lady shredder

@officialshredder ok so here’s what i think

shredder: the lady and the tramp. he thinks its romantic and sees himself in the tramp. also will not watch it with anyone else in the room because he will probably cry.

tigerclaw: the fox and the hound. reminds him of his relationship with alopex. they used to watch it together as kids. still says its his favorite even though he has not watched it since he lost his tail.

stockman: a bugs life. he wants to fuck the ant queen. (serious answer he probably likes the sword and the stone. he seems like a high fantasy nerd who loves an underdog destined for greatness story)

xever: treasure planet. xever sneaking into a theater at age 12 to watch treasure planet is when he realized he was gay.

bradford: a goofy movie. tbh ive never been able to watch past the first scene of this movie but i think bradford was always able to relate to goofy in this.

steranko: monsters inc and who framed roger rabbit. monsters inc because sully reminds him of a younger him. also he likes the door sequence. who framed roger rabbit because its romantic.

zeck: robin hood. zeck was inspired by robin hood every day of his adolescence. also the emperors new groove. he likes the overdramatic gesturing and the comedy style.

hun: hercules. hun loves trans narratives and flashy musical numbers. also danny devito.

karai: the aristocats. its one of the few disney movies with an alive mom and she latched onto that really hard.

shini: the nightmare before christmas. shes goth. she could also technically choose kiki’s delivery service but disney didn’t distribute it in japan since thats where studio ghibli is so she doesnt.

Lady Shredder colored for the heck of it while working on other stuff. sometimes you can’t ignore that itch! When i designed her for Tales of the TMNT #22, i never figured out her color scheme because the book was black & white. It took this commission for me to finally do it, even though i think these were the colors i always had in my head.