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Today they called to load my wagon– for my outbound load leaving next Monday. So, seeing as I hadn’t planned on bringing it in until Friday, and I was knee deep in housework for Christmas, Hubs grabbed Rosie and brought my wagon into town for me. It’s not too often I get to see my own truck/trailer heading down the highway without me, so I figured I’d grab a couple of pictures while I had the chance.


My beautiful lady trucker😋😋😋😘😘😘😘 I just like to share some of these with the world….sorry guys she is all mine. Enjoy

Everybody Relax! Part 1

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Summary: Things at the Sub Shop had become pretty regular. Same people coming in and out each day, even the little weird things Trucker and Zo do weren’t particularly surprising. Tish had gotten another job and only came back a few days a week. She and Priestly decided they were better off friends. He’d entered a cycle of work, mope, work, mope. He stopped cracking jokes, didn’t dye his hair, didn’t do much in general. Piper and Jen decided to take matters into their own hands….

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Part 3 All New Lady Trucker Videos With Trucker47

Oooh I just listened to the first episode of Alice Isn’t Dead, the new podcast by Joseph Fink (who writes Welcome to Night Vale).

If you’re looking for an intriguing story about a lady trucker searching for her missing wife; if you’re a horror fan and don’t mind descriptions of gore; if you think the world and its stories need more 👭 relationships (I hesitate to say lesbian as neither the narrator nor Alice have been identified as lesbians, they could be bi/pan or something); if you love the surreal, the unsettling and the hauntingly beautiful, check out Alice Isn’t Dead.