Here is the finished version of the Sailor Moon Crystal anime promo. The idea for the redraw came from the tumblr blog, crystalfacets. I was not originally planning to color this, but somehow I ended up coloring it anyway. ^^;; There was a lot of fiddling around with the image, and while I can’t say I’m 100% happy with it, I did give it my best shot.

It’s no secret that Chibi Usa is my favorite female Sailor Moon character, and I always wished we’d gotten more images or info on her Pink Moon Crystal, so I chose to draw her with her Pink Moon Crystal in this picture. In the original promo image Sailor Moon has a wide-eyed look as she holds up the Silver Crystal, as if she’s gazing at the crystal in awe and wonder. This makes sense, since in the first arc Usagi is inexperienced and does not know the extent of her crystal’s power. But adult!Chibi Usa would be an experienced, full fledged senshi by the time she’s in possession of her own Pink Moon Crystal, so I gave her a more assertive expression as she’s about to unleash its power.


and here’s the full view of one of my other moon crisis pieces, “little dream.” markers, watercolor pencil, and ink on watercolor paper, plus glow in the dark paint and white glitter on the stars!

prints/merch available at society6 and redbubble. i’ll have some signed prints at AWA later this month, and online in my storenvy in october