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@caradelevingne: I am so happy with this cover & thrilled to be helping raise awareness for a cause that is so important 

@gregwilliamsphotography: My cover of @theststyle featuring @caradelevingne for the #ladygardencampaign raising awareness for the @gynaecancerfund
Styling @poppydelevingne @blackscore
Shot at #GWPstudio
Thank you to @cdelevingne

anonymous asked:

it might be fake but im pretty sure i saw a few frames somewhere online where keith and lance feed each other in the scene where they're eating together

ohmyogriwe So I went back and watched the scene and for a split second we get this

When I saw this cap at first it looked like Keith was feeding Lance but when I finally managed to pause it, it’s just them goin for the same piece of food. And it was literally like a split second of a scene before they cut to Allura so I wouldn’t have caught it if you hadn’t said anything.

So who knows how either reacted, they probably fought each other for it, but this is the most we get to see.

@topshop: Lady Garden is back for another year and we’re proud to be playing our part! We’ll be joining the new face of the campaign, Cara Delevingne, in donning our Lady Garden sweats and joggers – stocked exclusively at Topshop – from September 8th. #ladygardencampaign #silentnomore

@cdelevingne: It’s arrived! Lady Garden Campaign 2016. Thank you thank you to all that made it happen @gregwilliamsphotography
@poppydelevingne @LovingAlice
@missmikasimmons and especially to @caradelevingne for being brave enough to bare hers for the @gynaecancerfund #silentnomore #whatdoyoucallyours link in bio

I put Cassandra in a dress
(now I run for my life)


Currently available as a French terry raglan pullover for the ladies, “Quail in the Succulent Garden” by Leroy_Hornblower is one of this week’s new designs!

We asked this week’s artists where the most inspirational place they’ve ever been is, and here’s what Leroy_Hornblower had to say:

“Toy stores and botanical gardens are where I like to go to find inspiration. It might seem strange to be seeking inspiration at Toys “R” Us, but a majority of my art is both innocent and whimsical, and I find that immersing myself in an environment aimed at children really helps me come up with new ideas for my work. Disneyland would probably accomplish the same thing. Unfortunately, I haven’t been there in a very long time.”

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