Let’s take a minute to think about the way in which Emma just barges into Regina’s office, drops food on her desk, and Regina doesn’t even flinch. Like it’s just a common occurrence. And Emma knows what Regina likes and dislikes to eat. And Regina’s tone when she says “You eat like a child”, there’s no bite to it, she chuckles and sounds so endeared by Emma’s quirks.
And then Emma asks her to open the bottles and Regina sends a sassy comeback her way, also without a bite. And Emma just looks at her over the shoulder, and smiles, as she strides so casually to one of Regina’s drawers, like she just owns the place. Seriously, who swapped the original script with their fanfic, good Lord…

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Inspired by this post, I’m crossing fe:a girls in ulyana sergeenko’s S/S 2013 Dresses

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[anon on Chapter 20]: Err I think you mean this is what you hope Sansa Stark becomes. Personally I hope she does become strong but from GoT to ADWD that is not her.( i realize you said post ADWD but that’s all just speculation at this point, rather hard to say that’s the real Sansa when it’s never been shown) and lol at Sansa emotionally mature, after having her wolf killed she still turns to the Queen and betrays her father, believes the drunk Ser Dontos is going to save her, yes very mature for someone with their head in the clouds. Sandor is the complete opposite, he knows that as a second son of a minor house with a name that’s reviled and a half melted face there isn’t much for him but war. He may not be great with expressing his feelings but he seems to have an astute understanding of how things really work, IMO that is maturity, to come to terms with what you are and what you are not.
Sorry rant over, that being said this is a well written story and I happily look forward to reading more :)

Sansa had her wolf killed? Sansa betrays her father? It’s Sansa’s fault that she didn’t know Dontos was being played????????

OK Anon, I didn’t want to reply to your comment on the actual site because I wasn’t sure how long I was gonna get. But…yikes. We all have our opinions, but some of this is just so way out of line. 

FWIW: I’m glad that, despite your read on Sansa, you are still able to enjoy my story! I appreciate the compliment!!

But yeah….this devolved into a rant. So it’s going under a cut!!

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