lady shredder

Hello today peeps!


Here’s an extra post I’m gonna make today for what I said previously…..I made a complete fanart of Timbersaw and Luxanna Crownguard. did it in 05/14/2017 during the Job hunt!

Here, This will be a pilot business episode for these two and it’s like the princess and the goblin! 

actually I had a funny plan making Maokai to be a funny antagonist to Rizzrack somesort but thats just a draft idea….

stay tune! maybe I’ll find a great spare time making a short fanfiction story!

Lady Shredder colored for the heck of it while working on other stuff. sometimes you can’t ignore that itch! When i designed her for Tales of the TMNT #22, i never figured out her color scheme because the book was black & white. It took this commission for me to finally do it, even though i think these were the colors i always had in my head.


These ladies are cool as hell.