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Totally and Radically Dining in Space

  • Mom: We really need to get pest control out here soon.
  • Me: Why don't you just get a Dalek?
  • Mom: Why would a Dalek help?
  • Me: *grinning* Because they EXTERMINATE!
  • Mom: *shaking her head* You need to see a doctor...
  • Mom: *regrets her word choice immediately* Don't-

@gryffindordetectiveofstarfleet had an adorable post about wanting to draw Twelve using mistletoe to flirt with River…but not being able to draw:

I fail…

I wanted to draw Twelve with a smug smile on his face, holding up a mistletoe, trying to get River to kiss him for old times sake and River just looking at him with a flirty but “what the hell are you doing” face…

Unfortunately i cannot draw and my mini humor drawing is going to never be created…



New Earth

In the distant future, an order of cat-nuns cure all illnesses, but the Tenth Doctor is suspicious of their methods. He must uncover the truth and save Rose from the vengeance of his old enemy, the Lady Cassandra.

As a Whovian, I think it is truly a blessing that Carole Ann Ford, the very first companion, the very first woman in Doctor Who, is still alive. I also think it is the most blatantly wasted opportunity that she hasn’t been brought back to the series, even if it’s just for one episode. I want Susan back. I want Carole back.