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James March: “If you were to die outside of the hotel, I will never see you for all of eternity.”

James is sitting on the edge of the bed smoking out of his pipe watching you get ready to go out tonight with your girlfriends. It has been a weekly thing lately. James was never comfortable with you going out, especially a night out drinking. But, the both of you made an agreement that he can have his ‘hobby’ as long as he lets go out and do as you pleased. You never cheated on James and the thought has never occurred to you. You just enjoyed hanging out with your girlfriends instead of being stuck in the hotel all the time. 

James always worried for you every time you stepped foot out of the Hotel. He would always think the worst. Many scenarios would go on through his head, from someone harming you, or even worse, killing you. If anything, he’d rather have you die on the grounds of the hotel so that he would have you forever.

“Darling?” James looks at you with a worried look on his face.

“Yes James?” You reply as you’re putting on your ruby red lipstick wearing nothing but your light pink silk robe.

“What sort of mischief will you and your lady friends be getting into?”

You start walking to your closet to put on your dress. “I told you yesterday. We’re going to that nightclub that’s two blocks away from here.” 

James sighs. “You know that I feel the most vulnerable when I’m not there to protect you.” He stands up and starts slowly pacing as he’s still smoking out of his pipe. He was starting to feel more and more uncomfortable about you going out.

“Yeah I get that but I’ll be fine. Like, what do you expect me to do anyways? Just stay in the hotel all the time?” Once your dress was on, you straightened it out, then grabbed your heels so that you could sit on the edge of your bed to put them on. As you walked out of the closet, James noticed the dress you had on which stopped him from pacing. His eyes grew wide and he clenched his jaw to help control his anger.

“What on earth are you wearing?” He looks you up and down repeatedly with a disgusted look on his face. You were wearing a short black dress. It was short, but it wasn’t THAT bad. James is just really old-fashioned.

“Uh? A dress? God James, I forget sometimes that you’re so old-fashioned.” Your heels are on so you stand up to grab your perfume from your vanity. James stops you before you could grab your perfume and tightly grabs you by the wrist. His face raging with anger. “This is nonsense. I can’t have my lady wearing such vile clothing!”

You weren’t phased at all from him yelling. “Well you’re gonna have to get used to it. Unless you want to retire from your hobby.” 

James was about ready to yell at you again but instead, he took a deep breath because he realized that you were right. There was also no way in hell he would want to give up his hobby.

“Very well then, dear. You may do as you please. But from now on, I need you to protect yourself.” James lets go of your wrist. He inhales from his pipe, then grabs a pocket knife from his drawer to give to you.

“Really, James?” You say to James as you’re rolling your eyes holding the pocket knife in your hand.

“This is for your protection. If you were to die outside of the hotel, I will never see you for all of eternity. I cannot have that. I will not.” He quickly shakes his head in disagreement.

“Okay fine.” You put the pocket knife in your small purse then you go to your vanity to spray your perfume on while James is still standing there with a concerned look on his face. He just kept telling himself that he needs to stop worrying and accept it. 

Your phone goes off and it’s one of your girlfriends texting you: ‘be outside in 5′

“Okay, I have to go now baby.” 

“Ah, yes.” James rolls his eyes.

You put your phone in your purse, then you grab James’ face to give him 3 kisses on the lips. “I’ll be back around the same time as usual. I love you!” You rushed out the door, with James replying, “As do I.” His heart dropped a little as he watched you walk out of the bedroom door.



I felt really bad when I made my top ten records of the year, as I had to leave out a good number of records that have been really important to me this year. 

So here are my honourable mentions 

  • Grimes - Art Angels
  • Lady Lamb - After 
  • Natalie Prass - Natalie Prass
  • jennylee - Right On
  • Girlpool - Before The World Was Big
  • Sleater-Kinney - No Cities To Love
  • Beach House - Depression Cherry
  • Chastity Belt - Time To Go Home 
  • Kurt Vile - b'lieve i’m goin down 
  • Sexwitch - Sexwitch

This is so fucking scary. I knew a few of these things but some of this is literally just trash and disgusting and vile. Ladies!! READ THIS. There are guys in the replies asking him why he’s snitching and revealing their secrets, and then the girls are just like, “lol NOTED”

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Why it’s important not to support Larries

I know a lot of folks on tumblr see a post about one of the guys and then hit reblog, not necessarily noticing who the originator of the content is. I know we are all guilty of accidentally reblogging from a Larrie at one time or another (myself absolutely included).

But I’m asking everyone to do their best not to reblog from or support Larries.

Why does this matter? Some common excuses I’ve seen people use for reblogging from Larries is that they wonder why it matters when a) who cares when Larry is just a ship, b) that specific post wasn’t about Larry, b) and/or c) Larries never bothered them personally.

“Larry,” as it pertains to Larries, is not ‘just a ship’. Yes, there are Larry shippers out there, but Larries are completely different. Larry shippers see Louis and Harry together as a fantasy and let them live their true lives the way they want, without interference, and believe them when they talk about their lives.

Larries believe, like honestly believe, that Louis and Harry are in a relationship together.

That belief is the root of the problem. When you view everything a person does as “just theater” then it makes it easier to dehumanize them. Larries use that belief to justify their harassment. Louis says he’s dating Eleanor? Nah, in a Larrie’s mind that’s a stunt. To them, she is a person paid by THEM to closet Louis. Larries use their belief in Larry to try to take Eleanor’s status as Louis’ loved one away from her and reduce her to the status of an employee for the enemy.

Larries decided (without respect for Louis’s feelings or words at all) for Louis that he wouldn’t want to be seen with her if he had his way, so they decide that the best thing to do is try to get rid of her to help ‘free’ him from the ‘iron closet’. How to do that with the limited power they have? Harassment. Make it uncomfortable for her to be in his life and maybe she will get fed up with it and just go away.

But guess what.

Stick with me here.

Even if all that were true of Eleanor (it absolutely isn’t), it STILL would not make harassing her okay. Point blank. You can hate the very ground she walks on, but trashing her is not acceptable on any level.

To Larries, Louis and Harry are no more than their old 1D action figures, existing only to please them, so Larries think it’s okay to make up stories about them because they own them. But if Louis and Harry try to remind Larries they are actually human and have real lives of their own, Larries have a temper tantrum and try to destroy them (and their loved ones) however they can.

And before anyone comes at me all HashtagNotAllLarries, please save your thumbs the effort of typing that nonsense at me. If a person is a Larrie, then if they aren’t actively harassing others, they support a culture of harassment by following/reblogging from people that do. At best they are pawns for the bigger Larrie blogs.

Let’s take the doll lady as a (vile) example. She outright harassed Brett, no question, was proud of it, even. She made up rumors about Freddie (an infant at the time) being a doll. She was recently shown to be someone harassing Richard Lawson on twitter when he admitted he didn’t truly believe in Larry. The list of what she’s done is way longer than this but it’s just a small example of how destructive she is.

But she doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

Every. Single. Time. She blogs something and gets notes for it, she is given attention. That attention is what she craves. I don’t care if she’s blogging about the weather, if she gets notes for what she says, it helps her feel justified and gives her what she wants.

She’s just about the bottom of the barrel (in my opinion) when it comes to Larries and what they’re capable of and yet she would have zero ability to spout the garbage she does, if people didn’t follow her and allow her to continue her nasty ways. Sure, she might keep spewing venom but it should be venom spewed with zero notes.

We need to take a stand. We, meaning non-larries, ex-larries, antis, people with a soul, need to take a stand. We need to stop allowing this type of garbage to go unchecked, or we are part of the problem.

How anyone can justify the harassment Larries regularly engage in of the boys, their parents, their friends, their girlfriends, their coworkers, their children, interviewers, people they have been seen in a room with one time, etc. based on “well, they never came after me personally” is weak. It’s wrong.

Don’t you care about the 1D guys, even a little? I’d think you do or you wouldn’t have stumbled across my blog since they’re nearly all I ever talk about. Just take the celebrity side away from it. Do you think any human or their son or girlfriend or family or friends deserve death threats or to be called nasty trash or told to go away? Do you think bullying is cute?


Then do something. Block Larries. Stop reblogging from them. Stop giving them an outlet to spew their vitriol. If they do something that is out of line, tell them so. Don’t let them continue their actions unchecked.

I’m not saying you have to become an anti, but it really doesn’t take that long to unfollow Larries, and take a quick moment to scan over a blog to check if they’re a larrie before hitting reblog. It’s practically the bare minimum you can do, but it would make a difference.

WOMEN: Look at you. Getting all those tattoos. Did one of you - ANY of you - think about checking with The Bear? Did any of you even think to ask what HE thought?



Part seventeen of the Shin Megami Tensei Demons Bible special illustrations by guest artists Mitsuhiro Arita, Yuji Shibuya, and Takako Fukuchi! Oh my God! It’s the Divine race and I don’t have much else to say about them at the moment! Holy cannoli!

  • Throne (Shibuya)
  • Dominion (Shibuya)
  • Virtue (Shibuya)
  • Power (Arita)
  • Principality (Arita)
  • Archangel (Arita)
  • Angel (Arita)

Tomorrow’s lead-in joke: So a Fallen, an Avian, and a Raptor walk into a bar…

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One Night Only


Kyori had somehow come across being an actual vampire instead of it just being a costume. Maybe someone with a pretty unique quirk could cause someone to become something or maybe it was that creepy old lady giving her a vile of green liquid? Oh well. It was only for one night and in that one night, she was the vampire queen able to turn anyone she wanted, whoever she turned under the same fate; a vampire for one night. This could be bad or something entirely interesting.

Coming across a man she once previously met, she waltzed up to him and ran her finger across his chest. Her ruby lips turned up into a smile and her galaxy colored eyes looked him over. “Hey there, I haven’t seen you in a while. What are you doing out on Halloween among ghosts, ghouls, and monsters?”



Here is a preview of costume sketches from Marvel cover artist Kevin Wada!

He designed the full costumes for the ladies of Veiled and Vile and will be the featured cover artist for Issue 2!

I’m unbelievably excited for his involvement and very grateful he took an interest. I think the caliber of his work pretty much speaks for itself but he really has been a big help.

From right to left: Thunder, Salvo, Burn-Out, Ember, Perm-Madonna, and newcomer Goddamazon.

Featured in pencil is Grendel.

andromedazhumanz  asked:

Who is Joan Rivers?

A horrible, vile comedian lady who made her career in her later years by insulting children, women, men, and generally thriving on other people’s suffering.

I acknowledge that Helga and Dawes are within their rights to be upset with people celebrating her death, but… I don’t care. I feel like nothing of value was lost.

-QoH, who really not upset about  white woman who looked like the crypt creeper insulting little black babies being finally dead.