What the hell guys, we’ve sat through four complete seasons of a show that’s commented on sexism, gender roles, and aspects of rape culture. Seriously, a boy attempted suicide because he couldn’t be a princess, Finn kissed a dude frog, an evil villain wore the skin of a dead guy, and Marceline’s totes a lesbian.

Yet so many of you are freaked out that Jake Jr. has no face? Really, out of five baby pups, you’re bummed because one kickass kid wasn’t born ~*super kawaii desu*~ like you imagined. Get over it.

This show’s great because the characters are so diverse and aren’t one dimensional like the majority of shows for children. So it’s easy to find characters to relate to or look up to. So if Jake Jr. doesn’t have a face because of Ricardio’s violent assault in Lady & Peebles, then that’s just a part of the show’s progressive inclusion of diverse personalities and realistic situations.

Honestly, it’s weirding me out to see so many people complain about this.

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Adventure Time - Lady And Peebles

Lady Rainicorn translations

In the igloo:

“내가 왜 그랬을까. (Why did I do that!)”

“걔네들 찾았어요? (Did you find them?)”

“걔네들 안전할까요? (Will they be okay?)”

“제이크가 실종되기 전에 내가 월남국수 면이 질기다고 말했어요. 아, 내가 왜 그런 말을 했을까. 무슨 나쁜 일이 생겼으면 어떡해! 걔가 만든 국수 맛없다고 한 게 우리의 마지막 대화였어요. (I told him that his Vietnamese noodles were too tough before he went missing. Why did I say such a thing! What if something bad happens to him! The last conversation we had was that his noodles are bad.)”

“미안해요. 내가 국수를 너무 많이 먹었나 봐요. (Sorry. Guess I’ve taken too much noodle.)”

“그놈이 칼을 들고 덤비면 어떡해요! (What if he attacks you with a knife!)”

“그놈이 공주님을 해치려고 하면요! (What if he tries to hurt you!)”

“아.. 맞아요. 내가 걱정이 좀 심한 편이죠. 저는 반 살은 시체들이 우리집을 공격하는 악몽에 시달려요. 우리 삼촌, 외숙모, 사촌들이 다 집에 있었어요. 저 위층에서 우는 소리까지 생생히 들린다니까요! 우리 가족들을 지킬 수만 있다면.. 그 꿈꾸는 동안 얼마나 스트레스를 받으면 이빨까지 무지하게 갈아요! (이빨을 감) 다음날 일어나면 이빨들이 금 가 있어요! 보통 전 그냥 그런 것 꿈이려니, 내가 걱정을 사서 하지 않나 하면서 잊어버리려고 해요. 제가 그 반 살은 시체들에게 두 번이나 공격당했었잖아요. (That’s right. I’m little bit too worrying sometimes. I always got haunted by the nightmare that half-dead corpses attacking my house! My uncle, aunt-in-law, cousins were all present, I even hear the crying coming from the upstairs. I just wished that I could protect my family.. I become too stressful during that dream, I even grind my own teeth badly! (Grinds teeth) When I wake up in the morning, all my teeth are cracked! I usually try to forget about it, thinking that it’s just a dream or I’m being paranoid, but I was actually attacked by these half-dead corpses before, twice!)”

In the dark room:

“으으, 잘 안 보이네. (It’s hard to see things)”

“뭐에요? (What was that?)”

“으! 아아! 그만해! 도와줘요! (Ahh! Stop it! Help!)”

After escaping:

“공주님 무기들! (Your weapons!)”

“공주님 저 땀나게 만드시네요. (You’re making me sweat.)”

“와, 이 방은 예쁜 새 소리에 대한 내 사랑보다 더 크네! (Wow. This chamber is bigger than my love for pretty birds’ song!)”

“으, 네. 걱정 마세요. 저 완전, 완전 괜찮아요. 자, 가요. 일어납시다!(넘어짐) 으, 안되겠네. 혼자 가세요. 전 짐만 될 뿐이에요. (Eh, Yeah, don’t worry about me. I’m perfectly, perfectly fine. Let’s go, get up!(Falls down) Ew. Not gonna make it. You should go alone, I’m just a burden for you.)”

Back at the castle :

“괜찮아요. 비밀로 한 제가 잘못이죠. (It’s fine. That was my bad for hiding it.)”

“자기야, 나 완전 중요한 할 말 있어. 나, I’m pregnant! (Honey, I’ve got something terribly important to tell you. I, I’m pregnant!)“


Still really impressed with this show’s portrayal of females. The one wearing pink isn’t ~*super gurly xxoxo*~ and the one with a bass guitar isn’t afraid of looking sexy or getting ugly on yah. The depiction of women in Adventure Time isn’t limited to one dimensional “types,” like gothic or tomboy. The storyline uses the typical tale of Hero saves Princess, so the majority of princesses are traditionally very feminine, but what’s so refreshingly different is that their femininity is neither a hindrance nor an overwhelming trait. Princess Bubblegum is literally all pink, she giggles and sometimes wears frilly things because she likes to, but that doesn’t stop her from kicking ass and makes her no less competent.