I’m not going to assume they are reunited because of some tragedy okay let it be a happy occasion

Real talk though: how did ‘The dark artifices’ series start off with a seventeen year old girl hell-bent on finding who killed her parents, but end in a fight against a fascist government with a risky jockey for power?

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Hello, when reading about Emma and Julian’s relationship, did you ever think their love was almost becoming toxic? I love them together but sometimes their relationship became a little unhealthy.

I don’t think ‘toxic’ is the word for them. I mean the relationship was genuinely toxic because they could have killed everyone, but I’m gonna assume you want me to talk about the relationship itself without the curse factored in. It’s no secret that I’m a big Blackstairs shipper and I have been very vocal about it but I’ve not touched much on the unhealthy parts of their relationship.

Looking at it objectively, I think their obsession with one another toed the line of being unhealthy at some points. I know some issue has been discussed with Julian’s paintings of Emma, but as an artist myself, I don’t see the issue in painting the things we love. It’s not like Emma was the only person he painted though. He painted his family, the beach, everything. It just so happened he hid the pictures of her because he was afraid of what others would see (his love) if they were to see them.

I think that in Queen, their relationship in the beginning was not a good one. Julian was grieving and went to extreme measures to take care of himself and that him manipulating her during that time was horrific. Equally horrific was her considering how the physical aspect of him was still the same and how she drew some satisfaction of it.

Both Emma and Julian are extreme emotionally intimate characters and they have been from the start. Some of the problems arise from (I assume) how physically intimate they’ve become. Actions should not replace words because that can become a very unhealthy coping mechanism.

in CoHF, they were EVERYTHING I could hope for for characters slowly touching the edges of feelings while being so young.

LM touched my soul and LoS broke my heart. Their was angst, they struggled with the lines of emotional intimacy and physical because both opened them up to be hurt. By Queen, without Julian’s emotions, all they had was being physical and by the end I think they got themselves back on track to having a healthy relationship that found the balance between both kinds of intimacy.

It’s up to the reader how they view the Blackstairs relationship. I love their relationship because childhood friends-to-lovers has always been one of my favorite tropes and this ship in particular had a lot of angst building up to it.

No relationship is going to be perfect. Malec wasn’t perfect, Clace wasn’t, Wessa wasn’t, and neither was Sizzy. Cassie is constantly going to give us new relationships and there’s always going to be talks of “This is toxic” or “I don’t ship this”

I, as the reader, didn’t consider Blackstairs toxic or unhealthy. They are 'human’ and make human decisions. If you do, then that is your valid decision even if I and others don’t agree with you.

“There’s a legend about that clock. For a second, when it chimes the hour, the gates to Heaven open.”

Livvy Blackthorn. From The Dark Artifices by @cassandraclare

Notes from Cassandra Clare’s Panel

• shadowhunter fighting styles are modeled after the roman and Greek styles of fighting Cassie studied while reading military history novels


• “Don’t expect anything [in the shadow world] to stay the same!”

• the middle of the novel takes place in a new setting we have never seen before

• people will have strong feelings about the end of QOAAD

• how you feel about the end is tied to how attached you are to the shadow world

• QOAAD is “Fun book with lots of twists”

• characters go through high highs and low lows.

• the eldest curses (1st book) is done

• someone asked whether we will cry more over QOAAD than LOS, she said LOS has a more shocking and tragic end but there’s a “really painful thing” that happens at the end.

• the moderator said she cried more while reading QOAAD than LOS, and that QOAAD is Cassie’s best book.

Okay but why is no one talking about the fact that Kit is basically what would happen if Jace and Simon had a baby.

  • Blonde and beautiful
  • With arrogance problem
  • But also nerdy af
  • Makes pop culture references no one else gets
  • Is annoyed by the stunning beauty of shadowhunters
  • Loathes exercising
  • Okay he’s maybe even a little more Simon than Jace