young Lady Marion and Lord Lochan-Throne of glass by Sarah J Maas

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ELIDE IS VALG ... head-cannon

*ToD Spoilers* So I was having this conversation with my friend, and I came up with this theory. Elide is part Valg. Crazy I know. But stay with me. 

Let’s start from the beginning with her mother. Elide’s mom is Lady Marion. All we know about her definitively is that she worked in the washroom and she was best friends with Evalin Ashryver. Evalin was a princess of Wendlyn. But before Evalin went to Terrasen she lived at Mistwyrd. Now, what if Evalin met Marion at Mistwyrd. What if Marion figured out that Maeve was the Queen of the Valg but only because she too had similar powers as Maeve. We don’t know if the Three Valg Kings before the first two were banished from the realm didn’t have offspring. So what if they did. And what if some of that magic tickled down to Marion. Now, Evalin wouldn’t of left Mistwyrd, she had friends and a home and a cause she was petitioning. It seemed strange when Emris said Evalin left. But what if the reason she left was to protect Marion, her friend. What if Marion saw what Maeve is, told Evalin and then the two left. (plus the whole Marion was a maid is probably an easy trick of the mind. One that Maeve did, but to a bigger extent)

Now, you know how Maeve said Aelin’s parents always had a way of sensing when Maeve’s eyes were looking for her? Well here’s the thing, Aelin’s father Rhoe had no magic. And her mother only had water magic. Nothing that can really tell them when to hide Aelin. But what if Marion could. She was Aelin’s nursemaid, and she was also Evalin’s right-hand person. So what if she was put into that position to both alert Evalin about Maeve and also protect Aelin. 

You might be thinking, WHAT?! But think about it. When Evalin and Rhoe and Aelin left the palace, they brought no one with them except Marion. Strange right. Especially when they thought it was Maeve coming after Aelin. They really should have brought other magic wielders. But they just brought Marion. And when Aelin woke up between her parents and when that valg came, Marion stood her ground. Yes, she was loyal and would have done it no matter what. And yes Marion did die. But also, maybe the reason she couldn’t win in the fight was that her magic was depleted. 

Fast forward to Elide. We’re told Elide has witch blood in her. We still can’t figure it out. But we do know that Vernin and Errowan wanted her. She is valuable to them. Why? We don’t know. BUT if she has valg in her, if she has royal valg blood in her and if she is a female with royal valg blood. Then she has more of a claim to the valg throne then Maeve does. Because Maeve only is Queen because she married into the royal family. Now, what if Elide was meant to have children with Errowan. They would probably be powerful enough to take down Maeve. They would be full valg maybe. They would have a claim to the throne. It sort of makes sense. It also makes sense on why Marion’ s power was so depleted. She wasn’t only protecting Aelin, but also Elide from Maeve’s eye.

Here’s the thing. Fae males are drawn to power. Maeve is powerful. Aelin is too. They both have had the Cadre drawn to them. But then why would Lorcan be drawn to Elide. Elide who is a mortal. BECAUSE SHE ISN’T JUST A MORTAL. SHE IS POWERFUL. SHE IS VALG. SHE IS DARKNESS. The same darkness that drew Lorcan to Maeve. But this time, maybe more powerful. 

So all in all, I think Elide doesn’t have witch blood in her. I think she has valg. Or some bit of valg. Maybe she is valg. 

What do you guys think? 


Robin of Sherwood. This show from the mid-80s is one of my favourite ever, and so much better than the recent BBC version.

It’s one of the first shows to make me cry a LOT, and it still does.