lady skeletor

Drop 7 Patch Notes

*Chua may now select gender at character creation. No visible difference.
* Medic sound effects have been replaced with Skrillex Base Drops.
* Mechari have been given the voice of famous 80s cartoon villain… skeletor.
* Drusera has been given a pair of sweat pants.
* Megadroids have been placed in BGs to help control the Bot problem.
* The Pristine Genesis Key has been replaced with a Shady Genesis Key, which lets you into Datascape but adds pop ups to all the sky boxes.
* Yes, even lady Mechari sound like Skeletor.
* Exiles have been evicted from Thayd by Osun Landlords and now live in the city of Mom’s Basement.
* The Dominion has fallen victim to a Protostar Ponzi scheme and now also lives in Mom’s Basement.
* Deadeye’s other eye has been damaged, so now he is known as Deadeyes. Plural.
* His Mom still calls him Arin.
*Shitposting has been removed from the game.