Do you have a morally ambiguous male character who’s also sexy as hell? Does he interact with a smart, courageous and beautiful woman who doesn’t take shit from anyone? Chances are I WILL SHIP THE CRAP OUT OF THEM!


Look at these amazing cosplayers!

Deadpool: kneel-to-maria
Pictures by: ladylowkeys and inkedtobringyouback

Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid (c.1670). Johannes Vermeer (Dutch, 1632-1675). Oil on canvas. Gallery of Ireland. 

The firm stance of the statuesque maid acts as a counterweight to the lively mistress intent on writing her letter. The maid’s gravity is emphasized by her central position in the composition. In contrast, the mistress inclines dynamically against the compressed space on the right. The mistress is painted in precise, meticulous strokes as opposed to the broad handling of the brush used to depict the maid.