redpearinc asked:

What's your favourite episode of Ladybug so far??

THESE ARE TOUGH QUESTIONS, MY GOOD FRIEND!! I hope my Top 5 is good enough because there is no way I can only pick one episode!!

In no particular order:

1.) Dark Cupid (for obvious reasons)

2.) Lady Wifi

3.) Copycat

4.) Animan

5.) Evillustrator

In 1990 Madonna wore a gold and black pant suit for the opening number of Express Yourself for the Blonde Ambition Tour. The coat was taken off in the middle of the song to reveal a gold suit underneath, from crotch to bustier. In 1993 1 year after he and Madonna had collaborated for secret duet sessions for his Dangerous album, Michael Jackson wore a black and gold suit for the opening act of his Dangerous Tour for the song Jam - which - also - had the top coat taken off in the middle of the song to reveal a crotch to chest gold suit. The first time he wore the costume was during his 1993 super bowl performance. Standing next to him with super pompadoured hard rock hair style was lead guitarist for Michael, Jennifer Batten. “Coincidentally” in 2016 Fiancé wore a “tribute” to Michael Jackson costume obviously emulating “Michaels” (Madonna , Express Yourself inspired) suit. Also “coincidently” Lady Caca wore the same hair style as Jennifer Batten during the same super bowl as Fiancé like Jennifer wore during the same super bowl as - Michael Jackson. So in the end - all “inspired” emulations origins are rooted in Madonna and then Michael Jackson.

Madonna - 1990

Michael Jackson 1993

Fiance and Lady Xerox 2016

it feeeelssss …..

Something that I found really important in the Tales of Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir is that it tells us that, most of the bad guys just needed some attention and consideration from others: Copycat just wanted someone to notice his hard work, The Gamer just wanted his efforts ro give result and to play his game, if Marinette had only listened to Ayla she wouldn’t have turned into LadyWifi…And the list goes on and on.
I think the real message is that we must care about the rest of the world, not just ourselfves and our problens, and that, sometimes, people just need someone who listens to them.