Next up, the fabulous Noble Arrelaine!  @korlynn

Jay:  *smirks*  “I can’t wait to meet this latest designer muse.”

Lux:  *perks a brow curiously*   “Another muse?  Who’s muse?  She must be quite the sight if she’s someone’s designer muse.”

Jay:  “Oh, darling, I’m sure you know her.  Lady Arrelaine?“

Lux:  “Ah, her.  She’s a bit mouthy.  But whatever.  I only know her in passing, don’t know her very well.  But, out of curiosity, which designer?”  * flutters her lashes*

Jay:  *purses his lips, knowing full well he’s about to instigate a flame into a full-on forest fire*   “You’ll get to know her well, seeing as you’ll share a soft spot in someone’s aesthetic dreams.  The renown Mister Zubair Mirage just did a whole look-book inspired by her, all in deep, rich blue tones and navy.   Guess you’ll be sharing the spotlight with her, sweetheart.”

Lux:  *gasps dramatically, amber eyes widening*  “What?!  No!  First of all, she’s like a, who even is she?!  And I’m Mister Mirage’s exclusive inspiration all things fashion!   Let me see these gowns!   These are my style! How dare he design things in my style for this…this banshee!  I swear to Balthazar’s wrath if any of them even resemble what he said were designed just for me I…I’ll…I…. Ugh!”

Jay:  “Oh, honey, we both know green’s not your color, so settle down.   Speaking of greens, however, Lady Arrelaine looks amazing in Melandru’s blessed hues.”

Lux:  “Jay! Godsdamnit!  Stop making me more….oh, wow, she does look good in green as well.   Ugh, I hate her!”

Jay:  *snickers as he holds over an image of Arrelaine against the other designers’ green gowns in the selection*   “You’re so easy to rile up, Lady Lux.  Also, frowning gives way to wrinkles. I’d stop that.”

Lux:  *pouts*   “I just can’t believe Mister Mirage would do this to me!  I’m his muse!   I’m writing him a stern letter!” *And then her attention wanders as she takes a second look at a certain gown*    “Oh, I really like that one….think he’d make it for me in black?”

(( Selections from Fall Couture 2016:   Zuhair Murad, Schiaparelli, Jean Paul Gaultier (but let’s skip the head piece), and Basil Soda.))