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here’s to Sybil Ludington, a 16 year old girl who rode 40 miles alone, more than twice the distance of Paul Revere, 9pm until dawn on horseback while using a stick to knock on doors so she could wake up 400 men to fight at the Battle of Ridgefield. Her amazing accomplishment and help to the Revolutionary War will not be forgotten just because the education system likes to forget that women were an amazing force throughout history.

Meet Sybil Abigail Jager, aka Knight Owl, a Ripper I made for a Ripper (Savage Worlds) campaign my boyfriend @thewitherwizard is DMing. She is American, but her parents are German. Her theme is based off of a melanistic barn owl, which she got to know one that her father raised (he is big into falconry and the like, to the point that he includes barn owls, despite how needy and disobedient they can be).
Even her weapons, Ripper claws, are modified to fit her theme.

Personality wise, she’s very confident in her abilities, and quite nice, but while in uniform she can be quiet. Silent unless she has to be, really. She’s still a good sport though.

But… Due to how I built her, and how many lucky rolls I have gotten, she’s accidentally a terror to deal with… Stories under the read more.

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The Signs as the Crawley-Sisters

Lady Mary Crawley // loving, loyal, cold on the surface, caring, when you get to know her; warm-hearted and kind, progressive, supportive, hard-working, self-confident, vindictive, emotional, courageous, willful, graceful, honest (Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn, Aries)

Lady Sybil Crawley // open-minded, idealistic, sweet, politically engaged, strong opinions, brave, does not care about the things others say, energetic, lively, dreamer, dedicated, innovative, not afraid of change, understanding, respectful (Pisces, Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius)

Lady Edith Crawley // reserved, kind, wants to be respected and loved for who she is, quiet, vengeful, romantic, survivor, enduring, curious, independent, never gives up, strong, good-hearted, can be selfish, longs for love and an own family (Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra)

I finally finished Downton Abbey. ( Yes, I’m very late, but I began this show the last summer) . 
I really will miss this show ! I liked Julian Fellowes ’s characters and background ! 
Here, a fanart of Tom Branson, one of my favorite characters, he was so cute when he was still a chauffeur for Crawley family ! and, I love his couple with Lady Sybil, of course ! 

Because I just can’t shut up about this show...


Written by women, produced by women, and like 90% of the main cast being women.

Female friendships like, omg. Sisters and femal rivals and female colleagues. Women who fart, who pee, who sweat, who get scared, who lie, who have all the Deep Issues (doubting one self worth, wanting more for life, struggling o move up in the world, etc.) men usually have in tv. 

No muted cold ugly ass color palette, oh no, here in this show there is COLOR.

18th century fashion!!! Wigs! Men with makeup!!! Gratuitous french!!!

Actual realistic potrayal of the world’s oldest profession. Actual realistic potrayal of how this affected women mentally and physically.

But even thought its a difficult subject they laugh and they party and the joke and find some remote happiness in gritty dirty London. They stick up for each other.

People of color! Interracial relationships!!! Biracial children!!!!!!!

Plantation owners, religious zalots, men judging women for earning a living all potrayed as the antagonistic assholes they are.

I guess this could be argued, but the only ones who look ridiculous or degrading in the sex scenes are men.

The main conflict between two rival brothels is driven by their madams, mature women who don’t get less screentime than their younger co-stars. Nor are they treated as less attractive, less capable or less important.

You WILL fall in love with Charlotte (Lady Sybil from Downton Abbey!!!) and Lucy Wells. Also the plot is quite entertaining because Margarate Wells is a heroine you can empathize with, even through her debatable actions she’s a nice person and Lydia is such a despicable villain it is just entertaining to see these two fight.

Three episodes have aired and so far I have yet to find some character inconsistency or some unbearable mistake that makes me turn away,

Its on Hulu, there’s torrents to download it out there, WATCH IT.


“Sometimes a hard sacrifice must be made for a future that’s worth having…”  –Tom Branson

“It’s doing nothing that’s the enemy.”  –Sybil Crawley

Join hands sister suffragettes, as we “rock the political AU” this May!  We’ll be celebrating all things political with the Bransons this month, from voting rights for women, to freedom for Ireland, and anything and everything inbetween and beyond!  Sexual politics, body politics, domestic politics, international politics–POLITICS!  And not just reserved for the time-era on the show, but today as well! 

So put your thinking caps, play some inspiring music, and be creative with stories, drabbles, picsets, and fanart as we march together throughout the month of May, ROCKING THE POLITICAL AU!

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now, guys, i like daenerys and all … i’m just saying that Lady Sybil Vimes is my real queen and mother of dragons.

like if she were in danny’s place, she’d not only abolish slavery for real, but the former slavemasters would definitely be more polite, they’d sit up straighter and they’d eat all their vegetables. and her dragons would be much tamer.

she’d do it in record time too