lady turtle


Sea turtle in clear waters off Lady Elliot Island, Southern Great Barrier Reef


Discworld Compilation - 2015

@marodeur and @rotestelefon got a discworld crush, resulting in these two cosplays. We had a really good time reading the novels and wearing this duo.
Also we thought, the HavieLotta community really deserves a little more love.

Havelock Vetinari by @marodeur

Mama Merkel  Lady Margolotta by @rotestelefon

Miraculous Ladybug Disney/Pixar Crossover (part 7) - The Incredibles:

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Or you could only ask Ladybug because you WORK WITH HER!!

Sorry… Just needed to draw some Turtle Nino. I like the idea of him beeing the next turtle miraculous holder XD


Went to the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge again! This time the weather gods were merciful and it was a sunny day out, AND there were actually animals; we met an nice old lady who showed us this water snake basking in the sun, I found a giant snapping turtle (miraculously! It was very well camouflaged w/ mud and brown..ness), and I also found a smol frog. Here is some green. Enjoy…!


I am fucking weird. Not everyone will understand the point  of this stupid comic…

But still…

We don’t really talk to each other, but I wanna you to know, that I love you, ladies. I like your amazing personalities, blogs, the way you think and do your artistic and fanfic stuff. Keep doing it. Please.

wumpusinthetardis , zanleyangelspitbetti357 , donnies-pop-tart

Oh,yeah…aaaaand…Tori, I wanna you to know that…