Noah fence but when Nursey was in highschool he had awful acne. He had to devise an entire elaborate skin care routine to get rid of it and now he uses all these high end products and maybe one time when he was super fed up he decided to just get it all over with and went and got a chemical peel (excruciatingly painful five day process where they put chemicals on your face and peel of your top layer of skin to remove acne scars. When people ask Nursey how he got a tattoo “but didn’t it hurt?” He just brushes it off because frankly he has had waaaay worse) and from that day on he is so super careful about what he eats and how it will effect his skin (he is also quite handy with foundation and color correcting concealer). That’s why one day after he and Dex have stopped completely despising one another, and they’ve actually become quite codependent, Nursey just up and…disappears. He doesn’t meet Dex at their usual spot in the afternoon so they can go to Annie’s and he isn’t around the Haus all day and when Dex texts his roomate (a precautionary measure taken for Nursey patrol) he finds out that Nursey didn’t even go to any of his classes, claiming to be sick. So Dex is furious because “seriously Nurse, I told you to stop wearing tank tops in below 70 degree weather” and he heads over to Nursey’s dorm to give him the what-for, only to find Nursey singing passionately to Lady Gaga and R.Kelly’s “do what you want (with my body)”, and hoboy Dex is pissed (and slightly scarred). When Nursey sees it’s Dex at the door he shrieks and runs into the bathroom and is like “Dex wtf don’t look at me” and Dex is so done with Nursey’s bullshit that he follows him to the bathroom because “fuck you Nurse, no, you don’t get to make me worried about you just so your stupid ass can play hooky” and then gets to the bathroom and he sees Nursey curled up real tight in the corner of the tub and he says in a real weak voice “Dex…please don’t come in” and Dex is so tired and so worried about this boy and he just asks “Nursey, why?” And for a minute there’s silence, and then Nursey slowly opens the bathroom door, and comes out and Dex sees that Nursey has…a pimple? And, okay, Dex isn’t gonna lie, it is kind of huge, paired with the fact that Nursey seems to have a ton of zit cream and what looks like toothpaste (?) piled onto it, and he is just thoroughly confused, so he says “Nurse what the hell man, it’s just a pimple. I get them all the time, we all do ” but Nursey honestly looks upset, and so he and Dex sit down (probably inside the tub???) And Nursey tells Dex about how highschool was for him and how he was constantly picked on for being the least attractive of his attractive rich friends and how all they did was pick on him but how they were kinda the only friends he had and he talks about his scars and about the chemical peel and Dex kinda just wants to fight the whole of New York and then Nursey says in a really tiny voice “…so every girl I ever liked eventually broke up with me because I wore more makeup than they did, and every guy left because I was so insecure and I was constantly killing the vibe, and I guess I just…didn’t want you to see me?” And the look he’s giving Dex is honestly too much and Dex just can’t with this boy so he reaches up and he grabs Nursey face and he tilts his head so that their eyes meet and he says “Nurse you stupid idiot,… I’m not going anywhere.” And then they make out in the the bathtub until Nursey’s roomate Alex comes home and kicks them out because he needs to take a shower, and so they go back to Dex’s dorm because his roomate is on a date, and they eat pizza and Nursey does Dex’s makeup and god they are just so in love (Dex uses an eyeliner to make Nursey’s zit into a star and they almost break up right there)







  • Jonghyun’s Blue Night Radio has started for tonight~!

  • #nowplaying #bluenight Imogen Heap - Can’t Take It In

  • #nowplaying #bluenight Blue Night, I Wanna Be With You (Jonghyun’s logo song)

  • #nowplaying #bluenight Deep Purple – Lazy

  • #nowplaying #bluenight LOVEHOLIC – Butterfly

  • lmao, Jonghyun read ‘Love that came from the stars’ as ‘You Who Came From The Stars’ hahahahahah omg jonghyun XD

  • Jonghyun: Dating oppa Lee Ji Hyeong, today let’s talk about love problems. Listening to the sounds, I can’t wait for it to start

  • Guest: I’m very curious what it is, why will there be questions like ‘money’ in today’s theme ‘Dating’…

  • Guest: I don’t really understand the problem with money Jonghyun: so what should we talk about? Guest: Lets just talk about money

  • Jonghyun: Have you dated before? Guest: I have dated before 5 times

  • #nowplaying #bluenight S.MThe Ballad - Set Me Free (Taeyeon)

  • There’s a listener who said this guest’s voice is very good, she likes his voice more than Jonghyun’s

  • Jonghyun being depressed, said that there’s people who said Jung Joonil’s voice is nice as well, like this, you guys took away my fans ㅠㅅㅠ

  • Guest: what’s more scary is that sometimes, when you miss someone so much, yet sometimes you feel that he/she is very irritating

  • Guest: and hateful, that moment will feel like… how can humans be this evil… Jonghyun: Yeah…ah….Humans are like this..

  • Guest: If you aren’t in a relationship long enough, your fantasies towards your lover will not be broken yet. -cont-

  • The memories will be even beautiful. Jonghyun: or it could be cause the time is short, there is still a lot of things that they wish to do,Jonghyun: and they will think ‘If i am still with that person, how will it turn out’ Is it better if the duration of the dating is shorter?

  • Guest: It’s better Jonghyun: Don’t be like this. Our blue night’s listeners will not be able to survive past 22 days

  • #nowplaying #bluenightKatharine McPhee - Ordinary World

  • Female listener: After breaking up with my boyfriend, i still wish to be back with him, but he rejected me. But he still treats me very well

  • Jonghyun: In my opinion, if the guy loves that girl, he’ll not let her misunderstand his actions. If he really likes her, he’ll express it

  • Jonghyun: If he’s just doing actions that will mislead you, it just meant that he don’t have any feelings towards you.

  • Jonghyun: In regards to him patting your head, I feel that it’s because he’s a mean guy

  • #nowplaying #bluenight Jonghyun - Today And Tomorrow (Logo Song)

  • Jonghyun: If the girl takes the initiative to call me, I will feel that she’s very sexy.

  • Jonghyun: Enthusiastic and initiative type of girl is very sexy. It’s like she’s expressing her feelings directly, very direct.

  • Jonghyun: I feel that a straightforward girl is very sexy

  • #nowplaying #bluenight Savage Garden - I Knew I Loved You

  • Jonghyun: I think girls don’t really know this, boys who are younger than the girl they likes, he know that if he don’t use formalities,

  • Jonghyun: the girl will be attracted to him. When the boy sometimes use ’Noona~~’, the girl will totally fall for that boy

  • Jonghyun: I’m really sorry, my majority of male friends, -cont

  • Jonghyun: there’s so much female friends who likes me and my guest, letting you not being able to have any girlfriends. I’m really sorry.

  • Listener: I am currently listening to two handsome and tall guys talking Jonghyun: Yes, we are very tall

  • Guest: I’m sorry (hahahahah) Jonghyun: Eh? Why? Guest: To all the male listeners

  • Jonghyun: hahaha, i’m sorry male listeners, we made you guys’ jealous of us

  • The guest has left~ >< #bluenight

  • #nowplaying #bluenight 가을방학 - 가끔 미치도록 네가 안고 싶어질 때가 있어

  • #nowplaying #bluenight Jonghyun- Night I Wanna Listen To, Blue Night (Logo Song)

  • Jonghyun: Recently I’m very lonely.. I am only living together with Roo…

  • #nowplaying #bluenight Drunken Tiger - Beautiful Life

  • Jonghyun: Recently the most precious thing to me is Roo, everytime when i return home at 2am plus, Roo will wave her tail to welcome me home

  • Jonghyun: even when I’m outside for just 5 minutes, she’ll welcome me home like I’ve not been home for 10 years

  • Jonghyun: Alrights, we should listen to IU’s Gloomy Clock…and Gloomy Clock’s lyrics and music is composed by me

  • #nowplaying #bluenight IU -Gloomy Clock

  • To those people who are asking, ^^;; Roo is Jonghyun’s female dog.

  • #nowplaying #bluenight Lady Gaga ft R. Kelly - Do What You Want

  • Jonghyun: We are all living a complicated and busy life

  • Jonghyun’s Blue Night Radio for tonight has ended ^-^

  • Jonghyun is asking all of us to go and watch Kim Yuna’s last figure skating competition at Sochi Olympics today XD awww nice of you ‘2’

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Lady GagaDo What U Want” Live on Alan Carr

She’s everything.