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I just want to thank you for providing the Logyn fandom with such flawless artwork. We don't deserve you. I was just wondering would you ever draw lady Loki and Sigyn?

You’re so sweet! ; o; 
I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful fandom to be apart of!

I think I’ve drawn them once before but the world needs more Sigyn and Lady Loki so

A Sigyn cameo?

If Dr. Strange somehow comes face to face with Loki…WHAT IF?

They have a magical pissing contest and then eventually Dr. Strange brings out the big guns by showing Loki all the other universes, all the different Lokis of each universe (including kid!Loki and lady Loki etc) like the whole thing’s in fragments and flashing images AND THEN the very last one shows his body bound inside a cave with a hooded figure. And just as she turns around and faces him, it ends abruptly.

(Loki’s punishment in the cave happened in the comics too so technically it’s part of the Marvel universe)

Asgardian Six of Crows AU

!!!! Okay so hear me out.

The warriors 3 + lady Sif + Thor + Sigyn + Loki in an Asgardian Six of Crows AU! I need this to be written. I need this fic in my life.

Can you imagine the possibilities??

LOKI AS KAZ FREAKING BREKKER leading the whole gang with the use of his brilliant scheming mind.

Sigyn as Inej THE WRAITH who’s not only incredibly cool but also very virtuous? Loki’s moral compass?? I’m screaming!!!

Sif as Nina!!! Take no shit from anyone, especially men but sweet towards Sigyn

Thor can be Matthias! Bc…they’re both blonde haha

Maybe Fandral can be Jesper? Idk fam that’s all I got

Wylan can come in later

But like there’s shit goin on in Asgard
And instead of going with Thor’s plans
Loki suddenly cares enough about this particular shit goin down that he decides to take the lead
And they embark on a dangerous adventure throughout the realms~

Starring Role

TITLE: Starring Role


AUTHOR: the-devil-herself


Imagine that, when you were only few days old, your mother promised you to the God of mischief, when you come of age. You live years, only having learned about Norse mythology in school. Your mother finds it too difficult to talk about and postpones it until it’s too late


NOTES/WARNINGS: I hope you guys like my twist on this imagine! Likes, comments, and feedback is greatly appreciated :) Also this is pre-thor movie

It had been way too long- two years probably. I hadn’t seen Prince Loki in about two years time, not that we ever spoke when we saw each other.  Even though I was born into nobility, I was taught never to approach the royal family unless I was called upon by them. I would glance at Loki every once in a while, catching him looking back, but, other than that, I kept my distance.

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It Started Out With A Kiss - An Agony & Ecstasy Prelude

TITLE: It Started Out With A Kiss
AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Fluff, Romance
FIC SUMMARY: A one shot set well before the events of my multi-chapter fic Agony & Ecstasy, this is the story of Loki and Sigyn’s first kiss.
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: The title is taken from The Killers song “Mr Brightside”, “It started out with a kiss, How did it end up like this?” I thought that was very apt for the pair.

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