lady s kennedy

Alternate names for RE characters

Chris Redfield: Biff Mansteak, Sensitive Bara Daddy, Blast Thickneck

Jill Valentine: Thunder Thighs, Master of Sandwiches and Unlocking, Big Lipped Murder Machine

Claire Redfield: Claire-bear, Baby Sitter of Woobies, PedoClaire(?), Lady Badonkadonk

Leon S Kennedy: Mr. One Day Cop, Jesus Take the Wheel, Leon-ardo DiCaprio

Ada Wong: Tall Dark and Socially Awkward, Worst Spy Ever, Leon’s Life Alert

Albert Wesker: Desaturated Man, The Ultimate Slim Shady, Throat Cancer Bowie

Sherry Birkin: Jail Bait, G-Unit, The Deadly Snowflake

Jake Muller: Taller Jail Bait, Troy Baker as Hot Son (instead of Hot Dad), Soft Grunge Dandy

Rebecca Chambers: Stephanie Sheh, Boy Cut, Sir Not Appearing in this Game Series, Zero to Still Not a Hero

Barry Burton: Double B, Big Daddy, Magnum Man

Carlos Olivera: *Sarcastic laughter*, Oded Fehr