lady vandal

June 9

Born to a French father and a Vietnamese mother, Jade Nguyen had an unhappy childhood and was sold into slavery. As a young adult, after killing her master, Jade was informally adopted by Chinese freedom fighter Weng Chan, who taught her all he knew about guerrilla fighting. She acquired knowledge of poisons from Kruen Musenda, a famed African assassin known as the “Spitting Cobra”, whom she was married to for the two years prior to his death. She is a long-standing rival of the Teen Titans and first appeared in Teen Titans Annual #2 (June 9, 1983). However, when Roy Harper, a.k.a. the archer Speedy, went undercover for the government in a mission to get her confidence and turn her over, the two fell passionately in love. Knowing he would not be able to turn her in, he walked out; Cheshire would not learn his true identity until later. The result of their romance was a daughter, Lian, whom Roy raised. Cheshire is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, and is one of the premiere martial artists and hand-to-hand combatants in the DC Universe. She is trained in several martial arts thought forever lost. In addition, Cheshire is also an expert triple-jointed acrobat, and uses this skill to move quickly and unexpectedly, and to also augment her fighting abilities. Of bigger concern are her artificial fingernails, which she dips in several varieties of poisons. She gives her weapons and other accessories a similar treatment.

Okie dokie guys! 3 episodes today! This one is INTENSE.


Cory was in the showers, washing up when three fully clothed men came in behind him. Before he could turn completely around, one of the inmates punched him hard in the face, knocking him to the ground. The other two came up and grabbed him, picking him up and slamming him back against the shower stall.

The younger man struggled against the grasp of the men as they pinned him to the tiled wall.

“I should’ve known better than to trust a spoiled little self-entitled idiot…” Charles’ voice echoed slightly in the other wise empty showers before he came around the corner.

“Let me go! I’ve done everything you wanted!” He growled and struggled still.

“No,” Charles replied, shaking his head. “You haven’t. “If you recall, I asked you to have your friends get close to Barba’s youngest sister. Instead, you moron, they robbed and vandalized his lady friend’s bakery. As if that wasn’t enough, the little shits got themselves caught. So I think what you should be doing, is coming up with a reason why I shouldn’t slit your throat,” he spat, having been slowly making his way towards Cory as he spoke and glaring into the younger man’s eyes.

“I have friends getting close to his sister, a few of them are friends with her already. She’s not hard to talk to. I did the girlfriend thing as extra, I took initiative!”

“Initiative that could crumble our whole plan, you buffoon! You better hope that your little friends are strong enough to do some hard time. If I know Rafael as well as I think I do, he’ll make sure they have the book thrown at them. How can you be so sure they wouldn’t give you up as the one that hired them?” Charles hissed.

“They won’t, these guys are hard. I didn’t meet them in college,” Cory struggled again. “Come on Heeley, let me go. I was trying to help.”

“Here’s a little piece of advice; the next time you feel the desire to help, try using the muscle between your ears that thus far has been proven to be utterly useless,” Charles replied, taking another step towards the younger man. “This is the last time that I will clean up one of your messes, Cory.”

He nodded to the men, who began to pummel Coru relentlessly as Heeley watched on. The men beat Cory until he was in a bloody heap on the shower floors and Charles stepped up to squat beside the kid’s bruised, bleeding body.

“Consider this a warning. One more slip up and I’ll have no reason to keep you alive anymore.”

With that, he stood and calmly walked out of the showers, all three men following behind him.

Cory spit out one of his teeth, watching the blood trail down the shower drain.


“No, I don’t have any interest in-” Roxie sighed and rubbed her temples, nodding to the door as there was a knock. She’d been on the phone with her mother all morning and Rafael could feel how tense she was. “I’ve been here a few months, that doesn’t mean-” she groaned again. “If I could just get a word i-”

Rafael arched a brow as he looked through the peephole to see Liv standing there, and he opened the door.

“Hey, Barba,” she said softly, giving him a look that he knew all too well. It was the same look she often gave victims just before she was going to give them bad news.

“What is it?” he asked.

Roxie smacked her head on the table. “If I could just speak for a second!” She begged.

Olivia looked to Roxie and back to Rafael. “There was a problem in the tombs, the man Roxie ID’d was killed an hour ago.”

Rafael sighed heavily, pinching the bridge of his nose. What about the other two?” he asked, and she shook her head.

“Apparently, there was a fight that broke out…they’re all dead,” Liv replied.

“Jesus Christ,” he whispered, looking away before he checked Izzy’s door to be sure it was still closed. “My father stopped by my office today,” he said softly, looking back at Liv. “Is there anything that connects him to the guys who attacked Roxie?”

“I’ll look into it, nothing so far. Are you okay? Do you wanna file a report?”

He sighed, shaking his head, “Don’t bother, I’m meeting with FBI agent I told you about tomorrow morning. He’s their problem,” he answered.

Olivia nodded and gave Rafael a gentle pat on the back. “Stay safe,” she said as she headed out. Roxie finally got of the phone, coming over.

“Sorry, my mother has an interest in coming down to see what New York is like.” She rolled her eyes. “I told her no thank you.”

“Well, why not? I mean, right now is probably not the best time, but…I’d like to meet your parents eventually,” he replied.

Roxie shook her head, “you’ll meet her when she meets her grandkids. And even then, she’ll ask that we don’t call her grandma so she doesn’t feel old.”

“Roxie, come on,” he said softly, tilting his head to one side. “I’d like to meet them before that. Wouldn’t you want them to see us get married?” he added.

“Amber and I don’t agree on much, but we have similar views on our parents.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean? Amber’s parents are rich snobs who think their shit doesn’t stink. They disowned her when she was eighteen,” he replied.

“And my parents dumped a teenager on another teenager. My parents are good people but they aren’t parents. They never wanted to be parents and they told me that my entire life.”

He frowned a little, pulling her into his arms and kissing her forehead.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, rubbing her back. “I would like to at least meet your sister sometime,” he added softly.

“She’d like you,” Roxie said gently. “She’s a good girl, keeps her nose clean.”

“Well, she’s related to you, so I’m sure I’d like her too,” he answered, smirking and kissing her again as Izzy came out of her and Lila’s room.

“Ew, get a room,” she groaned playfully.

“Hey, you know what? I don’t give you grief when you and Lila put on your little public displays of affection, why can’t you do the same?” Rafael sassed back, smirking at his sister.

“Because we’re hot and young and you two are a thousand,” she said with a laugh as she shuffled to the kitchen.

“Well then, I guess you married a woman who’s 995, because Roxie’s only five years older than Lila,” he quipped, chuckling.

“Yeah but…” Izzy made a face. “No offense Roxie.”

“Um,” Roxie laughed. “What kind of face was that? I take a lot of offense!”

“So do I, Roxie’s a ten. You should be hoping you look this good when you hit twenty nine,” Rafael added, pulling his girlfriend close and kissing her again.

“I’m not worried, I keep it tight, like Lila,” she grinned.

Roxie made a gagging noise and snuggled into Rafael.

“On that note, I think it’s time we go to bed,” he said, looking down at Roxie, wagging his brows suggestively as he kissed her neck.

She laughed and hugged him close, nodding as they headed to bed.


In the morning, you woke up before everyone else, walking through the house quietly, your mind wouldn’t settle, images of your father plagued your mind. Lily stirred beside her father, looking around the room for you and getting out of bed to walk downstairs.

“Mami? Where is you?” she called out.

“I’m here sweetie,” you held your arms out to her and picked her up when she ran to you. “Did you have another bad dream mi amor?”

“No, I waked up and you gone. Why?” she asked, hugging you tight.

“Mami just needed some time to think,” you kissed her cheek and inhaled the scent of her shampoo. “I love you,” you whispered and kissed her cheek again. “No matter what, you know that, right?”

“Yeah,” she answered. “We go play with Ella today, right?”

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