lady watermelon

Do you know what I will always be bitter about from the waste that was TW?

That in order to give us cheap escalating horror and tragedy, they never let us saw the smallest things about the day to day life in the Pack.

Like what waitresses think when they see this mismatch group of beautiful people cram into the booth of their dinner at 3AM,  clothes half torn up and smiling like crazy people. Do they think they are a kinky sex club? Do they think they are actors in a horror movie on a break? Do they just don’t bat an eye because they have seen so much worse (and they are polite and give good tips?)

Or what shopping is life as a werewolf. Are you able to smell if a fruit is ripe? are there security footage of Derek helping an old lady chose the right watermelon somewhere?

Where is my boy scout type moment, with Derek trying to teach as many things as he can about surviving into the woods? Where is my “don’t fuck with boar. Seriously don’t do it. You are a werewolf but they are boars, if you see one just climb a tree for fuck sake, don’t be a hero”. Where is my Scott and Jackson fighting about a type a moss and what it means.

Where are my “craming for exams” night, with lot of junk food, Lydia looking vaguely condescendant, and Derek not understanding why they are highschoolers spilled all over his floor? (but looking secretly pleased about it)

Or the pack reaction the first time they saw Derek hale in a suit (because damn).  Lydia would sigh happily (because she totally chose the suit and she’s the best), Erica would stay silent and poker face and take so much pictures with her phone it’s basically a movie, Jackson would grumble something, kira would be all excited, etc…

(Stiles would totally screech and nope right out of the door in self defense, let’s be honest)

I just… I miss the little things that would have been (even if it made me love the fandom that much more)

PSA from Lady Yoshihime

We’ve been asked by Lady Yoshihime to lay some ground rules pertaining to which audiences she will and will not accept. It seems our lady has grown tired of repetitive, non-progressive conversations and strange guests which could endanger Kojirou. 

Our apologies, these are her words, not ours. 

She has taken the liberty of screening the requests herself and will be removing any she feels are not productive to her means. This does not mean she will be ignoring everyone, but she requires stimulating conversation. A little give and take, if you will. 

Do forgive her. She really is quite… generous, to those whom earn her favor. 


Lady Avocado, Lady Kiwi, and Lady Watermelon


Hyoga: How you didn’t see it before? // ¿Cómo no lo viste antes?

Ikki: Shut up, Hyoga, just shut up… // Cállate, Hyoga, solo cállate…