lady run

Boom, Gunshot, Gum Pop



Gum pop.




The truck stops by the side of the road and a lady hops out and runs to the center of the field. She’s screaming, her husband is stressed but certain, level headed, ready for whatever may come. The pain comes in waves. Nothing said this would be easy. A tiny little baby girl is born into the sunshine, into pure gold, into a field of daisies. The world she sees for the first time is on fiery with yellow and orange, the blue of the sky and white clouds twirling around each other and

Cake is placed in front of her when she’s back home. Her family surrounds her, taking pictures with their bright phone cameras that her burn into her eyes almost as much as the candles in front of her meant to mark five years of age, with their smoke whirling away with reckless abandon she could only hope to have, taking the memories of years past along with them, up, up, up, to a place where she wishes she could go, with the rainbows and the evening mist. She blows as hard as she can but the no one eats, no one takes the candles off the cake, no one claps, because the candles are not yet out. Despite how much she wants to cry her family is laughing and soon she is laughing along with them and it is a symphony of laughter ringing through their small basement in their small home, it is magical, oh so magical, but

She cries even though she is nine years old because her balloon, green green emerald green, has flown into the air without a single look back at her, without a single care. She cries into the crowd as people walk by and her father swings through to comfort her, pulling her into his caring arms as tears continue to stream down her face, cold, cold, until they’re leaving freezing tracks on cheeks. “Delilah, do not cry, there is nothing to be sad about!” But no matter what he says she cries until she cannot, until her lungs are sore, until all her tears are used up, until the frozen sapphire blue that left her crying that way is up, up, up with her green green emerald green balloon and she can see it no more. On her way home she is teased by her brother by crying over something so tedious so

Gum feels therapeutic to her, the simple rhythm; chew, pop, chew, pop, chew, pop, till someone gets tired and she has to stop and throw that pink bubblegum in the trash. The chew is chewing up everything wrong with her, hair, name, face, attitude, “wish we had a better sister”, “wish she wasn’t such trouble”, “little girl”, “idiot”, “scared for my daughter”, chew chew chew. The pop is her she and her friends that night at the stargazing hill, watching the night pass, as she pop pop pops, she thinks of the feeling of yesterday (and Rose) grabbing her arm while they spent what would be their last night together. Throwing that gum away was watching all that wash away down the drain with every word she had spoken, with every word she had whispered into Delilah’s ear like sweet melancholy, like

She can only imagine what the gunshot sounded like when it sounded out that last sound Rose would ever hear, the sound she’d chosen for her demise, the sound she’d chosen to make Delilah’s life fall into pieces at her cold feet. She doesn’t blame her, doesn’t blame the body lying still and peaceful in the coffin in a way Rose never would have, in a dress she would never have worn, in a way that was so un-Rose it was hard to believe her family had styled her. She watches as the coffin is lowered into the ground, and with it the last bit of light her life had left to offer her. The last color. The last sparkling star, last swirling smoke, last gum pop, last daisy in a field of regrets and forget-me-nots, of what-was-she-thinkings, of she-was-my-everythings. Of roses and

Isabella enters her life with a boom, bringing with her the joy she so desperately needs. She brightens the world with the feeling of august rain, of fog on a cold day, of ice cream in the middle of winter. She is the sun that Delilah spins for, revolves around, wakes up every day to see and feel the warmth of. She is no Rose, she is aware, but Isabella is something close. She wonders if Rose would approve her. Of course she would, but if Rose were here to, Isabella would not be hers in the first place. There would be no need. Only the light that used to shine off of Rose’s eyes when she held her close. If Rose were still




Gum pop



Dear D&Diary,

Today I had the revelation that my half orc has 30ft speed, but because she’s a monk, her unarmored movement is +10ft at Level 3. Using the ki feature Breath of the Wind, she can dash as a bonus action meaning she can go 80ft in a turn.

If anyone cast Haste on my dear sweet Marfu, she would go 160 in six seconds. 

At her most perfect Level 20 self’s unarmored movement of +30, she could go a max 120ft in a turn, or 240ft hasted. With 20 ki points to spend that could mean a solid two minutes of going almost 30 miles per hour and I think that’s beautiful.

  • rupaul: sasuke, on this weeks challenge you may have hypnotized us with your illusions, but tonight on the runway your chidori did not leave us... electrified.
  • rupaul: neji, while your gentle fist performance was a.... satisfactory experience, some of us were left begging for it rougher. and, on the runway, your byakugan made us want to byaku-run.
  • rupaul: ladies, this is your last chance to impress me and save yourself from elimination.
  • rupaul: the time has come for you to lip-sync for. your. LIFE.
  • sasuke [voice over]: do i feel good being in the bottow two? no. but one of us is gonna go home tonight... and its not gonna be me.
  • [womanizer by britney spears starts playing]

I’ve been here a long time. Out of Cuba. A lot of black folks are Cuban. You wouldn’t know from being here now. I was a wild little shortie, man. Just like you. Running around with no shoes on, the moon was out. This one time, I run by this old… this old lady. I was running, howling. Kinda of a fool, boy. This old lady, she stopped me. She said… “Running around, catching a lot of light”. “In moonlight, black boys look blue”. “You’re blue”. “That’s what I’m gonna call you: ‘Blue’.”


Who run this motha? Girls!- Beyoncé  


I was a wild little shorty, man. Just like you. Running around with no shoes on when the moon was out. This one time, I run by this old lady. I was running, hollering… This old lady, she stopped me. She said, “Running around, catching up all the light. In moonlight, black boys look blue. You’re blue.”

Okay, so this is not the usual stuff you see on my blog and I bet most of my watchers don’t know this show, but honestly? Killjoys is just finishing its third season (no news of renewal yet but it’s a strong possibility) it absolutely BAFFLES ME that it is not more popular among Tumblr crowd.

Seriously. This show is so much better than most people give it credit for, especially from season 2 and up. Go and watch it now if you like any of the reasons below:

  • Totally bad-ass WOC lead and her two male sidekicks who are absolutely aware that they are sidekicks and have no problem with it whatsoever.
  • Bounty hunters in space. If you miss Firefly you should really watch Killjoys.
  • Female empowerment. Women are absolutely amazing characters. Ladies run the show behind the scenes as well.
  • No sexism or racism in the universe. Diversity in race, ethnicity, sexuality.
  • Healthy approach to sex. Casual hook-ups are fine, so are relationships. Or multiple relationships. Polygamy is okay. Pegging is cool. Total respect for sex workers.
  • Gay warlords. Gays in space. So much gay and it’s totally normal - no one even bats an eyelash at all the gay.
  • Unusual approach to religion. Masochistic (hot!) monks.
  • Science and nerds save the day as often as brute force and soldiers.
  • The show knows what it is and can make fun of itself pretty often. They don’t try to pretend to be something they are not.
  • No fake drama for the sake of drama! No terrible secrets that characters hide from each other for three seasons. Conflicts get solved fast.
  • The team is a family. The guys are actually related. The female lead briefly hooks up with one - it doesn’t last, but it doesn’t ruin their relationship. For the other brother she is a ‘boss/wife/platonic life partner’ (as said in the show). They all would go to hell and back for each other.