lady with the best job ever

the millionaire and his lover | jjk

summary: over the course of your lifelong friendship with jungkook, you can’t say that you’ve ever had the greatest ideas, and a fake relationship with the boy you’ve been in love with for years is no exception. 

{self-gratuitous ceo au, friends-to-lovers, and fake relationship trope rolled into one big shitstorm of a jungkook fic}

pairing: jungkook x female reader
word count: 18k
genre: fluff, angst, and light smut
warnings: alcohol mentions, smut
a/n: hello all! i wanted to kickoff my writing on this blog with a bang, so here’s a longish fic on my wildest dreams. 

When you first tell people that you happen to know CEO and multimillionaire Jeon Jungkook, they tell you one of three things:

1: You’re so lucky! Could you introduce me?

2: You must have saved an entire country in your past life.

3: Is he as much of an asshole as the news outlets make him out to be?

What you don’t say, though, is this: You and Jungkook have had history for as long as you could remember. As not only neighbors, but also childhood friends, you happen to know quite a lot about the man who made a name of himself before he even graduated from university. You would also very much like to keep quiet the fact that you’ve harbored a crush on the boy for quite some time now, obvious to everyone whose name isn’t Jeon Jungkook.

Jeon Jungkook is, in one word, brilliant. He is brilliantly intelligent, brilliantly talented, brilliantly beautiful. He is suave and smooth and gets what he wants and if he didn’t possess such a disdain for the tabloids that do nothing but stretch the truth, he would have them wrapped around his finger. Sure, he’s no actor or singer, but he is a celebrity, and a skilled one at that. The media know no boundaries when it comes to a man like Jungkook, painting him as stunning yet rude, rich yet selfish, smart but cold. You know they blow his brief affairs out of proportion, and you know they will never know the boy who fell off of his bicycle in the second grade.

Jungkook is not powerful enough to replace the stars in your sky, but he is powerful enough to rearrange them right in front of your eyes, creating endless constellations that all remind you of him. He is the boy you have cherished since your elementary school days, when he would accidentally drool on your shoulder and throw sand into your mouth, and you are the girl who, despite all class differences, has stuck by him through thick and thin. It is not enough, but perhaps to him, it is.

“Do you ever try to mooch off of his wealth?” People ask you. “I would.”

And sure, every now and then you will ask him for money and he will give it to you, but your intentions are pure and you do not, will not, ever take his generosity for granted. Not when he has so much and you so little. You know what life is like when the world keeps trying to trip you, and a bit of smooth ground is not enough to keep you from forgetting the struggle.

That is, until you get laid off your job due to an influx of new workers, and your next student debt payment is due in roughly, a week.


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TAZ Lady Week Day 6: Fluff / Beginnings 

A Sweet Flips Wedding! Merle has to stand on a table to perform the ceremony. Magnus is Carey’s best man and treats it as the Most Important Job He Has Ever Had. Ango and Noelle decorate the whole moonbase, including the voidfish. The Director has a seat of honor next to a framed portrait of Boyland and no one notices that she is quietly crying because Magnus is just fucking sobbing. Taako coaches everyone through cooking all the food for the party, while at the same time making the enormous cake himself. He jumps out of the cake at the reception and Killian punches him. 

I was at a con this weekend so this one’s coming late (Day 7 will be coming tomorrow!)

The Premiere (Part 1/2)

*look at my man* 

Word Count : 1.42K words

Pairing : Harry Styles X Reader


I am so excited for tonight, it was Harry, my best friend’s first movie’s first premiere. I am currently in a car with Anne and Gemma on our way to the red carpet.

“I’m so happy dear that you made it ! Harry will be ecstatic.” Anne gushed.

“Ofcourse Anne, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world, he’s my bestest friend after all.”  I said smiling widely.

“He’s just texted me and said he’s a bit sad you wouldn’t make it there.” Gemma winked at me.

“You didn’t tell him?” Anne asked curiously.

“Nope, wanted to surprise him.” I said before joining to giggle with them.

It’s been months since I last saw him, he’ll be very surprised.

Harry’s POV

I was tucking at my hair constantly, I am THAT nervous.

“H, stop it, you’re ruining the hairstyle.” Lou shook her head.

“Sorry, I am just so nervous, what if I trip over what if I stammer during interview, what if-” 

“Stop it mate, you’ll be just fine.” Fionn assured me.

I gave him a small smile. 

Fionn Whitehead. One of my cast mates for the film, I bonded with him quickly and we became very good friends during our shooting session.

“Aren’t you nervous, mate?” I slightly chuckled at him. It was his first film too.

“Oh trust me I am, but I’m trying to contain the nervousness. Perks of being an actor eh?” He winked.

I just laughed. I checked my phone, the groupchat with the boys were filled with them wishing me good luck and being sorry they couldn’t make it there. I became sad a bit, but they promised we will have a celebratory dinner soon in a few weeks, so they’re forgiven. 

I quickly replied them back and opened my chat box with Y/N. She won’t be able to attend as well, she said to me last night. I sighed and locked my phone. I wish she was here with me. 

*few hours later* 


“Okay we’re here.” The driver said informed as we reached the venue.

The crowd was amazing, I saw few casts talking with interviewers, few of them taking pictures with fans. There were clicking sounds of camera, overall it was a beautiful scenario. 

I was trying to spot Harry, maybe he didn’t arrive yet.

“He’s just texted me saying he’ll be here in 20 minutes.” Gemma said to me.

I nodded and began walking with them.

“Y/N !! Is that you?” I heard Fionn calling me.

“Fionn !! How are you? Been ages !” I smiled widely at him and hugged him.

“Yeah it’s been awhile, you look stunning.” He said flashing me a smile.

“Why thank you, you look good as well.” I replied smiling.

“Anne !! Gem !! It’s so good to see you guys again.” He said hugging them both.

“Oh dear, how are you? You look so handsome.” Anne said hugging Fionn back.

“Thank you, let’s go over there, it’s less noisy there.” Fionn said pointing towards a less crowded area.

We all agreed and walked with him.

The cheering of the crowd increased and that’s when I saw him. He had a big smile on his face, as he began waving towards the fans and looked really handsome.

Yeah I’m in love with my bestfriend but didn’t say anything yet because I was afraid it’ll ruin our friendship. Cliché, I know.

He didn’t notice us yet, he was held by interviewers and he confidently answered them, he was all smiley and it made me so happy to see him this happy. 

He finally spotted us, when his eyes met mine he was shocked and completely surprised. I stuck my tongue out at him, he chuckled and began quickly coming towards us.

“You guys made it.” He said hugging us three all at once, then hugging his mom again properly and giving her a kiss on her cheek.

“You said you weren’t coming?” He asked me smiling so wide I was sure it must hurt.

“Surprise H !!” I said chuckling. 

“Best surprise ever.” He said hugging me again.

“Harry, we need to go, there’s a ton load of interview to finish, let’s make it quick.” Fionn said.

“Yeah, okay, bye ladies, see you in a bit.” He said before following Fionn.

The movie was incredible, everyone involved did an amazing job. I was so proud of all of them, especially my bestfriend.

“H, I’m so proud of you.” I said after the movie was over.

“Thank you.” He said smiling.

It was time to go to the after party, Anne and Gem wanted to call it a night and head towards Harry’s home.

I stayed back.

The party was huge and cheerful. 

“You alright?” Harry asked me.

“I’m good.” I nodded.

“You stay here, I will bring drinks for us okay?” Harry said to me before placing a kiss on my forehead, and then left.

I was scrolling through my phone and suddenly someone tapped on my shoulder.

“Fionn, you scared me!” I said chuckling.

“Sorry, why are you here all alone? Come with me, let’s have a drink.” He said.

“I’m waiting for H, actually, he’s bringing drinks for both of us.” I said smiling.

“Ah I see, so have you told him yet?” He asked.

:Told him what?” I replied back confusedly.

“Oh c’mon Y/N, you think I don’t know you like him? More than friends?” 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 

“He likes you too, you both are so obvious.” He said chuckling.

“He doesn’t, if he did he would’ve asked me out already.” I mumbled.

“He’s scared to ask you, he told me he has a crush on you, a long time ago.” He winked.

“What? Really?” I asked, shocked.

“It’s surprising you haven’t figured it out yet.” He said rolling his eyes playfully.

“Oh wow.” 

“Yeah, wow. He’s only told me but everyone in the set figured out and teased him a lot. Lad’s got a tough time.” He said laughing at the memory.

We joked around for a bit, then talked about which scene he enjoyed acting most.

After few more minutes Harry came back. He looked a bit off mood.

“Hey Harry, you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, yeah I-I’m fine.” He forced a smile.

“You guys I gotta go, talk to you later.” Fionn said leaving us both.

“Harry, you seem.. a bit down, are you feeling sick?” I asked concerned.

“I’m fine, Y/N.” He snapped at me.

“Okay, okay calm down.” I said. Then Tom approached us. We began talking with him and soon Harry left to get a refill.

I began talking with Lou, we’ve got lot of catching up to do. I was having a great time. But I realised something, Harry wasn’t enjoying at all, he kept a straight face and was so far away from me. Throughout the whole night, Harry kept ignoring me, talking with anyone but me.  

It was soon time to leave, only then Harry came towards me to inform we’re leaving.

We were walking towards his car, thankfully no fans or paparazzi were on sight.

He began to drive the car. The car was filled with awkward tension.

“Harry, what happened? Are you upset with me?” I asked, tears beginning to form in my eyes.

“I-I just,” He started but shook his head.

“What? You can tell me anything Harry, you know that.” I said gently.

He looked towards me with sad eyes and asked me, “do you like Fionn?”

“Wait, what?” I asked shocked.

“You heard me, are you in love with Fionn?” He said coldly.

“Whoa, Harry what the hell are you saying?” I shut him up.

“Oh I don’t I go to bar to get us drinks and come back seeing you flirting with Fionn. He was making you laugh so hard, why do you love him?” He ranted.

“What the hell Harry? We are just friends, and you have no right to talk with me with that tone.” I said slightly raising my voice.

“Just friends, sure.” He scoffed bitterly.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” 

“Admit it you like him.” 


He stopped the car.

“What..wha-” he began.

“How dare you speak with me like that?” I snapped at him.

“Y/N, I’m sorry, I though-” He began but I was already making my way out of his car and began walking.

“Y/N, WAIT, PLEASE WAIT.” He called after me.

I ignored him and started walking. 

A/N: ohh cliff hanger, will post part 2 on Sunday!

in another life, zeus is lounging on the couch of his best friend’s house and saying, “i’ll get a job, man, i swear it,” even though CEO seats only smell of sweat and he’s the type to smell of leaving, he says, “guess what’s up my sleeve” to ladies and shows off lightning bolt tattoos and gets drunk and cries and begs hera to come home because he has only ever known rest at the seat of her collarbone

hera’s is louis vuitton, devil wears prada. pants suits and hair up in a tight bun. a warning lies ready on her tongue, she is quick to scold, hard to love. she pours fireball into her morning coffee just to remind herself of the way he always smelled of burning, just so she could face a little bit of him and not come back running. in this life, she is divorced, is doing well, sometimes meets up with the baby mamas of her sour-faced ex-lover (if she could wash him out, she would, she would, she would, but lightning loves towers and she only feels at ease in thunderstorms and twenty-four stories because olympus was rebuilt into skyscrapers and nobody can tell her otherwise), sometimes gets over her hatred of them. the one who jumps at swans is her roommate, they both like romance movies and staying out late. she chooses alone. she chooses: i make my own home.

aphrodite is a party girl with black pumps and a wicked smile, facebook messages hephaestus while sex-skyping her little god of war, she says, “sorry” a lot. sometimes she thinks she is running out of love, sometimes she thinks there’s not enough love left. she comes around again to the satin of her lover’s beds, never feels warm. she says, fine. she says, i’m okay. ares here is commander of the department of defense, never settled down, never got the wife and two kids. one day in this life hephaestus hears a knock on his garage door and walks on over. in this life, they’ve got braces for broken people like him. when he answers, it’s just her, no makeup, just her in her big-eyed weepy mess, and she says, “you actually listen” so he listens for a little. she explains slowly; new term, polyamorous. she says, heart is steady bead on both people. he says, “i know, i understand,” she says, “but it’s hurting you,” he says, “i gave up hurting for other people a long time ago,” he says, “the war god and i go out for drinks and talk about anything but you” she cries again, a whole ocean. he says, “i am learning, and one day maybe it will be all us three” she says, “you wait for me,” and he does. more and more often, when the world tastes too much, she shows up at his door, to be the person she is when she’s unbeautiful. in this life, a little down the road, she takes a break from all of it and starts a no-kill shelter called “the golden apple”. hephaestus builds it for her. she kisses him on the cheek. one day, when the ares comes around, the three of them play video games. after that, it is not share-her. it is all-the-same.

athena turns down apollo on the radio, his song trapped in the throats of all who hear it. a good song, a catchy song, a hear-it-once-and-never-forget-it song. athena dropped out of school to pursue knowledge. she teaches around the world with a backpack on her back and a smile on her face. her girlfriend is a librarian. whenever she comes home, she swings the little woman up in her arms and bursts with stories. the woman laughs because stoic athena in public is not the athena of private, is not knowledge-river athena. athena freelances as a journalist. anywhere she can give out information is good enough. eventually her name and “breaking news” are synonymous.

artemis goes to the red carpet on the arms of her brother, says that the world of hollywood is too much sunlight for her, she goes back to working as the city’s best detective, the hunt in her blood for monsters among men. in her free time, she follows athena down to places, traps poachers who would use her name to ruin the lives of beasts. hera has learned long ago not to pester her about marrying. artemis comes out as ace/aro one day to her brother, who rolls his eyes at her. “you still get grossed out every time people kiss,” and then he bowls her over in a hug she didn’t know she needed. this is one of the only times he sees her cry. the next is eight years later at his wedding. the man he chooses as his partner has already undergone a secret artemis-style investigation. he came out clean, and she came out with a second brother. when her twin asks her about the happy tears, she jokingly tells him she was worried his was going to marry his car. he laughs, big sun laugh and says, “trust me, i was this close.” in hot summers, they go down to the docks and the two boys throw atemis in the water. she never stops complaining or loving it and loving them and is entirely happy when he becomes a father.

in this life, demeter raised a flowerchild who never took to the backbreak of farming, and in this life, hades’s black leather jacket at first made her spit. she despised his motorbike and his big smile and how loud his dog was and how her daughter jumped up nimbly on the back of that thing and flung herself at the horizon. but hades tries as hard as he can: the engine gets turned over into clean fuel even though he breaks his third finger in the middle of it, the leather jacket gets swapped out for a faux replication, he becomes vegan (”’sehpone,” he says in wonder one day, “you taught me how to live off of pomegranates”, sephie laughs), he makes deer-crossing signs and petitions for the rights of small-town farmers. Persephone becomes a wedding designer, loves making big shows out of a lot of flowers. after many holiday gifts (some so desperately approval-seeking that demeter actually chuckled at them), she relents. they have brunch on sundays, made specifically by hades and his whole-grain all-organic house. demeter at one point says, “actually, you’re so earthy-crunchy it’s more than even me” and hades drops the plate he’s holding. demeter comes to the engagement party and laughs when the cake is in the shape of a pomegranate seed. sephie says, “don’t worry mom. he knows what will happen if he does anything to me,” and demeter gives her daughter a proud smile and says, “you’ll crush him like a bug, won’t you sweetie?” and sephie looks over at her duckling god of death and says, “exactly”

hestia finds dionysus because that is what she does. a social security worker at first, she becomes keeper of the hearth-less. she starts with a small group of people and eventually became leader of a chain of homelessness shelters, all immaculate and warm and held to her standards. dionysus cries when she picks him up, he talks about having fallen in love again, she says, “rehab is your only option.” it is here that he meets someone who is also pansexual. it is here he realizes he is not broken. it is here where they wean him off of whiskey and heroin (”what a bad combination,” he’d later say, shaking his head, “like you really gotta choose one”) and where he breaks down often and throws things at hestia’s head and calls her more names than have ever been strung against her: it’s here he makes his best friend. when he gets out, he finds he’s still ever-thirsty, but this time, there’s less empty in him. he helps at her shelters. he meets a girl who is bisexual, she takes him to pride rallies. he later bursts into hestia’s room with a rainbow on his face and says, “there are so many like me! i’m not invisible! i’m not fake!” and she smiles and watches the hearth of his chest warm up and helps him become a leading spokesperson for activism. rather than letting people like him die in the streets, he uses his experience to say, “i lived survival, and you can live it with me.”

hermes is a surgeon over in the children’s section, found that this is where he should be. silicone valley wants him for his communication systems, but instead he feels like he needs to be somewhere the action is. poseidon comes to him in darkness with rough palms and says, “i have a very long-standing secret,” and hermes just nods his head. the surgery is done quickly and without charge. poseideon says, “thank you” four million times, and then she takes back off to her company dedicated to clean energy. she calls up hera crying and says, “i dd it, i did it, i did it, but what will he think of me,” and hera says, “i haven’t talked to zeus in six years but if he rejects you i will walk up to him and shake him until the right answers fall into his head” and when artemis hears she says, “i will go with you” and walks at her side the whole time even though poseideon is awash with emotions and ready to burst into tears. zeus opens the door and looks poseideon up and down and says, “did you do something  with your hair, sis?” and poseideon says, “eat my entire” before she’s swallowed by happiness and has to sit down on the concrete step and sob into her palms for sixty seconds. later she puts him in charge of the wind energy portion of her company. he gets his own place, but he never stops missing hera, who watches him from a distance and checks up on him through poseideon. hera says, “right now it’s about me. it can be about him if he keeps up the good behavior.” poseideon has never been so happy. she has her family and she has herself, in one piece, finally. she calls up sephone, she says, “listen, i’ve got a plan, okay?” and of course the wedding planner would have to be in charge of everything. 

in this life, the reunion is beautiful. dionysus doesn’t touch the alcohol. hestia stands beside him proud and wonderful. apollo (who wouldn’t come without being allowed to choose the music) and his husband push artemis into the pool, she returns the favor with athena’s help. hades and persephone beat everyone at beer pong, but demeter crushes them at gin rummy. posideon dances with her sisters. hera stands back and her mouth quirks and zeus watches her the whole time, in his new three-piece suit. aphrodite is in between two men, but she’s no longer quite in between them. she walks over to her once-king and says “love needs time and understanding” and he thinks: of course. of course. he will change who he is for her. she never needed him. he needed her. he needed this to feel in place: he needed a family, as one, as olympus with its golden gates. in this life, for one moment, they are all happy.

Love Potion

Day One

8:24 AM

This is so not worth the hundred bucks I’m getting paid to do this. I hate you Gus. I fucking hate you. Now for the serious part of this ‘scientific’ journal.

My name is Brian Vance. I’m seventeen years old and a junior in high school. I’m a virgin (is this really necessary Gus) and I’ve never been on a date in my life. The closest I got to a date was to asking my eighth grade crush on a date. She said yes, but stood me up. Who’s surprised?

Gus Katsoros is the 'scientist’ who concocted the 'Love Potion’. It comes in a cologne and drinkable form, supposedly helps you secrete natural pheromones to attract the opposite sex. I am one of three guys using both the cologne and the drink. I will be using the cologne and drinking one ounce of the Love Potion before I go to school, and at night will be drinking another ounce of the Love Potion before I go to bed. I’ll be doing that, now.

Ugh! Gus. If you’re going to label something a 'Love Potion’, don’t make it taste like mud. For the final product, for the love of god, add some honey or sugar. Hell, high fructose corn syrup, whatever gets the job done! Just don’t. Make it taste like dirt. The cologne ain’t so bad though. Smells like it tastes, which it makes a much better scent than taste. Off to school.

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When you settle for a man with detestable qualities and bad habits you’ve already proven that you’re incapable of “changing him.” If your best self couldn’t make him better, what makes you think that your tired, resentful, exhausted, and exasperated self will do the job?

If he truly loves you and doesn’t want to risk losing you, then he’ll meet your every (reasonable) request before he dares to make a claim on you.

Men of honor and integrity may make mistakes but they’ll never expect someone else to pay for them, nor will they ever claim a prize they didn’t win deservingly. Losers, on the other hand, just care about winning, even if they cheat and break all the rules.

Know your value and only answer the door when a worthy appraiser comes knocking.

—  Hosai Mojhadiddi

When i was 13 i left dancing as a way of supporting an old best friend.

6 years later i came back, and after 6 months of training my choreographer was so confident with how much my dancing technique had advanced that she chose me as one of the soloists.

It’s been 5 days since my first ever solo performance.

Please, don’t ever leave your passions for anyone. Even if at the time it seems reasonable. I used to be so upset, sitting at home wanting to dance again, and finally i made the choice to go back and i couldn’t be happier. Nobody will ever come in between what i love doing ever again.

Falling Girl

@chelseamosbey: I see requests are open now and I was wondering if you do these prompts to Peter, I request this accidentally when requests where closed and I was wondering if there was a chance at doing it :) xx 6. “You can’t die. Please don’t die.” 7. “You did what!?” 65. “Look at me-just breathe, okay?” 79. “You’re safe now. I’ve got you.” Thank you xoxo


  • 6. “You can’t die. Please don’t die.”
  • 7. “You did what?!”
  • 65. “Look at me–just breathe, okay?”
  • 79.”You’re safe now. I’ve got you.”

Warnings: injury

You were trying to prove to Peter that you had what it took to be a Lost Girl. You felt like you had to prove yourself, even though Peter never commented about your performance in Neverland… well, to your face at least. The other night, you had overheard Peter talking to Felix and Rufio about how he was concerned you would never learn and adapt to the Neverland ways. It made you feel bad and a little insecure because you thought you were adapting quite well. 

Now you were trying to prove yourself by setting up a trap in a tree. It was a cliche trap, tying netting to a tree, and letting it hit the ground. You’d cover it with leaves and wait for someone to walk on top of it where they would then be lifted up and trapped. 

You were so close to finishing, too. You had to tie one more knot, hoping this plan would work. But something happened. The branch you were balancing your feet on was a flimsy one, and it was slowly breaking. But you had only one knot left to tie, you thought you had enough time. Nevertheless, you didn’t. The branch snapped and you fell with it. 

You were high up in the tree. Falling, you hit another branch hard. It was stronger than the one you were previously on, making the impact worse. Then you fell again, this time on your back. You were laying in soil, struggling to breathe. The wind got knocked out of you.

Everything felt funny. Your entire body ached, breathing seeming impossible almost. You eyesight was going, black dots flashing and taking up most of your vision. You couldn’t tell if you hit a nerve that damaged your eyesight or this was only happening from the fall. Nonetheless, you couldn’t move. You were helpless and in pain. You were stuck.

“Y/N! Y/N, where are you?” It was Peter. He was rushing, looking for you. 

You tried calling, but it hurt to even breathe. So you tried moving your arm, but that didn’t work either. All you did was squeeze your eyes shut, letting warm tears flow from your eyes.

“Y/N!” Peter ran to you, kneeling to your side. “You’re safe now. I’ve got you.” He whispered. “What happened? Are you okay?”

You were crying, and couldn’t speak. It was hard to breathe still, they were rigid and short.

“Hey, look at me–Just breath, okay?” Peter inhaled and exhaled deeply so you could catch on. But you didn’t.. It hurt to breathe. 

“It…” You began, but couldn’t even get past that.

“What? It what?” Peter pressed, his anxiety shooting through the roof. “Please talk!”


“It hurts to breathe?” 

You barely nodded. Peter looked at you, quickly shutting his eyes and opening them again. You were in the room where Lost Boys would go if they got hurt. Usually that was your job. You’d help the hurt boys, it was never the other way around. 

Peter rested you on the bed that the boys would sometimes lay on if they got severely injured. You weren’t looking good at all. It concerned Peter and made chills run down his spine. He couldn’t bear the thought of losing you. He didn’t even know what happened.

“I don’t know what to do!” He raged, becoming mad at the situation. “What do I do? How do I help!”

You began to cry again, overthinking about the situation. You were thinking he was mad at you. This was your fault, why wouldn’t he be mad at you? Maybe you really weren’t fit for Neverland after all.

“No, no. Please don’t cry, Y/N. It’s okay. I’ll figure something out.”

You gasped for air, suddenly it becoming even harder for you to breathe. It was as if you were going into shock or something. Peter had no idea what was going on, but he was losing you.

“No! You can’t die. Please don’t die!” Peter was by your side again, still having no clue what to do. He knew one thing when it came to someone having problem breathing, and that was mouth-to-mouth. He was in such a panic that he quickly placed his mouth on yours, breathing air into your mouth. He did that for a single minute, that not helping.

“What did you do!” He shouted, so scared for your life.

“I…” It was even harder, but you gave it all your might. “Fell from a tree… Trying to… Set a trap…”

You did what? Y/N, why?” He asked, but quickly shook his head. “Never mind that. I know what to do.”

Peter picked you up, doing something he never wanted to do. He went to the Mainland. Went to a hospital in Boston. Peter never had to deal with this. If a Lost Boy got hurt and died, it wasn’t that big of a deal. But you were different. Peter wanted to protect you. He came to terms that you wouldn’t be the best fighter. You were good at being a mother, and taking care of the boys. But someone had to take care of you, and that was Peter’s job.

“Help me, please. My friend… She’s hurt, please!” It was a busy day in the hospital, but a few nurses and doctors came and put you on a gurney. They said a few medical terms that Peter had ever heard of, but they wheeled you away.


“Sir, you have to wait here,” a lady said. And so he did, knowing he wasn’t in his world.

Hours went by. It seemed forever. Peter was getting even more anxious by the minute. Questioning what was going on and why it was taking so long. He was getting agitated and angry.

But finally, a doctor walked up to him.

“Is she okay?”

“Just a second,” he said. “Where are her parents? What happened?”

“I-I don’t know! What’s going on with her? She fell out of a tree!”

The doctor sighed. He wasn’t supposed to give this information out to a friend of the patient, but something told him he should tell him anyway.

“Because of this fall, I’m assuming, she broke two ribs. One of which punctured her lung. She’ll be fine, we just have to see if she’ll wake up.”

Chills sprawled all over Peter’s being. Wake up? He didn’t have time to wait for you to wake up. He needed to take you back home that instant. He was about to rage and yell, but he held himself back. He already had an outburst an hour ago that nearly got him kicked out of the lobby. 

“I need to see her.”

“I’m sorry, I have to have parental permission. Where are her parents? What’s her name? I have no records of her. I need all the information I can get.”

Peter began to panic. You were taken to Neverland in the late nineties. You’d been gone for nearly twenty years, but in Neverland time, it had only about two years of you living there. Who knew where your parents were. Who knew what they were up to. All Peter knew was that they were awful parents.

“I don’t know where her parents are…” Peter said quietly.

“Then I can’t let you see her until they get here. Have they been notified?” 

Peter only nodded, and the doctor left. Peter had to wait.


For @papalogia <3 Enjoy!

Romeo Conbolt is not having a good day.

Of all the days in the week, Romeo’s least favorite has to be Wednesday, for several very specific reasons. First of all, he’s never liked the letter “W.” It’s just an upside down “M” and that frustrates him. Second of all, he hates the concept of “hump day,” and thinks it’s obnoxious. Though, that could very well be attributed to Chelia, considering the other girl found the phrase to be hilarious back in high school and would continuously crack jokes about it. Third, Wednesday is also the day he goes home to visit his parents, which is, as always, delightful. Now, he loves his parents, he really does, but he could do without the invasive questions and the yelling, which make up about eighty-six percent of conversations with his mother. “When are you going to get a girlfriend, Romeo? I want grandchildren!” she says. “Did you settle on a career choice, Romeo?” she asks. “Have you thought about taking Totomaru’s offer yet?” she asks. “Did you put on clean underwear this morning?” she asks, his father laughing in the background. He doesn’t know. No. Also, no. And yes, yes he did! He’s not completely incompetent, despite what they may think. Fourth, he hates everyone’s tired, half-assed optimism about how the week is half over and there’s only two more days of classes, as if the weekend won’t be filled with studying and existential crisis’s over a two A.M. paper and five cups of coffee while you’re one source away from going batshit crazy and throwing a chair out the window.

Granted, he’s only been witness to that last one once in his life, à la Sting Eucliffe, in what they affectionately refer to as the “Battle of the B-,” in which Sting valiantly fought to keep his grade in Biology from slipping to a C, which would result in his mother and boyfriend finding out and killing him. That had been an interesting weekend, though, all things considered. He could have done without the property damage, but oh well. That, and Sting may or may not have been on a mushroom induced high at the time, which, quite frankly, explains a lot.

Romeo makes a face, nose wrinkling as he thinks about what a disaster that Saturday night was. He could have lived his entire life without knowing about the filtration process of the kidney, but he digresses. Now, Sting owes him a favor and that’s all that really matters.

It’s bittersweet, he thinks, how the week is half over, yet there’s still two more days of exams and essays to worry about, followed by a weekend of filing paperwork and studying for more exams and more essays the next week. It’s an unending cycle with no reprieve, and Wednesday just serves as a reminder of that. Wednesday is also the day of the week where he finally manages to peel his face away from his computer and realize he’s accomplished absolutely nothing all week. Delightful.

Apparently, he’s a glass half-full kind of guy; at least, that’s what Wendy tells him. Frankly, he doesn’t care if he’s being negative abut it. Wednesday is a terrible day, and there’s absolutely nothing that could make him like it.

However, this Wednesday in particular is especially horrible, for three reasons.

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cnjk9799  asked:

Can I please request a Arranged Marriage AU with Dino? (I saw your post and thought it was my opportunity, there aren't lots of scenarios for my babyy😭 *or Jeonghan's baby should I say*) Thank you in advanceee❤❤

AU #1 (Request from this list! Tryna finish it!)


Enjoy love~😊 THIS IS GOING TO BE PRETTY LONG TO REPAY THE TIME LOST Also note: To anyone not a girl reading this, this is female!reader, I tried making it gender neutral at first but doing this made it easier and less tiring, sorry. SO MANY REVISIONS TO THIS ISTG

  • This big baby
  • Does not want to get married
  • Ever.
  • But oops parents want him to get married stat
  • Basically the polite way of saying “sON GET A LIFE”
  • He really does not want to get married
  • But darn it can’t avoid this one
  • Parents already setting him up on dates with random strangers and daughters of friends
  • And they’ll only stop when he finds a girl he likes
  • “Wtf mom why can’t I just have some peace?!?”
  • But he goes on these dates with all these girls…
  • THeY’rE aLL sO bOriNG
  • Like honestly some are girls who just have good looks but plain lives, some of them are rich and stuck up, or not his type etc etc (wow he has a type in this AU what)
  • Chan’s just so tired
  • Seriously he just wants to have some free time off school to himself
  • I mean he just graduated college, can he get some time??? GIVE ME TIME TO GROW UP PLS?!?!
  • WORking at a restaurant
  • Kinda anti-climactic but anyways
  • You work as a waitress, for your good friend Mingyu probably in there cooking whatever
  • But you also play piano/keyboard to attract customers and sometimes perform inside
  • Like you would be getting tips and attracting people in, with things like “You think my playing is beautiful? Try my friend’s pasta inside it will beautify your tastebuds. No seriously it’s really delicious, you should try!”
  • (Now I wanna write a crossover w/Italian wizards Jun/Joshua in Italy WHO’S WITH ME?)
  • Mingyu’s gonna be like “you told them about the pasta didn’t you” when he gets a bunch of orders for it
  • No Mingyu is not my bias he comes up in these AUs by chance
  • UPDATE Mingyu is my sick-bias (bias whenever I get sick) bc GermGyu
  • Anyways one day you go to Starbucks during your break to get a MIDNIGHT MINT MOCHA FRAPPUCINOOO K sorry inside joke
  • wHY dO I keEp MaKinG mY DinO aUs In CoFfEe ShOpS
  • And look who’s here
  • No not Chan but his mom
  • “Oh my gosh you’re so pretty! Want to go on a date with my son???”
  • You agree…bc you don’t want to be rude…
  • You just forget it ever happened but wtf?
  • Anyway back to Chan who’s tired af
  • But later that night, he has to meet another girl for dinner
  • The girl invited him to have dinner at Mingyu’s restaurant
  • You’re working your waitress shift, counting tips or smth
  • Then Chan walks in through the open doors
  • Damn.
  • He looks very handsome
  • HOw DId hE GrOw uP SO faST
  • Like you can’t help but stare at him with curiosity
  • …oh yEAH MY JOB
  • So you go up to him and he follows you to an empty 2 seat table
  • And he decides not to order until his date comes
  • So you leave him be with some bread or something to snack on
  • I sense another inside joke becoming chAN AND HIS BREAD MUNCHIES
  • You wait a little before going onto a small platform in the center of the room
  • A stage with a piano
  • *Deep breath*
  • And playing
  • Chan just stops chewing and stares
  • Everyone is watching you playing beautifully
  • And the keep reading bar appears

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(So this got a bit longer than expected oops sorry though I’m really not)

Honestly if you are a girl and want to see something with girls being empowered or that makes you feel empowered watch a dang marvel movie like seriously watch marvel there are amazing female characters and they all are different yet have similar qualities that make u glad they’re there.
•PEPPER POTS basically runs stark corporations without her tony stark would be nothing in the public eye and when she turned into a massive explosive fire ninja still was totally awesome.
•PEGGY CARTER created S.H.E.I.L.D she was a woman in the 1940s? Like the worst time to be a chick who worked low paying secretary jobs let alone secret agents where all your co-workers were misogynistic pieces of man trash.

•NATALIA ROMANOFF trained as a KGB operative became more than a murder robot, became one of the best agents ever to be in S.H.E.I.L.D and didn’t need a man to define her or her actions.
•LADY SIF OR ASGARD now while we know she has a massive crush on Thor that’s not the reason she’s in the movies which is hella important nothing worse than a badass female character there for the soul purpose of love interest, she fights in battles along with all her male friends and is not treated any different than them she is her own person she defends earth in her own ways she is strong.
• AGENT MELINDA MAY: k like do u even need an explanation she’s MELINDA FREAKING MAY like nuff said she kicks ass non stop all times and never apologises for it and is still so kind to daisy and Gemma and is the supportive mum friend.
•DAISY JOHNSONhacker amazing with computers tech smart and still able to kick your ass, but the great thing about that is she had to train she was t always a ninja she works for it and we see that through the show.
•GEMMA SIMMONS:mate she is the smartest character ever like just SIMMONS I have so much love for her she is a genius and so strong willed and still after everything so kind and she like daisy didn’t start out a kick ass ninja and she still isn’t really but that’s the great thing she doesn’t jump straight to attacking but if she has to she knows the basics of defence.
WANDA MAXIMOFF: after all the hell she went through, losing her brother and being betrayed she’s still so strong even through she’s a little broken she’s still learning to be herself which is great considering herself has sort of changed (powers and no brother and all that’s happened)

(TL/DR) MARVEL GIRLS ARE BAE and are amazing. Granted they all have flaws and some characters are there for love interests or that soul purpose and that need work but look at this start, looks at these strong amazing women characters.
If you have more please add I want to see all our marvel girls kicking ass!!!

A day to remember [McPharah]

As soon as I received the wonderful news of @escapefrommetalgear‘s wedding I knew I have to make something special for her and her husband.

So I wrote down a little wedding story for her OTP, McPharah, that soon evolved in a 2800 words one shot. I also included some Mercy76 here and there, since it’s another ship we have in common (and I liked the idea of include them too much)

I hope you like it!

A HUGE thanks to @mtex for her help with the grammar

The sun was high in the sky, but the cool breeze of the desert kept the air somewhat fresh for all those attending the special event happening at the Giza Grand Hotel’s beautiful garden, not far from Temple of Anubis. Sunrays were not the main concern for a certain man waiting for the show to start.

Dressed in a full suit with high boots and a fancy cowboy hat, Jesse McCree adjusted hisexpensive tie for the hundredth time and looked at his gold plated wristwatch.


Almost High Noon.

He smirked. Ironically, it was her who insisted on having the wedding at that exact hour.

The levity moment was brief though, as his thoughts dwelled on the big step ahead of him.

He was going to get married! He was going to marry none other than Fareeha Amari.

The more he thought about it the more he felt unworthy to marry her. She was righteous, headstrong and incredibly beautiful, all the things he was not. All he could see in himself was just a dirty man, whose only chance of redemption was taking out the trash the world one gunshot at a time. How she could love a wreck like him was beyond his brightest hopes.

Someone grabbed him by the arm. Even though he winced, the grip was not tight at all. It was a gentle gesture from the kindest of women. Leaning a hand on his arm was the bride’s mother, Ana. He looked down at the old but strong woman. She was standing right beside him the whole time in her long blue dress that left only her wrinkled arms free. On her head, hijab veil covered most of her hair except for her braid and a bang of silver hair. Just having her there filled him with the confidence to stand his ground and not run away in shame. Ana noticed a single drop of sweat forming on his forehead.

“What is wrong Jesse? Are you scared?” She asked, drying his skin with a napkin.

“Nothin’ escapes your eye, Ana!” He replied.

“You’re gonna be okay. She loves you. Trust her as I do!” Ana told him with a careful but firm voice.

She then took a glance at Jesse’s watch and added:

“Guess what time is it?”

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anonymous asked:

Can I ask for Aizawa, momo, mina, mt lady, and Jirou with an s/o who always wanted to be a hero but gave up on it because they're quirk is super dangerous and can really only be used to hurt people and they always look down on themselves and hate their power and how horrified people are when they learn about it. How do the hero's react to learning about this quirk and they're s/o's self hatred of it and the unsavory attention it brings?

Aizawa: Would support your decision to quit. After all his years on the job and now teaching future heroes he can see when someone isn’t cut out for the work. He would more encourage them to find different ways to vent out their power, try developing it in a safe space to see if there’s any plausible uses. He would definitely stick around for that so he can stop you in case things start to get dangerous. As for other people he’d be telling you to ignore them. They aren’t worth the fuss if they don’t even bother to get to know you before making brash judgments. 

Momo: She’s pretty fascinated with the quirk and wants to know more about how it works. She’ll try and fix you up with a different career, something you’d be happier in. She always insists that the hero job is glorified and you can do anything you like with or without a quirk. 

Mina: She is the most likely to try and find a way for you to be a hero. She hates people thinking of you so badly and figures there’s got to be some use for your quirk. She’s very creative and is unlikely to give up without at least one argument about it.

Mt.Lady: Tells you that she doesn’t care. Your quirk is yours and if people don’t like it they can go something themselves right in the something. She wouldn’t have a lot of time for self loathing behaviour because it can be very tiring, instead she tries her best to boost your confidence then says that you’re gonna be her trophy wife/husband/partner.

Jirou: Is more of a listener on these matters,she always knew people like you existed and in all honesty she thinks the more dangerous quirks are better kept out of public service jobs. She really does feel for you and tries her best at comforting words. Though in all honesty if you ever made her feel any form of guilt at the fact that she made it into being a hero and you didn’t she would dump you. 

Adoptive Family AU (Part 2)

I forgot about this post (until recently), but here’s are some more headcanons I have:

  • REVISION: Jyn and Cassian aren’t married yet and also Bodhi lives with them because these three are a trio and even if Jyn and Cassian are a thing, there’s no way they’d leave Bodhi behind.
  • ANYWAYS so actually Jyn didn’t want to have kids (because she didn’t think she’d be a good mother. That and she didn’t want them to inherit her fucked up genes.)
    • Cassian wanted a family but figured he could wait. He could persuade Jyn later.

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I don’t know what this is but @martythegirl asked for it.

TW: References the use of nuclear weapons; lots of Death Imagery. Set in 1946, but I did like… the bare minimum of research. Also there’s a potential NewTina baby? God that’s a weird collections of content warnings.

Late autumn frost rests on the few unlucky leaves still clinging to the trees in Central Park. The air tastes cleaner here for the cold. He doesn’t mind the cold much.

Even though he has no scarf and no decent hat. His badly shorn hair leaves both his neck and ears exposed. Both are bloodlessly white from the cold, just like the ends of his fingers. He owns gloves — one pair in black leather. They fit him better than most things he wears. They cost nearly as much as his shoes, however, so his Ma holds onto them.

If he kept them, she says, he would only lose them.

But he doesn’t mind the cold.

A man walks beside him who wears brilliantly shined shoes with tall heels to keep above the frozen mud and spats to protect the black leather.

His own shoes have a hole working open on the sole and water stains on the toes. He cannot afford to shine them but twice a year. His Ma says the polish costs too much. He would rather give his pennies to his youngest sister than a bootblack anyway.

“Aren’t you cold?” the man asks.

“No, sir,” he says. “The afternoon is rather pleasant compared to this morning.”

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It was only after Sanada Kuroko grew up, married and went on mat leave that the Spirit World realized: while humans with promising psychic ability were fairly easy to source, it was actually really quite difficult to find a self-sufficient, emotionally stable, responsible person for this job. Since Sanada’s retirement, the Reikai has struggled to fill the position on any sort of reliable long-term basis. 


Yu Yu Hakusho 2017 #YuYear event

January 31 prompt: #9 “Reliance”
Sanada Kuroko, the first Spirit Detective
Fountain pen, Muji pens, waterbrush

In my opinion the best Spirit Detective ever. She’s such a cool lady and an adorable kid! I actually had a hairstyle very similar to her when I was like three, so maybe I’m biased. I would totally follow her junior high demon ass-kicking adventures.