lady tats


Middle-earth History Meme: 7/? Elves: Idril 

Called Celebrindal ‘Silverfoot’; the daughter (and only child) of Turgon and Elenwë; wife of Tuor, mother of Eärendil, with whom she escaped from Gondolin to the Mouths of Sirion; departed thence with Tuor into the West.


Work stages on another cover illustration I did for White Wolf’s pen-and-paper fantasy RPG Exalted. This one’s an infernal/ demonic  companion to a previous, more genteel and divinity-oriented cover, which you can see here:

Line art my me; final colors by the fine lads of Guru eFX.

Note that I tossed in a cameo (purple-skinned woman, at right) by one of the many neat Exalted characters drawn for the sourcebooks by the great Ross Campbell. His heavily pierced and tatted ladies were clear standouts  among the RPG’s various illustrations, IMHO.

Ok binches i want a tattoo, preferably small/medium sized on my forearm. Im still deciding if it should be colored or not but that depends on the design. So far ive thrown around the ideas of:

1.A witcher wolf medallion/head (black and white, maybe some gray)
2. Geometric design (could be b&w or colored). If colored, would be watercolor
3. Tiger (cause im a basic bitch and cause they have a lot of influence on hmong folk tales/culture. Could do outline first, color later)
4.plasma rifle from fallout (b&w with green emphasis)

What do yall think? Im gonna be drawing up the designs myself but any types on tattoo drawing is welcome since ive gotten multiple people asking to commission me, but i tell em no cause im not too sure.

Ok but think about this..

CATS!!! There are so many cats you need to pet and cuddle and love and feed with their little cute paws and cute pink ears and they purr because you make them happy and they don’t want you to give up bc they love you even though they are cocky assholes and that means something so don’t give up and go pet some cats ok you’re wanted here