Walmart after 10pm is such a bizarre other worldly place it’s not real especially the garden center like if you enter the garden center after 10pm there’s a 76% chance you’ll meet your mirror self and they’ll kill you and replace you while your soul is stuck in the Walmart garden center to forever listen to old white ladies complain about their plants they got from a different store dying and them wanting a refund

idk anything about taz but please stop putting the pretty elf lady/plain looking white guy on my dash i hate it and feel bad for her


And I was lucky in a way that I came into the game just when we’re moving from that stage one, caricature kind of thing, into stage two. So a lot of my early work kind of deals with the issues around the world on terror and Islamophobia, but I’m proud to say I think it deals with those and engages those issues in quite creative ways, and I hope in ways that kind of move us forward rather than doubling down on, you know, lazy stereotypes.

Seeing my mom get excited about Robin Wright playing a warrior woman in Wonder Woman, claiming “she’s a year older than me!”, was defo the highlight of my week. My mom is crazy fit and has always tried to hide her lack of confidence. For the first time, I saw her seeing herself in someone on screen, in a powerful and uplifting light.

This movie didn’t even have to try that hard to be groundbreaking, and yet here we are.


Badass Mythical Women and Creatures →La Llorona

In Mexican folklore, La Llorona (“Weeping Woman”) or the “Lady in White” is a recurring ghost near lakes and rivers. According to legend, La Llorona was once a beautiful woman named Maria. Her husband either cheated on her and, in revenge, she killed her two children or her husband/lover didn’t want children, so she killed them. After drowning her children, she later killed herself and was stopped at Heaven’s gates and asked about her children’s whereabouts. She was banned from entering until she finds her children, and now wanders the earth in search of them, wailing “¡Ay, mis hijos!”

La Llorona is rumored to steal away children that resemble her own, ask them for forgiveness, and then drown them in place of her lost children. La Llorona’s story is used to curb kids from going out after dark nowadays. She is also seen as a bad omen to many people, predicting ill fortune and even death (much like the Irish Banshee).