Just so you all know...

I’ve seen two fandoms wonder what to see next after the ending of their show/movie. In case anyone didn’t know about the other, I would like to lend a hand in suggestions. :)

For those who watched Carol and don’t know what to watch next, there’s “Carmilla.” You still get an adorable cupcake lesbian and an alluring, badass lesbian with the advantage of literally being able to turn into a regal cat, and says “fuck you” to the mom who tries to keep her a monster.

For those who’ve watched “Carmilla” and don’t know what to watch next, there’s Carol. You still get a tiny gay cupcake lesbian and an alluring older lesbian who says “fuck you” to the ex-husband who tries to keep her straight.

For those of you who have seen both and need something new, there’s “Leading Ladies.” Swing-dancing lesbians with witty dialogue, one of the best chemistries between characters I’ve seen, and a colorful palette that tells the story as much as the characters. 

Oh, and there’s also “Better Than Chocolate,” where they take on corporate censorship of homosexual literature.

The best part? All the couples live and have a happy ending.

A list of shows and what originally convinced me to watch them
  • The L Word: Gay Ladies
  • Pretty Little Liars: Gay Ladies
  • Chasing Life: Gay Ladies
  • The Fosters: Gay Ladies
  • Skins: Gay Ladies
  • Orange Is The New Black: Gay Ladies
  • Carmilla: Gay Ladies
  • Greys Anatomy: Gay Ladies
  • Faking It: Gay Ladies