I am renaming my krogan warlord.  It’s going from ‘Mr. Fluffy’ to 'Lady Fluffy’.  Because there were female krogan warlords.  It’s in Mass Effect canon.  And since female krogan aren’t that different from male krogan, there’s nothing that says it can’t be a female warlord under all that armor.

Any deep voices are caused by the filters in the helmet because I said.

lady-faelan asked:

10, 15, and 16 for Mass Effect pls. Sorry, I'm a slut for some ME.

*shouts from the rooftop* I’M ALWAYS A SLUT FOR MASS EFFECT

10. Funniest moments in the triology?

no. i can’t answer this. i’d love too, but there are too many, and i don’t feel like listing them all.(I really loved the biotic god Volus though tbh)

15. Favorite alien race and why?

Shit. I really love quarians, because those little shits are just that. little shits. But I also love turians ‘cause those assholes have cool mandibles and face paint and everything(even though bioware lacked on lady turians) and krOGANS. I COULD HUG A KROGAN. i mean, i’d probably be killed by it, because those shits wouldn’t let me, but hey. 

16. Least favorite alien race and why?

*does a dance* I don’t really like Salarians. Aside from a few, they always act like they’re superior to other races.