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27 October 2017 (#300)

I got up really early today to beat the morning traffic to make the first show of Thor: Ragnarok at our nearest IMAX theatre. This after less that four hours of sleep after I could not get to sleep because of the Carmilla movie.

This is by far the best Thor movie to have come out. It is so much fun and a really big spectacle. Since I was little I loved Hulk, and always knew that the only super hero that can go toe to toe with him was Thor. Seeing them fight in this movie is just amazing. 

This is also the first time I actually liked Loki. I really did not like him in the previous movies, but in this one he just works. I also love seeing more of Heimdall, one of the characters I really want to see more of.

Let me also just say Hela is one of my favourite villains yet in the MCU. It is also helped that she is played by Cate Blanchett, one of the most beautiful women in the world. Every time I see her on screen I can only think about how gorgeous she is.

Then we have the really big surprise in Valkyrie played by Tessa Thompson. She is such a bad-ass in this movie. This only made me wish we could see a movie where Valkyrie and Lady Siff go on an adventure together.

Carmilla was a great start to the long weekend, followed by Thor. Now to watch Stranger Things season 2 and then re-watch Carmilla a couple of more times.

Fire and Ice closed rp with @legendoftheshapeshifter

Kaylan felt every nerve in her body firing at once. She would usually have been overjoyed to be visiting Asgard, but this trip was different! She had seen both the princes several times, coming here with her father and brother often for her father, King Balon to sit in counsel with the All Father. Odin had always frightened her, but she would never have shown it. Prince Thor was handsome, kind, and always kept her smiling with his awkward flirting and smiles, but she had never dreamed that her father and Odin would mean for them to be intended for one another! When her father had spoken of it to her, she had sat and stared at him like he had lost his mind! 

But now, as she watched the approaching group of men coming to welcome them to their home, she smiled. He was tall, broad at the shoulders and shining like the prince charming from a Midgardian story, with long blond hair and bright smiling blue eyes. Maybe there was more here than she had taken notice of before. But she caught her eyes also drawn to his brother beside him.  Loki was known as the dark prince of Asgard, and the title fit well. He too was tall, his hair black as a ravens wing, pale and glorious, with eyes the color of her favorite gem, emerald and a look of boredom like a mask covering his handsome features. She smoothed her dark purple gown down and swept her long fire red hair away from her shoulders and put on her most respectful smile as they came to a stop before them. 

King Balon bowed to the group. “ Prince Thor, I am so pleased to once again visit your home.” he said, turning to his own entourage behind him. “ You remember my son, Prince Cain, my daughter, Princess Kaylan.” he said. Kaylan curtsied to him and lowered her eyes demurely. “ Your highness.” she said softly. She also now curtsied to Prince Loki and nodded respectfully to the warrior three and Lady Siff. 

Bucky’s gift

a/n: You guys seem to adore Bucky (not like I don’t HAH), so here’s another one.. 

Bucky was finally allowed to get out of his cell whenever he wanted to, not like he really did. Unless she came and asked him to. The girl who had helped him and cared for him. And now he cared for her more than anything else in the world. In his past life he has been quite a flirt according to Steve, but now? He wanted to get her something, but he had no clue what. He didn’t want any ordinary gift, it had to be something that you would cherish forever. Bucky’s heart started racing with anxiety. He took a chair and struck it hard on the ground, causing a loud noise. Soon after (y/n) came running in.
“Bucky are you alright?” I asked with concern. The chair was in pieces and the floor had some big scratches. I looked up to his blue eyes. “Buck?” He looked at me with surprise and then embarrassment. “I’m so sorry (y/n). I just had to..” “Get your anger out? I totally get that.” I added. “Just next time use the training room.” He nodded in response and with that I left. I wanted to ask why he was mad, but some things are too private I suppose.

“Steve, what am I supposed to get (y/n)?” Steve looked surprised to see his old friend out of his room and genuinely asking advice. “What about a lovely necklace?” Bucky shook his head. “No, something more..” Tony walked in with a huge cocky grin on his face. “Get her a nice looking lingerie set from Victoria’s Secret.” Tony commented. Steve’s face flushed red and stared at his shoes. His mind wandered off to inappropriate places he did not want to see. Bucky only looked furious and was about to rip the Iron man’s head off with his iron arm. Before he could do so, Thor stomped inside. “An armor! Every lady wants an armor! Siff always likes getting herself armors, surely (yn) wants one too.” He boasted. “Yeh right that’s exactly what a girl wants.” Tony said sarcastically. Now it was Thor’s turn to punch Tony, but once again got interrupted by Pietro who raced inside, followed by a panting Clint. “You got a ten minutes head start grandpa and still you arrived later than me.” Clint was still trying to catch his breath. “So what’s going on?” Pietro asked with his thick accent. Bucky wanted to get out of here as fast as he could, but he promised (y/n) to try his best to befriend the others. Easier said than done. “I’m trying to find a gift for (y/n).” He muttered. “Get her a cute plushie! Everyone loves getting plushies.” Tony was about to say something but he was cut short with a loud: “Shut up!” from the other guys. “Just get her something you both love.” Clint answered softly, still recovering from the run. This gave Bucky an idea. With the help from the guys, he got the perfect gift.

“Buck, what are you hiding behind your back?” I asked him. He coughed awkwardly, not sure what to do now. “Please don’t tell me you got your metal arm all mixed up again. You know how hard it is to fix that.” I was about to take his arm and bring him to Tony, but he signed me to stay put. Now it was starting to be kinda scary. What was he up to? The young man was blushing a bright red. He took a deep breath and put on his poker face again. If she rejected the gift, he could at least look like he didn’t care at all. “Buck?-” “I got you a gift.” He finally said and shoved the little box in my hands. “What’s this?” “Just open it.” So I did as he asked. In the velvet box laid a beautiful silver charm bracelet. I gasped loudly and then smiled widely. I took a closer look at the charms and each of them represented a memory we shared. There was a lion charm, a snowflake charm and lots more. There was still space for others and realized they’re meant for future memories. It’s most beautiful thing someone’s ever given me. I couldn’t help myself from tearing up. “(y/n) what’s wrong?” I chuckled and swung myself into his arms. “It’s- it’s beautiful James. I love it and I’ll never take it off.” Bucky smiled brightly and held me tighter. “It has some extra things to it, which Tony put in. You’ll see soon.” I backed off for a moment. “Wait, you asked help from Tony?” “I asked all the guys.” Once again I jumped in his arms. “I’m so proud of you!” I exclaimed. He chuckled in response. “I promised, didn’t I?”

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