lady to redneck

on the ride home.
  • Me: Dad, see that Jeep there.. the white one?!
  • Dad: Yeah, what about it?
  • Me: I want it.
  • Dad: Emma, you want any truck or jeep.
  • Me: True. But I want a jeep for one purpose.
  • Dad: What's that?
  • Me: To go muddin'.. Which I know I can do in a truck too. Want to know my dream truck though?
  • Dad: Oh this will be good
  • Me: Ford F-250, superduty, white. And I want to put a lift in 'er.
  • Uncle Calvin: Darlin' you sure are a country gal aren't you.. You're the only girl I know that can act lady like one second, and then go talkin' about the gosh darn mud. Your daddy sure has been raising you right.