Ok I will be tagging all Andromeda stuff with me:a just in case ppl wanna avoid spoilers tho I know most of you have already played it

Some thoughts:

Shepard is #goals but Ryder is #relatable

I just got to the nexus and met Tiran and now we’re married because I love him.

There is not a straight woman in the world with Cora’s haircut so I call bullsht

Liam is so fucking cute I love him already why can’t you romance multiple people?? Also his accent is wonderful

I fucking hate lexi’s facial markings I s2g it looks like cum!!!

Thenks fother for my life

Also I’m so excited that Tann is kumail nanjiani

And I love Kesh! Lady krogan!!!!


Nexus leadership:

Nakmor Kesh, is a female Krogan and part of the core team of station engineers who built the Nexus. Her contributions during the mission include station upkeep and ensuring all facilities remain in working order.

Foster Addison oversees all colonization logistics for the Andromeda Initiative, making sure all settlements are up and running and colonists have a place to live.

Sloane Kelley is an Alliance-trained solider, and responsible for all security initiatives aboard the Nexus upon arrival in Andromeda.

Reasons why the Citadel DLC owns my soul



i. can’t.

oh, and Jack has a pet biotic varren. nbd.

who flips Shepard when she isn’t looking. yeah, that’s cool I guess.

there’s a drunk babbeh krogan in Shepard’s shower

who apparently has a crush on Liara. that’s okay, it’s not like this crams my little heart with feels until it spontaneously haemorrhages or anything, nope.

not just the couch ;)

i would also like to know this, James.

this is what it looks like when a krogan headdesks

a krogan who has discovered making babies can be hard work

aye aye commander

I’m dying

send help

death by hot turian

kfdjfhshagvahsksksjsgaBABBIES *gross sobbing*

my soul is yours, Bioware. treat it well, it was once important to me.

anonymous asked:

I hope there's more of Mordin with the Krogan groupies/ladies. Would be nice if before he dies, Mordin has time to spend with ladies who like him.

I will buy you a garden
Where your flowers can bloom
I will buy you a new car
Perfect shiny and new
I will buy you that big house
Way up in the west hills
I will buy you a new life
Yes I will [x]


I am renaming my krogan warlord.  It’s going from ‘Mr. Fluffy’ to 'Lady Fluffy’.  Because there were female krogan warlords.  It’s in Mass Effect canon.  And since female krogan aren’t that different from male krogan, there’s nothing that says it can’t be a female warlord under all that armor.

Any deep voices are caused by the filters in the helmet because I said.

asari being in polyamorous relationships with different species who have differing lifespans!!

krogan ladies falling in love and supporting each other through the mandatory breeding!!!!!

nonbinary turians with short fringes and gender-neutral names!!!!!!

asexual quarians in loving, emotionally intimate relationships with asexual salarians!!!!!!!!!