im just on a artist depression right now , im not feeling on the mood of drawing and im not making any mayor progess on my style… BUT that do not mean im going to stop posting art so here is something that i have ready , also if you have any idea for the palu-cosplay series don`t be afraid of sending me a message ill acept any idea that you have :)

Palu cosplay : Link (Breath of the wild version)

Last cosplay: Pit

Next cosplay : Tharja

I TRY! the art style of the game it`s kinda complicate to replicate so i just do what i could .. anyway i believe looks decent 9/10

Share this image help me a lot also follow me on picarto so you can see when i stream !

PD: im going to be on mexico next week that mean no drawing/streaming during that time until then have a good one !