lady stormtrooper

Had an awkward moment with M4-RT1N earlier.

We were having lunch together and making small talk when he asks if I’m planning a vacation for the upcoming holidays.

I’m like, “I dunno. Why do you ask?”

And Marty’s all, “Oh, I was just thinking of the recordings coming from your shop today. Sounded like Rodian language tapes. Thought you might be preparing for a trip.”

“Oh. Yeah. That. Totally thinking of doing that maybe. I mean, I could definitely use a break. Oh! And Deej has always wanted to see a manka cat up close. Just…seeing how difficult it would be to communicate with the locals if we went. Ha ha.”

Nice save, ST-3V3.

Yes, it was a lie.

No, he doesn’t need to know the “language tapes” were just me blasting Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance on loop all morning.

I’ll have to turn it down a few notches next time.

Short guide to the new Star Wars characters. Spoiler free in case someone still haven’t seen the movie.

FINN (FN-2187)

- “Big Deal Resistanceman”
- Christened by Poe (previously known as FN-2187)
- Almighty Janitor
- Deserts from the First Order, because he didn’t want to shoot innocents, joins the resistance to shoot the First Order
- Child soldier upbringing
- Butt monkey for the majority of the comedy in the movie
- “Cowardly Lion” type character development
- Chronic hero syndrome (especially towards Rey ^^)
- Thinks he can swing a lightsaber


- Badass Adorkable
- Knows something about waiting
- The ingenue in a scavenger world
- Never seen grass
- Abandonment issues
- Damsel out of distress
- Can fly the Millennium Falcon – big props
- Is a fan of the main characters from the original trilogy
- Actually can swing a lightsaber


- Ace Pilot (and by ace I mean The Ace, he’s like a one-man squadron)
- Can even fly on a barn front door
- Big brother of the group
- Finn’s wing man
- Deadpan snarker
- Viva la resistance


- The obligatory astromech droid
- A droid head on a rolling sphere, how does it work!
- Cute machine
- The funny guy
- The hero in the back


- The big bad
- Dark, Evil and Ax-Crazy (or is he?)
- Badass family
- Has anger issues
- Mood-Swinger (and kinda emo)
- Vader fanboy (the sole reason he wears that helmet)
- Villain with hidden depths
- Non-standard lightsaber


- The military man brat of the new evil group, as opposed to Kylo Ren being the Dark Jedi
- Calm and self-assured non-action guy, as opposed to Kylo Ren being the passionate, plagued with self-doubt fighter
- Competes with Kylo Ren for their senpai notice
- As you might have guessed, he and Kylo Ren doesn’t like each other much
- Large ham
- Third Reich level speech skills


- Tall stormtrooper lady
- The new Boba Fett
- Other stormtroopers are jelly of her cuz she has a real name
- Dumped


- “Snoke” really?
- The bigger bad
- Affably evil
- Looks as like Voldemort and Gollum had a child
- Was the one that corrupted Kylo Ren

I just found this one in my art folder. I drew it a few days ago after I talked with a friend of mine about Star Wars of course. And they told me that it is canon now, as far as they know, that there were lady stormtroopers.

And I was like holy shit, imagine my (not so) tiny Darth falling for a huge tough stormtrooper lady. Because LADY STORMTROOPERS. How fucking cool is that. Plus my little Darth doesn’t have much friends.

So kind of an “after battle pic” with the two of them, beeing cute. (She doesn’t have a name yet)


I’m still not over the one stormtrooper who gave her report in the base.

She only had the one line. It wasn’t even a dramatic line. But that’s what’s so important about it.

We’ve already seen the ladies in every other role in the Resistance and the First Order. Ladies that have actual lines and actual jobs to do. Ladies that are part of the military, or just casually defending their homes, or doing everyday regular people things.

So why does this one stormtrooper affect me so much? No attention is drawn to it. She’s just a stormtrooper.

Because no attention is drawn to her. She’s just a stormtrooper. Not the Big Important Stormtrooper Captain like Phasma, but a regular person.

A regular footsoldier in androgynous, uniform armor.

Any of the stormtroopers, that didn’t have speaking roles in a male voice, could have been women. Any of them. Some of them probably were and we might never know it.

The Force Awakens may not be the big feminist movie that Fury Road was, and the ratio of men to women may have been still way lopsided as movies always are, but with that one line, that one scene, that perfectly regular and nondescript exchange, everything has changed.

Nameless, faceless stormtrooper lady, I am still not over you.