You and I (Parody) by Lady Gagita


wow this Is really good…Paws Up For This Amazing job


Yoooo here’s me performing Do What U Want with my drag queen friends yall check it out

it’s kind of a mess still because it’s our first time performing it :))

Lady Gagita is byfar the artist, you may not just call an impersonator, but a passionate double of Lady Gaga. Many testimonials from blogs, from the internet saying he is the most Lady Gaga lookalike in the Philippines. Recently, on an interview from Myx, he is called as Gaga’s ambassador from the Philippines. In the fashion scene, Lady Gagita is always updated of Gaga’s latest fashion from “The Fame” era to present. With his fully adorned costumes, different chic wigs, his back-up dancers and almost Gaga make-ups, he amuses the crowd with his Gaga choreography, way of lip-synching and attitude.


Lady Gagita - Hudas


I am so sorry!!! Wapak! Ngayon ko lang to napanood at ayaw pakabog ni ate oh! Gaganda na ng mga sinusuot, may budget na, pati muk-up!! Kulang lang pa ng give sa sayaw at emote (at phrasing) pero sorry naman, laking kinaunlad simula nung nagtetelephone parody chenes lang sya!!!!

At grabe yung suot nyang Blue with the sacred heart of Jesus, galing!!! And the stoning scene habang nakaChristian Lacroix-ish wedding dress, sosyal na traje de boda na! PAK!!


I fuckin love this bitch’s videos

For those unfamiliar, this drag queen goes by the name Lady Gagita and is basically a Gaga impersonator in the Philippines. Not a super polished queen by any means, but she’s fierce af. They did a news segment w/ her back in like 2011 and I was like “This is who I wanna be omfg” and yeah. I fuck w/ her.