Lady Gaga's Hair

Lady Gaga’s hair is always a cut above the rest; it’s always taken to the extremes and Gaga creates the most imaginative styles … we are literally kept in awe by the different hairstyles she so frequently comes out with.
Lady Gaga always makes an entrance wherever she goes and with THAT hair we can see why!!

The latest show stopping appearance was in the simplest of places (an airport) where we saw Lady Gaga touch down in Tokyo rocking a multi coloured mane which mimicked something we would usually see on My Little Pony! We think it looks incredible though. Lady Gaga’s hair is SO long in this style we can only imagine how heavy it must feel on her head! How does she do it?!

The hair is styled into a bun and then the ma-husive ponytail falls from the front from a twist entwined into the bun! We think it’s quite the masterpiece! We are also loving the collage of shades used in Lady Gaga’s Hair, maybe she was paying homage to where the bright hair colour trend originated?! We think she definitely hit the spot with this look! <3 If you want to play around with bright hair shades, just like Lady Gaga, then BobbyGlam’s Highlight and Blusher Wefts would be just perfect for you. :)

The very next day, Lady Gaga was seen leaving her hotel in Hong Kong rocking a completely different hairdo! This time she opted to leave the mane in her hotel room, and instead Lady Gaga’s hair was styled into a high bun on the side of her head! Of course, it was an over-sized bun; Gaga does literally EVERYTHING big, but it was a much more subtle look compared to her extra long mane she was spotted with the day before! We’re not so sure about the saucer-like headpiece she is wearing with her bun, but Lady Gaga continues to catch the eye, none-the-less, with her crazy style!

Lady Gaga was then seen with a more casual, dressed down look compared to what she is usually seen tottering around in! She kept it simple with a monochrome dress and some black heels! Lady Gaga’s hair was also worn much more casually than we’ve seen it for a long time — back to her bright blonde tresses — she simply wore it down with some curls through the ends. However in true Gaga style, her hair was kept incredibly long, falling past the bottom of her back, so she managed to keep some of her boldness intact!

We LOVE how Lady Gaga’s hair is forever changing and the different styles she comes up with and we’re forever being amazed by her, so we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!!
What are you favourite Lady Gaga hairstyles? How you would style Lady Gaga’s hair if you had the chance?! Let us know and post a comment below or pop over to the BobbyGlam Facebook page …  we’d love to hear your ideas! <3

Lady Gaga's Hair - X Factor 2011

Lady Gaga’s hair has been considerably less exuberant lately compared to what we are used to with her hair styles and shades!

The star has adopted a very on-trend cool tone for her hair and has taken to wearing it long and either straight or waved … the end result is relatively normally for Lady Gaga and this new style looks fab on her!!


For her UK X Factor appearance last Sunday, Lady Gaga’s hair carried natural waves that looked gorgeous on her! Her outfit choice wasn’t quite as subtle … she appeared on stage in a cloak with a be-headed corpse atop it … well this is Lady Gaga … we can’t expect her to tone everything down!!

The milkshake tones of Lady Gaga’s hair are super popular at the moment; the silver hues compliment Lady Gaga’s skin tone well!


We just LOVE both her hair and outfit choice in this photo! Lady Gaga looks super girly and it’s great to see this extreme style change for her! We think her exuberance is great … but it’s nice to see her trying out something new!