luxelen asked:

Lord Black: Remember that conversation we were to have about your job assistance program? Or maybe it wasn't you. If it wasn't you, disregard. So many Lords, so little time. But if it was you, well, darling, we should see about getting to the talking. I talk a lot. But this is serious. I await your response. May the stars light your path. ~Lady Lux PS. Do send my greetings to Lady Delphine.

His memory is still a haze, but somehow he finds himself able to respond to this letter with little thought. Muscle memory allows his writing to be just as graceful and sloping as every, though the ink lays thicker on some words – the only sign of flaw.


You must have me confused for a man who enjoys his time wasted. If you cannot even recall our conversation in good faith, then clearly any agreement we might enter would be mired by your fickle and fleeting whims.

If you have a serious proposal to bring to my attention, you know how to contact me.