis) Scott unbalanced forces. The figure shows how the line connects perfectly Tessa’s shoes with the midpoint of Scott’s sprrad eagle legs. The lift in fact, works mechanically.


1) Charlie is on the verge of taking Meryl in an “embrace”. Meryl in turn clings to the back of Charlie. Note already the 4 points of support that Meryl has.

2) Charlie puts a hand over Meryl and one beneath her, announcing that he’ll turn it over. Meanwhile, Meryl is always resting both arms on his back.

3) Charlie turns Meryl.

4) While he turns her, he lift her up.

5) Note that we are already seeing the first support which will be those of the lift. Meryl has her whole arm around the shoulders of Charlie.

6) Meryl is completely in a comfortable position. Again with the 4 points of support, both Charlie’s shoulders, and his arms.

7) Now she can raise her legs.

8) Charlie mentions to remove the arm and here already it messes up the balance. Note in fact the two feet of Charlie begin to have a different slant.

9) This is pretty obvious (unfortunately the video quality does not allow it at the most) that the two feet of Charlie are on two different imaginary lines. This is obviously due to the difference in weight unloaded on two feet, which in turn is due to the complete lack of gravity in this lift is not by chance, if it joins an imaginary line between the center of Charlie’s legs and Meryl’s feet, you do not get a straight line.

10) Meryl mentions for a second to leave the left arm from Charlie, while maintaining two supports behind his back and on both Charlie’s shoulders with the other arm. The imbalance between the two feet persists.

11) After less than a second when Meryl pulled off her arm, Charlie takes Meryl to bring her down.

I want to clarify that we are not talking of cleaning, which comes after workouts and workouts. We talk about the basic physics of forces must balance, and those, if the lift has been built in a certain way, will never change.
Both lifts, go ahead to check the protocols, were judged to level 4, although one is easier than the other. In fact, Scott says more MASS (obviously Tessa has a mass much more pronounced then Meryl) and must perfectly balance the weight on the tails of the blades, across Tessa, has a much more difficult position, she has only one support and must find her own center of gravity with the force of the abdomen and pelvis (while Meryl has the support of both of the two arms behind the back of Charlie himself, has no center of gravity and therefore did not need to use her muscles. center of gravity is in fact its about Charlie.

** All credits for this post goes to my friend LadyB. **