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O Yazid! Do you swell with joy after slaying the Prophet’s progeny? ‘Reckon not those who are killed in Allah’s way as dead; No, they are alive and are provided sustenance from their Lord; rejoicing in what Allah has given them out of His grace’ [3:169-170].“ Allah is sufficient to deal with you. The Messenger of Allah is your antagonist and Gabriel is our support and help against you. Those who have made you the head of state and burdened the Muslims with your leadership will soon find out what awaits them. The end of all tyrants is agony.

Sayyeda Zainab (sa)

Sermon of Damascus

“As a woman, Be politically active and never be silent at the midst of oppression.

As a human being, Ensure to use all what you have, be it spiritually or academically to benefit the world around you because, when you serve and think about the creation, you serve the Creator. 

As a man, Never limit your women or daughters in the path of achieving knowledge be it, spiritually, politically or academically because, their intellectuality becomes a form of sustenance (rizk) for you.
And importantly, if it was not for Lady Zaynab (a.s), there would not have been Majalis-al-Hussain today. ”

- Dr. Sayed Ammar Nakshawani, Zaynab is Zaynab- Muharram 1439

Nasheed [Poetry] in Honour of the Birth of Sayyida Zaynab [as]:

For your birth we are in smiles, and this poem I compile

Lady Zaynab, Lady Zaynab 

For your birth we are in smiles


O’ You are the symbol of patience and of modesty

Let us not forget the courage that you get from Ali 

What words can explain your merit’s you come from a pure tree

O’ It’s roots are Ahmadi, Alāwi, and Fātimī

We have not even begun, yet your brighter than the sun

Lady Zaynab, Lady Zaynab 

For your birth we are in smiles


From you Zaynab we learn the merit’s of the night prayer

A blessed Sunnah that was taught to you by your mother

When I read such events about you I become closer

From your action’s Zaynab I get close to the creator

What merit do I narrate, O Zaynab you are so great

Lady Zaynab, Lady Zaynab

For your birth we are in smiles


O’ The daughter of Ali’s shrine will continue to shine 

The golden dome of Zaynab will forever be our sign

Your enemies Zaynab will never succeed in there crimes

A soldier called Al-Abbas protects it he is her spine

Abu Fadhil is her shield, the protector and the seal

Lady Zaynab, Lady Zaynab

For your birth we are in smiles


Your courage O Lady Zaynab is like that of Ali

O’ Your sermon against the cursed Yazid still shakes many

Yazid asked you about Hussain he said what do you see

You answered him in eloquence all I see is beauty

A mirror of her father, and of Zahra her mother

Lady Zaynab, Lady Zaynab

For your birth we are in smiles


Mountather Al-Karbalāi’ - Ottawa, 2014/03/08

anonymous asked:

is it true that there's a day in the year where shias hit themselves until they bleed?

Yes and no. That depends on the geographic area. However, hitting yourself with a chain of knives (Zanjeer Matam) is a predominately South Asian Shia custom practiced most commonly in Pakistan and India. I do not practice this (since I follow Grand Ayatollah Sistani of Iraq discourages the practice of Zanjeer Matam, as did Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran), however, I do practice the custom of hitting your own chest with the palm of your hand during these days (no, it does not hurt nor does it cause bruises) it makes me feel stronger, patient, and in general, it makes it easier for me to express my grief, imo. I also donate blood as a different way to serve the Prophet’s Household.

The hitting of the chest in Muharram symbolizes a Muslim’s grief towards the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (a) that resulted in a very bloody and tragic war between good and evil. Imam Hussain (a) didn’t die a normal death but was part of a massacre in the name of God that resulted in the death of 110 innocent children. With 72 loyal companions, he faced Yazeed’s (l.a) 40,000 army. This isn’t a tragedy that just passes and is forgotten this easily. If a person, for example, lost a father, he or she would hit her chest, hit their head in grief, or grasp their hair and pull them out – this is what Shias do over the death of Imam Hussain (a). Our lady Zaynab (a) had seen her mother Fatimah (a) die due to miscarriage and depression, her father Ali (a) butchered in front of her, her brother Hassan (a) get poisoned to death – it took her brother Hussain’s (a) martyrdom for her breakdown, in which she hit her head and chest in grief.

I don’t mind them doing it (Zanjeer Matam) for the simple reason that they do it on their own accord, why would you then stop them? It’s not a mandatory act; you’re not forced to do it. The reason why I don’t have an issue with it is the same reason I don’t have an issue with a Guru walking on hot coal or laying on a spike mat; ironically, you would be impressed with that. But it is their responsibility to take care of themselves.


Salaam, (peace)

Many have requested this video be posted once it is finished. It is made by the Muslim Girl Scouts in Dearborn Michigan. All Praise is due to God for the efforts of all the wonderful scouts that took part. We (my troop and I) hope you enjoy this message Lady Zaynab has sparked as we only wish to spread it through all of you. 

We request that you share this with all whom you know!

Live like Muhammad.

Fight like Ali.

Die like Hussain.

Walk like Zaynab.