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Jack & Jackie Kennedy Valentine’s Day Post!

“She [Jackie] had a fantastic desire for historical knowledge, and she was a sponge once she learned it. She caught every nuance. And she wanted to know American history not just for herself, but for her husband. They were almost competitive in the knowledge they consumed; very much like Henry and Clare Luce, in trying to one-up the other on historical facts and so forth, and I think on many points, well, he almost acquiesced that she knew more about history than he did.”         ~Letitia Baldrige 

“I’d say that he was devoted to Jackie. I’d say that it was absolutely unquestionable. But of course–it didn’t mean he didn’t have an eye for others. He was made that way, but undoubtedly he and Jackie got along like a house on fire; they were always having fun together.”  ~Frank O’Ferrall 

“I think he greatly admired some of Jackie’s qualities. But often I think he reacted very differently to things than she did because he had a less introverted nature. At least, this is the way he seemed to me. But sometimes he would look at her with a really puzzling look, but he would never say anything hurting to anybody. She was constantly writing him little jingles and poems and bringing him little presents with appropriate rhymes accompanying them…Jackie had a sometimes fairly distorted sense of humor, but nobody could be funnier.”  ~Janet Lee Auchincloss

Verse: MCU2; Do it Like a Lady

Arc: Civil War

Status: Closed

This verse is for all of those who wish to do long term plotting in my MCU2 verse. Here, I want to focus on the events of the upcoming movie, Captain America: Civil War. Seeing as the movie has not come out, and that Janet Van Dyne is in fact, not a part of it, this plot is not canon compliant. 

This post it made for me ( and my partners ) to keep a record of where the plot is going; a big picture type of thing. It will be added to as time goes on.

People in this verse/arc are more than welcomed to plot with each other ( I encourage this ) but it is not required. 

How to apply: like this post and I will drop you an IM! ( I am going through the list, sorry for the wait )


  • There can only be two of one character for my own sanity. I will waver this at my own discretion. 
  • Anything you plot with another member that might have an effect on the story must be told to me.

Janet’s side of things, general plot and members are under the cut:

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When Eirwen woke, the sun was shining. Underneath her, the ground was soft. Her body wrapped in warmth. The entire room bright, and a tangy, wonderful smell infiltrated her nose. Her stomach gurgled. In the background, something was crackling. Like… is that a fire? Fingers slid out across the soft surface, indenting under her palm. It was smooth, the smoothest. Like sleeping on a cloud. I’m on a bed. She hadn’t… hadn’t felt this good since… Skyhold.

Lips curving to a smile, she nuzzled her pillow. Inhaled deeply, the fresh scent of recently baked bread, porridge with honey for breakfast, practice swords clanging against wooden shields below her window. Cawing ravens on her balcony, chattering over pastries stolen from the kitchen. Back where everyone is. Everyone she’d once called friend. Josephine. Varric. Cassandra. Leliana. Blackwall. Cole. Cullen. Dorian. Iron Bull. Vivienne. Heart hammering, her fingers clenched on the bed. “Solas!”

Eirwen flung back the sheets, sitting up.

Pain lanced down her spine.

She winced.

Still, no one answered. No, no, of course not. She wasn’t in Skyhold, not in the Frostbacks, far from the Inquisition. Well southwest of Fereldan, instead, in the Samhal Valley. Or I should be. The feeling of being refreshed, the comfortable bed rather than a pallet, pillows filled with goose feathers rather than straw… she lifted her eyes, surveying the room.



This was her cabin, she knew. It had to be, she recognized the construction, the carvings, her dresser, the vanity she’d found here, her trunk with her belongings, and her bookshelf. However… it had grown to nearly twice the size. The snow had been cleaned away. A bed, stylized unlike any she’d ever seen, added. With both sheets and furs. Light bloomed on the walls from crystal sconces, glittering like glass and reminiscent of natural sunlight. A large egg-shaped armchair sat in the far corner with an oval footstool, while someone had put in an thick case of black wood and filled it not with leather bound tomes but tiny crystals. They were multiple colors, blue and green, silver, reddish purple. A few round balls sat at the ends of the different collections, placed in small bowls made from slick looking metal. The balls reminded her of the Corypheus’ or, she supposed Solas’, orb, except smaller. Comfortable to fit in an elven palm.

Like a… bookcase? She’d seen similar tools in Tevinter, though the design here was less familiar. Her head tilted. It couldn’t be.

A fire crackled merrily in the fireplace, her books were still in their place underneath the window. Someone had placed a table next to them, and on it…  her stomach growled again, this time more insistently. A bowl of something that smelled like porridge and wooden trencher filled with fresh flat bread set out on the table.

Her lips pursed. Solas? He hadn’t found her, had he?

Don’t be foolish. This was the kind of care and consideration she hoped he’d give, not what materialized. Especially not after the conversation we had in the Fade. That had been real. He’d probably never look her way again. Considering everything, that’s been done, everything I plan to do, it’s for the best. Her eyes dropped to her breasts and the thin, shallow scar between them. She swallowed. For the best. Keeping him as far from her as possible. I’ll never have to look at him and wonder when the other shoe will drop.

No, she shook her head, he hadn’t done this.

So, who did?

A powerful mage, obviously. Someone who could crack the barriers around her home, find her asleep in the bath, and fix this place without her even waking. Solas was off the table as a possibility clearly, so that left… Dirthamen?


It couldn’t be. None of the Creators she’d met, the Evanuris, they never gave anything away for free. They were like demons, always wanted something. He’d never do it just to be nice. One didn’t put this kind of magical effort into an investment with zero expectation of return. What did she have to offer? He’d already proven capable of penetrating her mind. She couldn’t stop him if he did. So, why wouldn’t he just make her his pawn? Enslave her? It’d take less effort.

He wouldn’t, not unless it was some kind of sick game. Wine and dine, manipulate, make her his pawn then use her the way Mythal had. The way Solas had. Maybe he just decided to come at it the other way. That was outside the pattern. Either way, it’s a lot of work for nothing.

Snippet for the next chapter of The Lady in Blue and White. Dirthamen the interior decorator remains my favorite Dirthamen.