Let’s take a minute to think about the way in which Emma just barges into Regina’s office, drops food on her desk, and Regina doesn’t even flinch. Like it’s just a common occurrence. And Emma knows what Regina likes and dislikes to eat. And Regina’s tone when she says “You eat like a child”, there’s no bite to it, she chuckles and sounds so endeared by Emma’s quirks.
And then Emma asks her to open the bottles and Regina sends a sassy comeback her way, also without a bite. And Emma just looks at her over the shoulder, and smiles, as she strides so casually to one of Regina’s drawers, like she just owns the place. Seriously, who swapped the original script with their fanfic, good Lord…

All I want is for Darcy to meet Sif. Just Thor introducing them “Lady Darcy this is my friend Sif, Sif this is Lady Darcy. She bested me in battle once with a little box that controls my lightning.” And Sif would just smirk pull Darcy to her side and drag her off along with Jane saying “Come my sisters in arms, tonight we feast!” I think it would beautiful….

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If it feels so good, then it can’t be wrong


I’m not really sure what to make of Tumblr, on one hand it seems like a great idea but on the other I feel like I’m cheating on Pinterest. Yeah, yeah I know, one has been here WAY longer than the other but Pinterest was and is my first social media love. Unlike on FB where I just end up putting palm to face while I read my feed or twitter where everyone speaks in some sort of half robot speak, Pinterest has all of my interest. I can upload things with one click, speak my opinion on that thing and rarely have any balk talk from someone else telling me it’s wrong. 

…and to top all that excitement off: Tonight I realized I’m going to be living very near a pagan-accepting city, and I might *FINALLY* get a chance to attend my first public pagan gathering! {8D

I’m reading up on them now, and while I’m not making any SPECIFIC plans:

Holy gods, I can not WAIT to experience the energies of that many similarly-spirited people in such a great gathering!

My, my… Great gods, is this or is this NOT the *perfect* time of year to be moving?! ^^ Ostara’s right around the corner, and that is when the winter weather finally breaks to allow the new things of spring to come in. Beltaine - the time of year when new things being to grow… That’s when I’ll be moving, roundabout.

Perhaps it warrants a celebration. :}

(…privately first, methinks. /^^’;; But once I’m a bit more settled in… Ahhh, perhaps celebrate the closing and finalizing of This Phase of my Life Being Completed at a Samhain gathering?! 8D )

faleronofkingsreach asked:

top 5 favorite things about alessandra

whenever me you and jess reblog this meme we just send each other the same thing

  1. your giant crush on me (don’t worry i won’t let it ruin our friendship we can deal with this)
  2. the fact that this picture describes you up so well

3. writes really good fanfiction and also brainstorms headcanons with me remember that time we spent like 2h brainstorming skyelance celebrity au and then you had to go back to it to remember the ideas for the actual fic that was cool (AND THAT FIC WAS AMAZING)

4. appreciates all lady friendships and multiships like a pro

5. rants a lot about fandom stuff that i can’t retweet because her twitter is blocked so usually i beg her to post a nicer version on tumblr and probably has no idea about how much i actually enjoy her rants like it’s so much fun and her opinions are wonderful i rarely ever disagree

6. ultimate classics nerd like sometimes i have to google some references she makes in the middle of conversations

7. always makes fun of crappy tumblr posts with me

8. makes fun of pathetic men from dating websites which actually inspired a skimmons au i wrote