I dream of Shance

So, as I prepare to marathon Voltron S1+S2 in prep for the Shance BB (and S3), my musings turned towards our lovely boys.  I mean I know there is quite a bit of pining Lance waxing poetics about Shiro’s bulging biceps, shoulders as wide as miles, winged lashes ready to take flight, and big tiddies pectoral muscles you could bounce a quarter off of.  It’s fun to draw/write about Lance wanting to bite Shiro…but consider this…

How fun is just as thirsty and pining Shiro?

Lance is warm and welcoming  His blue eyes and wide smile is just so amazing.  The beautiful tanned skin makes you wonder just how far down his blush goes, if he has a tan line too because you know Lance is a water baby.  He’s built like a swimmer, lean and muscular shoulders.  Imagine Shiro just wanting to touch but just clenching his hands in restraint.

We all head-canon Lance as being bendy and flexible, so seeing Lance stretch and twist into long leggy poses just watching his cute rear wiggle.  It’s maddening, and those deep gouges in the training room wall are in no way from Shiro digging his prosthetic fingers to keep from reaching out…hello downward dog…

Lance’s flirty nature actually does work despite people thinking otherwise.  All the ladies (and a few laddies) giggle because he’s actually sincere in his approach to others.  He’s the type of person that makes you want to notice him, which is why he’s always surrounded by people.  No Shiro is not jealous thank you very much…he’s just protective…and Lance needs to focus on other things(like him.).

Shiro doesn’t know if he should be thankful or not when Lance ran into the main deck in nothing but swimming trunks…not like he can contemplate on it much because quiznaking Zarkon is a D**K.  Oh well, he was really cute in his space pirate outfit…the little round glasses really brought out his eyes.  Shiro may or may not have a Lance dress-up kink.

Lucky be a Lady (or Laddie)

OKAY. I HAD A REALLY LONG DRIVE and there was actually like NO traffic for once so I could put my cruise control, and, since my speakers died and I could neither listen to radio nor books on tape like usual, I decided to come up with an otome game plot in all of its TRITE, CAMPY, UNABASHEDLY CLICHED GLORY.

(This is not edited, this is not thought through – this was voice-to-texted on a LONG DRIVE and I went through to at least make sure there were more or less coherent sentences)

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