Pen Pals

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: The Reader takes up a Pen Pals writing program at her school, and soon finds herself falling for the military man who’s been sending her letters. What happens when she graduates? Will the letters still come after, or is she just a random person who was strung along just to blow off some steam via words? 

Word Count: 1.7kish

Warnings: AU, Fluff, Light Cursing

Author’s Note: Heyy my loves! This is my entry for @revwinchester‘s Birthday Challenge. I got the prompt “Soldier” with Dean (obviously). This was meant to be a one shot, but then I thought, why not make the other half in Dean’s POV? It’s only fair, right? Second part will come next weekend. And the third the following weekend. I really hope you guys like this! Feedback is definitely welcomed!!

*Part Two*

Chapter One: First Letters

Pen Pal - a person with whom one becomes friendly by exchanging letters, especially someone in a foreign country whom one has never met.

I never thought I’d be the one to do these kinds of things. When I signed up for it at the beginning of freshman year in high school, people thought I was insane. They didn’t think I was going to go through with it, you see.

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My Reactions to 3x20 (unpopular opinions)
  • <p> <b>Lee:</b> *is literally the sexiest lady alive*<p/><b>Me:</b> *fawns upon seeing her, applauds her confident and intimidating attitude*<p/><b>Harvey:</b> *constantly worries about Jim*<p/><b>Me:</b> Awwwwww!! That's so fucking adorable!<p/><b>Ivy:</b> *tries to protect her older brother but gets scared and literally squeaks*<p/><b>Me:</b> You're doing great, honey!<p/><b>Harvey:</b> *does not give up on finding Jim, even when he dismisses all the other cops*<p/><b>Me:</b> *smile as bright as a thousand suns* Yes, Harvey! Agh, yes!<p/><b>Jim:</b> *refuses to take the virus-<p/><b>Me:</b> Yea-<p/><b>Jim:</b> *takes the virus when Harvey was pretty close to finding him*<p/><b>Me:</b> O-okay then...this'll be interesting<p/><b>Firefly and Freeze:</b> *apparently leaves Oswald*<p/><b>Me:</b><p/><b>Oswald:</b> *throws pottery everywhere*<p/><b>Me:</b> My poor son..those poor vases<p/><b>Oswald:</b> *takes shots of straight vodka*<p/><b>Me:</b> Yes! I love me some drunk Ossie rambling!<p/><b>Oswald:</b> *yells at Ivy*<p/><b>Me:</b> *acting like a literal mom* Oswald, be kind to your sister, she's younger than you, she doesn't understand!<p/><b>Edward:</b> *shows up with Tabs and co, sexy action music playing*<p/><b>Me:</b> *literally gets goosebumps* They're all just walking, but that was pretty badass!<p/><b>Edward:</b> *literally plays out some sort of kinky roleplaying scenario between him and Ossie*<p/><b>Me:</b> Ed, honey, that's gay<p/><b>Also Edward:</b> *literally doesn't kill Oswald every chance he gets*<p/><b>Me:</b> Ed, honey, sweetie, open up your eyes and kiss your boyfriend!<p/><b>Fish:</b> *shows up*<p/><b>Me:</b> Ahh yes, Mama Fish is here!<p/><b>Edward:</b> *looks worried as Oswald is hauled away*<p/><b>Me:</b> Edward, you lovestruck idiot<p/><b>Lee:</b> *sexily escapes from GCPD*<p/><b>Me:</b> Ahhh yessss! *fawns*<p/><b>Jim:</b> *is infected with the murderous juice, yet still goes to disarm the bomb*<p/><b>Me:</b> You're literally so pure!<p/><b>Also Jim:</b> *struggles to disarm bomb*<p/><b>Me:</b> Just pour water on it, sweetie!<p/><b>Alfred:</b> *is literally a badass*<p/><b>Me:</b> I love you, you absolute badass!<p/><b>Bruce:</b> *wears weird turtleneck and tries to attack Alfred*<p/><b>Me:</b> Someone needs to help this misguided boy!<p/><b></b> Bonus<p/><b>Television:</b> Two hour finale<p/><b>Me:</b> Oh fuuuuckkk yeaaah! *throws rainbows everywhere*<p/></p>
My birthday present - A Carlisle Cullen imagine

Could I have a Carlisle X reader story please? If possible could it be a smuty story about him and his human mate and he is telling her how much she means to him because he’s waiting almost 400 years for her and he’d do anything for her? Thank you!!!


I have been working for Dr. Cullen for about four years now. I started as an intern while studying medicine at the University of Washington college in Seattle. I shadowed Dr. Cullen for about five minutes before I fell in love with him.
I try to keep a low profile about it, but somehow I think he knows. He must be used to all the ladies fawning over him. I still couldn’t help but blush when he compliments me.

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Solar Systems

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!!! I rlly wanted to do a little snowbaz fluff since I haven’t done it in FOREVER so ye here is to one of my all time favourite ships who I hope are sharing sour cherry scones and grossing Penny out by being two nerds that are deeply in love.

Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch thought he was safe on Valentine’s Day. Sure, Watford High always had a dance and people where constantly bugging him about who the lucky lady would be, but none of that really mattered. It seemed to be one of the only days Baz could get his true feelings out, and they happened to be for a boy with bronze curls.

The thing with Simon Snow is that he was handsome. He was average height with messes of bronze curls piling on his head and the brightest of blue eyes. His laughter bubbled out of his chest naturally and it infected everyone in the room with a smile at the least. He wasn’t on the sports team, sure, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t popular. Pratically every girl in the school had a crush on him for as long as they could remember, and that’s why, on Valentine’s Day when Simon Snow opened his locker, pieces of paper with notes from secret admirers and little chocolate hearts crashed onto the floor, covering him in a mist of love.

That’s why it was easy for Baz to slip the note in his locker. It’s not like Simon would notice anyway and it was the best way for Baz to finally let this silly crush go. So that’s why he took out a pen the night before and a crisp sheet of paper, and wrote in neat cursive writing:

“Dear Simon Snow,

I don’t expect you to read this. I’m sure that you have tons of other things to do, going along your perfect life and such, but I thought that I should take this opportunity to say the truth.

If the world was a solar system, you’d be the sun. The brightest one in the galaxy, burning on for ages and ages without ever flickering. You’d be there every morning, waking me up with your joyful smile and telling me goodnight with a sleepy kiss. I would be a planet, orbiting around you for years on end, not once drifting away as I begged to get closer and closer, but something always held me back. So I’m stuck in this endless loop of you, seeing your toothy grin in the morning and hoping to get a goodbye in before you disappear again.

The truth is, I know my emotions are just a fantasy. They could never be reached by someone like me, of all people. But still, I do hope that you find love, Simon Snow, for you, of all people, deserve it the most.

With lots of love,

Your secret admirer.”

Baz folded the letter up, not thinking twice about it as he shoved it his satchel, tossing and turning about what the next day could bring. Before he knew it the sun broke across the skyline and his phone chimed, telling him it was time to get ready for school.

During first period he asked the teacher if he could use the restroom and slipped the note into his locker.

Penny’s eyes widened at the stack of chocolate and cards, looking at Simon.

“What’s all this? I thought we said we weren’t giving each other Valentine’s gifts.” Simon ran a hand through his curls.

“These all showed up at my locker,” he murmured. If it was possible, Penny’s eyes widened even more.


“I know Penny. How do I make it stop?” She picked up a cheesy card that said, “Be my Valentine,” and snorted.

“I don’t think you can make it stop, Simon. Everyone thinks you’re the handsomest boy at the school.”

“But I’m not….” Simon says, his mind wandering to other candidates. Penny gave him a look that said, “keep telling yourself that,” and stole one of his chocolates.

“So are you planning on reading any of these ‘confessions of love’ or are you just gonna throw all of them away?”

“You think I’m a monster?” Simon says accusingly. Penny rolls her eyes.

“Of course.” They spent their lunch picking over the cards, gagging at how sappy some of them were and giggling at how freakishly cheesy most where. None of them really stood out to Simon, even though he wishes they did. He recently broke up with his girlfriend and it was getting kinda… lonely. Suddenly, Penny erupts into a fit of giggles that never seem to stop.

“What is it?” Simon asked, glaring at her. She tried and failed to suppress her laughter as she handed him an letter written in black ink and neat, slanted, cursive.

“Get a load of this,” she said, watching him eagerly as he read through it once, twice, three times…. He wrinkled his brow.

“What is it Simon? And don’t say nothing because I know that face.” Something tickled at the edge of Simon’s thoughts, begging for attention. His mind was suddenly filled with images of someone he remembered. An old friend that drifted away. A very handsome friend.

“Penny I… I think I know who wrote this…” But that couldn’t be right, could it? They haven’t talked in years, and all he ever did was glare at Simon whenever he had the chance. But this had to be his writing, write? And even if it wasn’t, there’s only one person on the planet that was as romantic as this to make Simon feel his heart flutter even the slightest.

“I… have to go.” And with that he rushes away, leaving Penny staring after him, more confused than she’s ever been in her life.

“Baz!” Someone called out from behind him. Baz took a deep breath, wondering what on earth this could be about.

“What do you want, Snow?” Baz says, turning around to see a flushed Simon clutching a wrinkled piece of paper tightly. His hair was even messier than usual.

“I–” he fumbles over his words for a second before he holds out the piece of paper.

“Did you write this?” Baz doesn’t even have to look at it to know what it is, but he does anyway, cringing the whole way through. He then looks up levelly at Simon, his expression what he hopes is neutral.

“No Snow. Why would I write you a love letter? Not happy with just the ladies fawning over you?” Something in his eyes must betray him though, because Simon steps forward.

“Baz. Did you write it?” Simon says seriously. Baz doesn’t answer, trying to remain calm as Simon inches closer and closer.

“You did, didn’t you?” Baz gulps, knowing that now he ruined everything. Simon is suddenly so close that he can feel his breath on his face. Baz looks anywhere but his eyes, then realizes that’s a mistake as he looks at his lips.

“So what if I did, Snow? It’s not like it’ll matter.” That’s when Simon does it. That’s when he acts on the emotions that have been brewing inside of him for years, confusing him even more. That’s when he realizes that for once, he is actually in love as he pulls Baz to him, placing a soft kiss on his lips. Then, he whispers so softly that it sends chills down Baz’s back, “You. Me. Dance this Friday.”

Baz has never felt happier.

Y’know, yesterday I spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about Selena’s popped collar.

It’s just like, that’s so Selena in a way that’s kind of coded traditionally masculine? And like it almost gives her slight “bad boy” aesthetic which works on her, “I’m cool but secretly sad and troubled and I just need your love” 

and the popped collar is also kinda hot the ladies would be fawning over her ok ;p

In sum: I am a big lesbian okay

anonymous asked:

I'm curious to know why you portray Caesar as gay when in canon he was clearly proven interested in women. Is that because of your own personal preference or do you have a headcanon around it?

Mmm I portray him as gay because honestly I feel he is and that ‘clear proof’ just… I don’t know man it felt VERY out of character, like something Oda just put in there as a cheap joke. Also … I feel pretty strongly about this so feel free to ignore if you’d rather not see me rant cause thiis might get long.

I mean before that one joke Caesar shows absolutely NO interest in anyone except one particular male character, he has a sexy bombshell of a secretary and he barely acknowledges her for crying out loud, if he was a womanising pervert wouldn’t he have been all over Monet? And even Nami? Then we have Smoker in Tashigi’s body with ‘her’ tits out and Caesar doesn’t even notice? You’d think if he was a such a womanising pervert that he’d take advantage of that when he knocked them all out, that he’d at least… idk comment or stare or acknowledge that in some way? 

Oh but what DOES he later show an interest in?

Tbh he’s basically acting like Sanji when he’s fawning over women here. So, so far he’s shown ZERO interest in women even when a chained up this:

is presented to him. Nope, not even acknowledged

Then later you get this sexy cat girl being all hearts at him and, again, if he was this womanising pervert you’d think idk, he’d be happy about the love? Some kind of an internal comment like ‘shurororo being nice is terrible but at least I get sexy ladies fawning over me!” but nah, he’s just doesn’t want anything to do with this 

So idk man, the Caesar up until that girl ship scene had been pretty solidly presented as not interested in women and then suddenly Oda seems to decide that ‘oh wait, all men are straight and perverts and also that’s funny so let’s make a joke out of that with Caesar of all people for some reason’

He could have just had Caesar spend all his money on science materials and booze, that would have been perfectly in character and he’d still be a complete asshole for doing that.

And before you say ‘he’s Oda’s character so whatever Oda makes him do is in character’ I will ask: Is it in character for Sanji, food respecting Sanji, to poison and put razor blades in his NAKAMA’S food? No, it’s not, yet Oda said had him do just that. Writers can and do sometimes make their character ‘OOC’ compared to things that were already established cause hey they’re not perfect.

Also the reason Caesar’s sexuality is so important to me tbh is cause he’s my favorite character, idk I weirdly identify with him and also I am very VERY gay and have had awful experiences that I don’t wanna get into with heteronormativity and everyone always having to like the opposite gender. So getting attached to a character that had thusfar been presented as as close to a gay person as a shounen manga would allow without it being a gross stereotype and then Oda goes and pulls this ‘oh wait he’s actually into girls, no matter how not interested he was before lol’

it just …. really hurts.

Dessert; Leo Demidov One Shot

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening my little beauties! I have watched Child 44 five times in the past three days and I just can’t get enough of Leo grunting, strutting, crying and hurting! He’s one of my little favourites. So, here is some Leo Shhhmut, with some Gif guidelines. YES, I have used gif’s to help with your visual! You’re welcome ;)

So, warning! 
Smut AND somewhat graphic GIF’s of people having sex.

I was TROLLING the internet for people that looked like Tom, but I can’t seem to find any. The people in the pictures are only demonstrating the sex…not the looks.

Yeah, this is my smut warning! Do not read past this is you’re not into sexy Leo Smut.

These are the gi’s that INSPIRED me! Can you imagine

There was definitely not enough Leo booty in this movie! I needed to see more than the 10/15 seconds worth you get at the start. Also, again, I’m not a fan of Noomi/Tom…so, it didn’t really do it for me. BUT! You see back muscle and buns of steel and you hear his little grunts…I need to stop before I explode!


You’re sitting at the table and you’re surrounded by your husband’s colleagues. Taking a sip of wine after you finish your dessert and he leans in to whisper in your ear.

“If you were on this menu, I’m sure you would be the sweetest thing my tongue would ever taste.”

Choking back a gasp, you feel the shift of the table cloth by your leg and you focus on the voices around you. You hear them speaking about children and the great revolution but you feel his hand on your thigh. His crooked little pink scratching the fine material of you A-Line dress he bought you for the occasion.

He laughs and jeers with his fellow comrades, but his hand busiest itself with the material. Pushing and pulling the material from your fist as you try and fight for your modesty. Enjoying the idea that you’re fighting him, he turns his eyes to you only and his menacing grunt could only be heard your ear as he leans into your side, shoulder to shoulder he whispers.

“Come now my love, let me have a taste.”

His voice is almost baritone and you watch the ladies fawn at what they think is words of affection. You smile nervously at the people around the table, you try and bat his curious hand away but he manages to pull your fisted grip away from the material.

Letting his finger trace the fine white lace of your garter belt and suspenders, you place your hands flat on the table and focus only on the conversation surrounding you. You wonder how he can maintain his superior attitude when he’s rubbing his fingers against the soft skin of your inner thigh. Your shaky hands take hold of crystal wine glass in front of you and he turns to watch you gulp back the champagne and marvels at the rippled muscle of your throat.

You turn to watch his reaction as he slips his forefinger up into your corselette and watch him realise that there was nothing keeping you covered under your girdle. Watching him turn his head slowly to you, his eyes follow the path down your nose and watches you take a delicious soft pink lip between the rows of perfect pearl whites. You look everywhere but his eyes, scared that you had angered him, the purple hue of his war scars and the slight stubble on his cheek was a fine distraction from his haunting eyes..

“I think you have been a very naughty little girl.” His voice was low when he spoke to you. He never called you little girl outside of your home.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Sir.” Turning away from him, you take the glass in your hand and sip at the expensive champagne. You hear his condescending grunt as he lights his cigarette and leans back on his chair. With his hand still petting your inner thigh, you curse your body’s response to his affection. His fingers would leave your skin momentarily to rub his thumb and middle finger together, heating the pad of skin to then return it to your thigh. Every time this would happen, you would feel the involuntary jerk of your leg and heat flood your stomach.

“So, Leo. When will we be celebrating new life?” His comrade winked at the blushing couple. You had both spoke about children in the past, but Leo found his work too demanding to focus on both his wife and a child.

“It will happen, when it happens.” His blasé response sends a shiver down your spin. You adore children, as does your husband, but you didn’t want to share this man with any more people.

“We are quite happy in our little bubble. We will start a family when the time is right.” You say, turning you head to your husband as he smirks and faces you. Kissing you softly on the lips, you jolt softly and open your mouth against his lips when he strokes a cold middle finger down your wet slit. His smirk burning in your memory as you narrow your eyes playfully at the man. Laughing at your reaction, he places his full hand on your inner thigh, enjoying the warmth of conversation around the table.

“That was a nice dinner, wouldn’t you agree?” Your voice is timid because you know what you have gotten yourself into from teasing him all night. Your driver’s eyes are set dead ahead and your husbands eyes are watching you nervously glance out at the Winter of Moscow.

“I’m glad I didn’t have a dessert. Saving some room for later.” He moves closer to you, his arm slung loosely around the back seat and rubbing your shoulder gently.

“I don’t have anything sweet at home, you should have gotten some to go.” You knew exactly what he was talking about, but the thrill of the chase was much more appealing to you. You felt him laugh before you heard it. His other hand coming down to your knee to squeeze softly and then pulling your face to his, you take in the scent of his coat. Pulling you into a slow but wet kiss, you feel his large paw making the same route to your thigh as he did at dinner.

“Leo, we’re in the back of a car.” Whispering into his coat, he didn’t stop his hand moving up under your dress, grunting at the feel of satin stockings and the silk garter belt. Nodding into your hair, he takes his hands away briefly to unbutton his heavy military coat and sling it over your legs, covering you up. Confused at the action, you watch his hand dip underneath the coat and straight back into your dress.

“I always find a way little Bird.” His whispers were enough for you to trust his judgement. He was a man of the law as well as your husband. Decorum was at the utmost importance to a man of his statue, but you were his wife and he didn’t have the patience to wait until he got you home.

He felt him finger the lace of your stockings again, making you realise that he enjoyed the fabric against your skin and hinting that maybe you should wear them more often around him. Moving your hand under the coat to join his, you guide him a little further up and let his fore and middle finger rest against your hot, wet lips.

He’s still for only a moment and you take in a steady breath as he starts to rub and caress your soft labia. Holding his wrist under your dress, you brace yourself for his assault. He’s always extremely thorough in pleasing you and you thank your stars for a man like him. Stopping his hand for a second, he grips your rest and rests it against growing hardness underneath his uniform trousers, moving his hand with yours to palm it before letting his fingers slip back to your cunt.

“You want more sweetheart? You want to cum for me?” Nodding at the request, he dips the same two fingers inside you and curls them up, caressing the soft balloon that was filling from his touch. You turn to watch him and he watches you look at his lips. Palming him a little harder, he grunts and signals that he doesn’t want you to touch him anymore and you move your hand back to his forearm, gripping his a little tighter.

Leaning down to kiss your bottom lips, your breathing gets heavier the harder and faster his fingers move. The obscene sound of wetness being covered by the heavy coat but your breathing was getting harder to control.

“Kiss me, Sir. Please.” You mutter out to him and he brushes his nose against yours and follows your request. You feel yourself raising from the seat and your body getting wetter as his fingers pump and curl at the same time, urging you towards your wet finish. His eyes open at the surroundings and realises that you are both only a street away from the house and he pulls his hand free from your dress. Pulling your head back, you watch his pensive face take in your flushed and outraged one.

“Why did you stop?” Your harsh breath brushed against his lips, his face so close that you could kiss his soft plump lips. Instead, he brings his fingers to his mouth and licks them clean, smirking as he does it. Your face blushing red at the sight of him licking at his fingers of everything you had to give him.

“I just needed a taste before we got home. You forget that you wore no undergarments to dinner, you need to be punished for your disobedience birdy.” Biting her bottom lip, he sat back in his seat and pulled a cigarette from his coat pocket and lit it. Inhaling the smoke, he watches you fidget in your seat for some release and smirks at his little Birdy in distress.

Watching your hands shake, he leaves you to open the heavy doors to the apartment, finding pleasure in your quivering. Stumbling with the locks, you curse your husband for the extra security latches on the heavy doors. Turning the master key, you hear the lock move and before you could register, Leo shoves his body into yours and moves you swiftly into the apartment.

Slamming the heavy door shut, you drop the keys and whimper when he shoves you hard up against the wall, letting his thick fingers curl around your neck. Moving his lips close to yours, his eyes look you up and down, scrutinising every deep breath and soft whimper that escapes your throat.

“We could have been searched. Someone could have saw you.” His menacing voice is masked by his worried eyes. You nod quickly and hold onto his shoulders for support, his full weight and heat resting against you.

“I can’t have you doing that again. Do you hear me? This is mine.” He moves the material of the dress away from your body and cups you soft heat, leaving one hand around your neck and gripping a little tighter.

“Yes, Sir.” Was all you could whisper before he meshed his lips and body against yours. His tongue poking at your lip to gain entrance and taste you fully. Allowing him, he seemed to move even closer into you, moving both his hands down your sides, over your backside and down to your thighs. Picking you up and resting you against the wall, your hot wet kisses lead to his grunts and sighs of approval. Running your fingers through his waxed hair, he moves his lips down your throat and moves his hips to hold you in place.

“You’re very special to me, Birdy. I can’t share you with anyone else.” His hot breath on your neck makes you close your eyes and lean you head against the wall. Moving his hands, he holds your body against the wall and he unbuckles his belt, pulling the buttons and zipper away and letting the trousers fall to his feet leaving him in his white cotton underwear and shirt.

“I want you to tell me something. Can you do that?” Holding you steady against the wall, you nod your head at the request.

“Did you do this on purpose? Did you want me to find out?” Moving his fingers again, he moves the zipper of the dress down, letting the shoulders fall away and reveal your undergarments. The soft cotton and lace of the bra was slightly see through and your girdle a soft satin. Stepping away from you, he pulls the dress away from your body and you kick the material across the room, completely forgotten. Unclasping the obtrusive girdle, you let the clasps fall away leaving you in your garter belt, suspenders and bra. He takes in the various indents and red marks around your rib cage from where it was cutting in and leans down to kiss each mark, making you sigh and run your fingers through his hair again.

“I didn’t think you would take that much of an interest during dinner, sweetheart. I didn’t realise how hungry you were.” Smiling when he looks up at you, he kneels on the floor before you and his eyes are level with your navel. Kissing the little button, he pulls our leg over his shoulder and continues to kiss every bit of skin on the inside of your thigh.

“I can never get enough of you. I’m always hungry for you but if you do this again, I will make sure you pay for this, Birdy. Do you hear me?” Biting your lip, you nod and he bites the inside of your thigh, hard.

“I didn’t hear you sweetheart? Did you say “Yes, Sir”?” His mouth was hovering over your centre and closing in on the small puckered piece of flesh that all your blood seemed to rush to.

“No Sir, I didn’t” Moving his head away, he looks up at you.

“If it means that you act like this, outside of our home, I’m not going to wear undergarments for the rest of my life.” Your disobedience was staggering. You knew exactly how Leo acted when you disobeyed him, but right now, that’s all you wanted.

Excuse me?” He started to move back up your body again. His breath blowing a trail up your heated skin. When he reached your lips again, that’s when you felt the need to answer.

You heard me.” It came out in a whisper, but it seemed to echo throughout the apartment.

Grunting at the response, it was a split second he took to grab the back of your neck and hold you close to his face.

“You don’t want to play with fire, sweetheart. You might get burned.” Gritting the last part out, he kisses your hard and pulls you up the wall again. Pulling down his boxers, he settles your legs around his waist before pulling your arms down behind your back and holding them in place with one strong paw.

“You like fire, don’t you?” Rubbing his cock against your slit, you look him in the eyes as he plays with his meat.

“I can burn you real good. All you have to do is ask.” Tapping his cock against your swollen clit, he beams when you whimper loudly. He always loved to tease, he was a patient man who had married a not-so patient woman.

Rubbing his cock harder against you, he marvels at your gritted teeth and your waning patience before pushing through your wet slit and straight into your tight hole.

Holding your arms with both hands, he used the bounce of his hips to keep you in place. Listening to you moan and whimper at the hard, wet pace he had set. Resting his forehead against your chest, he felt the twist and pull of your muscles accepting him into your body over and over again. His large steel bumping against your cervix with every thrust, he had to grit his teeth at how hot and wet you were.

“You will never back talk me again, Birdy. Do you hear me?” Keeping his pace, you moan out a “Yes” to keep him happy, to keep him at his pace. Growling at the feel of your body, he pulls you away from the wall, hoping your legs are steady enough to carry you through to the bedroom.

With every step, you feel his cock brush against the soft balloon inside you causing you to grind and shake against him. Pulling out of you suddenly, he throws you onto the bed, kneeling over you and pushing your body onto its front. Leaning over your body, he pulls the used rope hiding behind the wooden headboard and lashes your wrists together, holding you in place before he gets back behind you.

“You’ll learn to be a good fucking pet. If you don’t, I will leave you here tied up and I will use you. Do you fucking hear me?” Slapping you hard on the backside, you whimper a “Yes, Sir”

“Are you going to go bare again?” His hand hovering over your reddened skin, you decided that he wasn’t going to get his way.

Definitely, Sir.” Grunting into the comforter when he brought his hard paw down on your sore cheek, he enters you again suddenly and with every hard thrust, he slaps your cheek for good measure.

“You want to be my little Whore? Hmm? A wife on paper but a whore by nature?” His words were coming our breathless and you couldn’t help but feel empowered by his attitude.

“Only your whore, Sir” Pulling you up by the hips, your chest lay flat against the comforter before of the ropes tied around your wrists, but your arse was high in the air to meet his hard thrusts.

“Did I tell you to speak? Huh?” Stopping, he braces one hand around the front of our thigh and the other on your hip.

“You will fucking,” Each word staccato with a hard thrust into you.

He could feel his body betray him doing this position. The back of your neck reddened and your cheeks to match made his body flame up and his cock twitch and ripple inside you. Pulling out, he flips you over and takes in your flushed chest. Leaning down, he pulls the cups of your pretty lace bra down, letting them hoist your breasts higher and leaning over to devour a tasty pebble. His cock rutting against your extremely wet slit.

Looking up at your face, you catch each other’s eyes and he smiles at you, his eyes full of love and admiration. Moving up your body again, he kisses your lips with eyes open and watches you as he pushes back into your tight body.

“This is how it should be. Don’t disobey me and I’ll make you feel good.” Giving you steady thrusts, the ominous sound of the bed creaking and your moans urges his finish along.

“You ready to come, my little Bird?” Gritting his teeth, he feels you tighten strongly around his cock and he starts to rut a little harder and faster into you.

“Please Sir, let me finish?” Your body meet’s him thrust for thrust and the heat inside you rising when the balloon burst. Your body shaking from the release and drawing Leo’s cock into your tight body.

“Fuck, такая красивая” Sitting up and holding your body close, he keeps hitting into your harder and harder, feeling your wetness leave your body and coat his cock and thighs. Feeling his release, he jut’s inside of you one last time and coats your wet walls with his release. Listening to him grunt and pant from the exertion, you feel your body begin to ache.

“Leo? Sweetheart, do you mind if you untie me now?” Your voice is wavering and feel his body lowers onto yours, kissing your lips, nose and forehead as he unties the nylon rope from around your wrists.

“Do you love defying me as much as I love tying you up for doing so?” Laughing at his question, you move your bodies under the sheets and hold him close to you.

“I do and I won’t stop doing it because I know how much you love surprises.” Grunting against your shoulder, he rubs his hand over your stomach, kissing your shoulder as he sighs with tiredness. You kiss his the tip of his head as the darkness consumed your troubled husband and you settled into the warmth that you trusted.


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I loved your Pharmercy art!! All the art you do is GORGEOUS, my top favorites are Korrasami (+Sato twins), Shiara, and now Pharmercy. Your art gives me the feels every time. Thank you for doing it, it brightens my day! I would love to see Asami, Liara and Mercy having tea and biscuits and chatting about scientific stuff while their respective ladies fawn over them in the distance while trying to work out, unknown to them, the science ladies are fawning over them too. Kudos! You rock, matey! :)

Thank you so much! You like the twins too XD

Hmm…rather than the undoubtable degree of checking out, I’d like the smarty pants getting excited other attributes the beef cakes have to offer.

Potty Mouth, A Michael Jones/Reader fic

Summary: You work at a nursing home, and finally get the chance to meet your favorite resident’s grandson. But, man he didn’t warn you that the guy was so damn cute. 

W/C: 1444

Warnings: Swears

A/N: This totally wsn’t planned, and I know I said I was working on other things, but we all know I have priority issues, and I found this in my old files and decided it must be finished immediately. Sort of dedicated to my dear roosterteethrambles (i know what’s new) but for more reasons than usual now. Thanks to Nikki for her insight on working reception at a nursing home.

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snnaaft replied to your post: So I’m going to need to do a warm up drabble or…

Deaged!Tony and Bucky waking up from being deaged (kidnapped by Hydra) and kicking ass and taking names while breaking out of Hydra’s lair, only to be met with the team coming to rescue them? (How long of a warm up were you wanting to write? because then we could have the team taking care of them until they are returned to their real ages) Maybe Bucky could be a few years older because he’s actually so much older than Tony? And like, super protective? And maybe they become best friends?

“Jesus Christ!” Bucky cursed under his breath as Tony–eleven-year-old Tony!–not only blasted three of the assholes who had been holding them captive with some modified futuristic gun, but blew a hole in the wall large enough for a group of people to escape through.

Unfortunately, instead of blasting a wall that would have led to the outside world, Tony had destroyed a wall leading to the labs.  

Bucky cursed and aimed his gun–a gun that used actual bullets and didn’t shoot laser beams or whatever the hell it was the rugrat had his gun firing–at one of the scientists who had recovered from shock and was reaching for a weapon of their own.

Bucky killed them in one shot, startling Bucky.

His aim was good, but not that good.

Bucky had little time to contemplate his improved aim, as more scientists recovered and either scrambled for safety or pulled out weapons from secret compartments and started attacking Tony and Bucky.

Bucky and Tony pressed themselves back to back-Bucky making it a point to kneel to make up for the height difference between him and Tony.

Fear pumped adrenaline through Bucky, but instead of going into a frenzy and panicking, everything seemed to slow down for him. His first shot hadn’t just been luck. With ease he took out everyone who came at him and Tony.

When the air cleared, Bucky seized Tony by the hand and dragged him toward a corner that would provide them shelter as he reloaded his gun and got ready for another fight.

“You remember your promise, right?” Tony asked.

Bucky paused as he reloaded to glance at the eleven-year-old, who was looking pretty damn determined.

Bucky shook his head in exasperation. “Your eleven. I’m Seventeen. Why would you want to date an old man like me?”

“Because you’re pretty, and you promised.”

Bucky internally groaned. He had promised Tony that if the self-proclaimed genius could get them out of this nightmare scenario he’d become Tony’s boyfriend, but he hadn’t actually thought Tony had a chance of success. “I’m not going to be pretty forever.”

“Then I’ll make something so that you’re always pretty, if you want. I think you’ll always be pretty to me though.”

“Kid, keep that up and you’ll have all the ladies fawning over you when you’re older.”

“But I just want you to fawn over me.” Tony huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.

“And maybe I will too, but right now, you’re just a cute kid with one hell of brain.”

Tony beamed. “You think I’m cute?”

Bucky groaned and finished loading his gun. “We’ll talk about this more later. Right now, let’s focus on escaping.”

Tony nodded and raised his gun. “Let’s. I can’t wait for you to be my boyfriend.”

Bucky bit the inside of cheek and rolled his eyes.

Fine, he could be Tony’s ‘boyfriend’ when this was all over. Whatever kept the kid happy. Not like he wouldn’t owe the kid big when they escaped.

Haikyuu Idol Au!

So Aoba Josai is a band, a super popular band that all the ladies love and fawn over and scream at and it’s hella annoying for most people but once you hear their music it’s like a religious expirience.

Oikawa is their singer, and he’s pretty and popular and everyone likes him because he seems so sweet and cool. But he’s actually just an over dramatic loser that stays up too late practicing his dances until he literally falls over and worries everyone.

Iwaizumi is his drummer who is gruff and kind of scowly but people love him because dear gOD this greek adonis is some kind heaven sent for the eyes. But he is also that person that would, if given the chance, punch Oikakwa(or fuck him because hey, he’s not picky)

Mattsun and Makki play guitar/base. Both of them. They will swap instruments on stage for no real reason other than to fuck with Oikawa. Makki is also trained classically in piano and clarinet, while Mattsun can play the violin and cello. They are both sick ass air guitar players.

Kunimi is their keyboardist/pianist who is just so done with these idiots and their sexual tension. Kindaichi is their pack mule that packs up their stuff and sets it up and is just the best crew monkey ever. Kunimi just wants him to grow a pair and screw around with Iwaizumi before the puppy eyes drive him crazy.

Kyoutani is their body guard that ony gets along with Iwaizumi. Yahaba is the tech guy that bosses him around with no regard for his own personal safety. Literally he does not care that this mutt can snap his neck, he needs some muscle to move that sound gear into place.

A crazy fan once broke into Oikawa’s house and he was so shaken by it they had to cancel a show and everyone was fucking pissed and over protective and tried to get the star to move in with them and not live alone( Iwaizumi won that battle)

Iwaizumi once punched a paparazzi in the face and was arrested for it.

Mattsun and Makki have become a meme and they have never been more proud of themselves.

Coming Home

Dean finally gets up the courage to ask out the cute boy who works the reference desk in the library. When he’s rejected however, he assumes it’s because Castiel simply isn’t interested. Until they find each other in the middle of a blizzard, Dean learning that maybe Castiel’s rejection stems from something entirely different than disinterest.

Rated T for adult themes.

Dean supposed he was kind of cute.

Okay, maybe that was a lie. He was really cute. With the disheveled, dark brown hair, and those big, big blue eyes. There were slight bags beneath them, like the skin hooked up over his high cheeks bones, and his lips pulled into these delicate, pretty points. Yes, Dean had spent a considerable time watching the other boy, taking in such features. He spent a considerable amount of time at the library anyway, being an English major, and Castiel spent a considerable amount of time behind the reference desk, where he worked. It seemed only natural that they run into each rather often, or so Dean had reasoned upon realizing he saw Castiel almost every day.

He didn’t come to the library just to see those blue eyes however. That’d be ridiculous.

Biting his lip, he watched as Castiel ran someone through the computer, no doubt looking something up, his mouth muttering out an explanation as the clueless student asked more questions.

Dean sighed.

“Why don’t you just go talk to him?” Charlie muttered in his ear, Dean starting before turning to look at her. She was standing behind him, arms crossed over her chest as she cocked a knowing eyebrow.

“Yeah, okay,” Dean frowned, not appreciative of his friend’s suggestion. Charlie worked at the library too, at the front desk, and sometimes joined Dean after her shift ended, the two of them studying some before heading back to their respective dorms.

“I’m serious,” she persisted, flopping down in the chair beside him. “What’s the worst that could happen? All he can do is say ‘no.’”

“That is the worst that could happen,” Dean grumbled out, looking down at his textbook as his teeth ground together. The idea of talking to Castiel, or maybe even asking him out, not only put his heart a-flutter, but sent a kind of hesitant fear down through him. He didn’t want to be rejected, and would take silent watching over that any day.

“So you’re just going to stalk him for the rest of however long you’re both going here?” Charlie sighed. “Wow, what a trade-off.”

“I don’t even know if he likes guys, okay?!” Dean hissed rather violently. “I don’t know anything about him, actually.” This realization was a rather glum one – an inevitability of staying distant.

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Helpless (PART 1/2) - Rafe Adler/Reader

Title: Helpless (PART ½)

Pairing: Rafe Adler/Reader

Warning(s): None

Word Count: 2630

PROMPT: Hey, I love your blog and your Rafe Adler x Reader fics are genius :) I adore the Uncharted franchise and one of my favorites characters is Rafe! I would love having a spin off game just about him! Can I ask you to write a smutty, fluffy fic where Rafe falls for the reader, maybe his neighbor and a totally normal person :) Thanks ^^ (sorry english is not my native language) - missymysa

Originally posted by marcusfeniix

A/N: I totally ran away with this. Apologies. I’ve seen a few Sam/Reader!Piracy fics, and never any with Rafe in them. So here it is! Part 2 will be with us shortly. I have to recover from a maybe chest infection/pneumonia (?)

I look into your eyes and the sky’s the limit. I’m helpless…down for the count and I’m drowning in ’em.

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Lady Fawn by the Disney Storybook Artists

When a muddy Fawn learns about Pixie Hollow’s latest tea party she decides to get dressed up. Thinking that Rosetta always looks so pretty and lady like, Fawn asks her for her help in getting fancified. Rosetta scrubs up Fawn and shows her how to be graceful. At the tea party Fawn’s friends tell her how lovely she looks, but Fawn is busy listening to a group of fairies who have just returned from the Main Land. She hears them talk about a new game and Fawn and her friends excitedly take part in Pixie Hollow’s first game of baseball.