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@minyoustar well I can’t deny that it’d def be easy to cosplay her with this hair. And my glasses are also convenient! Skin colour is not so inaccurate either. Oh and I do very much adore wifi. And own a blog with chat noir and ladybug ✨


“Didn’t you tell me about your mother and father? You said your father is normally serious and old-fashioned but he loves your mother especially dearly, When it is raining, he won’t even allow her socks and shoes to get wet.”

My favourite names ♡ 

Silvia: “from the forest” Latin. 

Faye: “fairy” Old English. 

Magdalene: “woman from Magdala” or “high tower”

Loveday: “beloved day” - a day for meeting between enemies and litigants with the aim of having peaceful settlement. Old English. 

Esmé: “esteemed, beloved; emerald” French. 

Clementine: “mild, merciful”

Isolde: “ice ruler”, Irish princess from Arthurian legend

Rosamonde: “rose of the world”, “horse protector”

Maia: to the Romans, Maia was the incarnation of the earth mother and goddess of spring, after whom they named the month of May

Astrid: “divinely beautiful”, Norse.

Nimue: Lady of the Lake, ruler of Avalon

Melita: “honey”, Greek. 

Rosalind: “pretty rose”, Latin.

Vasilisa: from the Russian fairy tale “The Firebird and Princess Vasilisa”

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Had a dream I was working in a drugstore, this old lady places a packet of wipes & asks me the measurements of the packaging - I was like "???" while she kept persisting. Then 'coworker' estimates the length+width & suddenly the old lady WHIPS OUT A RULER to measure the packet of wipes to check if what coworker said was correct. It was only a dream but I feel like something like this will happen in reality.

Yes it happens.


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hey, it's the anon who asked about hel and your relationship with her. see i was just reading on some websites and then i found hel and became immediately attracted to her and started reading all i could find on her. but like i don't have any experience with deites and don't know how to go on about her and i just can't contact through meditation and the like. any tips? sorry if this is confusing, thank u <3

Hey, love! ❤️ It’s totally okay - thanks for coming in with more detail. I’ll honestly be with Hel most of tonight working on a new project so if you’d like to message me off anon I can ask her if she has any specific advice for you. If you’re not comfortable with that here’s some more detailed help. Well, hopefully it’s helpful!

💀The first thing to consider is that deities may not always respond to you immediately. Be patient and in the mean time try to do more research about Hel. I know when I first met her she wanted me to read and do a few things before we set up a relationship. It might not be what you expect. Deities can come to you in many ways; a gut feeling, shivers, a dream, de ja vu, a series of odd events, a dream, keep your mind open.

💀Perhaps you’ll have an easier time contacting her if you have things that reminds you of her out or an offering. What I often use are smokey quartz, onyx, petrified wood, and clear quartz for crystals.  wine, dark chocolates, coffee beans, black/white candles, skull symbols, bones, yew, yarrow, and the runes Hagalaz and sometimes Othala(this rune is currently being used by white supremacists so I’d caution wearing it). I like the Wardruna album Yggdrasil when trying to reach out to her. Some people include photos of their ancestors also, I like to give a little love to her pupper Garmr as well. I like to light white candles and a little skull candle I have for her!

💀So meditating isn’t working and that’s okay! I’d personally keep giving it a shot maybe once a week(or to your ability/convenience) to just to have the door open ya know?  Below is a little incantation I say sometimes when working with Hel, it might work for you as well! You can always just try talking to her at your altar or in a sacred space. Sometimes I say the prayer and just talk to her with offerings out and candles lit, I ask for advice and I let her know I’ll keep my mind open. Give it a few days like I said gods aren’t always conventional when talking to us.

    •  Hel, Lady of the Darkness- ruler of the night, We sleep within thy shadows to wake into thy light.

💀You can always try to reach out to her through service offerings. Offer sincere aid to the dying, the recently bereaved, the mentally ill, the chronically ill, and the socially outcast; work in a soup kitchen (Hela feeds the vast underclass who would die a “straw death”); work to alleviate proverty; work on and expunge your own insecurities(this one is very important to me honestly.

Titans Appreciation Month: Under Appreciated Characters Week 

Name: Kiran Singh

Alias: Solstice

First Appearance:

As Kiran - Teen Titans Volume 3 #89 / As Solstice - Teen Titans Volume 3 #90

Recommended/Favorite Reads:

Wonder Girl Volume 2 #1
Teen Titans Volume 3 #93
Teen Titans Volume 3 #96
Teen Titans Volume 3 #97


Kiran is the daughter of archaelogists Vijay and Rani. Together they live in Delhi, India, but due to the work of her parents, she accompanies them around the world in search of artifacts and archaeological sites, such as Australia, Brazil, China, etc. During “The Great Britain Archaeological Conference” in London, she met Cassie Sandsmark, making friends with her instantly. Together, they faced off against Lady Zand -ruler of Zandia- who was trying to steal some of the artifacts in the sample at the Conference.

Later, Kiran is in Mohenjo-Daro, Pakistan, alongside her archeologist parents and fellow archeologist Helena Sandsmark, mother of Cassie. While some of the other researchers have fled the dig site after recent discoveries, the foursome carried on. During the night, Vijay and Rani investigate the site when they suddenly go missing, prompting Kiran to begin searching for them.

The Teen Titans are called in by Helena Sandsmark to helpt them find Kiran’s parents. The team encounters Indian demon Tataka and it is assumed that the demon has a role in the disappearance of Kiran’s parents.After defeating the demon and rescuing her parents with the help of the Titans, Kiran decides to join them.

Fun Facts:

Kiran was the last recruit of the Titans before the reboot.
Kiran also possesses a tattoo on her right wrist, which glows whenever        she uses her abilities.
She is fluent in Hindi, Punjabi, and English 
In total, Kiran appears in 10 numbers of the Teen Titans pre-New 52

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Headcanon for ahkmenrah fancying/wooing a lady

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This is unrelated but I love the word ‘wooing’. 

Ahkmenrah wooing a lady: 

- He was the ruler of a great country that pioneered in many things, and his confidence reflects this in the way he approaches you. 

- Pickup lines that would be considered over the top or overly intense in this day and age. 

“You are the reason that Ra rises in the sky every day.” 

“Your beauty is unrivalled by even the most intricate and colourful artwork.” 

“Papyruses will be written about how striking your eyes are.” 

“The gods spent more time on your creation than any other creature on the planet.” 

- Petnames. Holy petnames. 

“My love.” 

“Dear princess of Y/C.” 

“Precious jewel.” 

“My brave queen.”

- Him being incredibly protective over you, even a little possessive.

- You explaining that he doesn’t need to kneel and kiss your hand every time he sees you. (Even though you fuckin’ love it.) 

- Him telling you stories about ancient Egypt, holding your hands in his while he does so. 

- Him reading up on your culture and your interests so he can discuss the things you’re passionate about with you. 

- Ahk will always steal you away for a dance alone at the museum parties.  

“My queen, I only I should be able to see your hips move in such a manner.”

- The statues of Anubis bowing to you in respect when you visit his exhibit. 

- You’re the only one he lets try on his crown and jewellery, because he loves how it looks on you.  

-Him imagining how it would be if he could make you his queen and rule over Egypt with him while he lies in his sarcophagus, waiting for night to fall. 

Selection AU || part one | two: 

Sakura was sitting in the head chair of the meeting room, flipping through the large amount of candidates that had signed up for this parade of a show. She sighed, because as much as she understood the reasons behind complying the council’s demand, she was still bothered by the show off.

All classified by country, from major to minor ranks, from the oldest to the youngest, Sakura’s fingers flipped uninterested the photos and descriptions that this bible looking file held.

“You have to choose at least 15 prospects Mistress, we can’t carry on with the protocol if you haven’t decided” Shizune reminded her, and just because she was both her mentor’s and her best friend, she complied.

“Well, maybe you could help me out, Shizune-san, you’ve known me and Tsunade-sama for a long time” she commented as a reply.

“Even if I have known you for as long as I remember, you still need to be the one to make this decision, my Lady, as the future ruler, you should know that”.

Sakura pursed her lips, not liking her counselor’s response.  

“You should feel relieved that you have this liberty, unexpectedly the council let you decide the candidates instead of just engaging to whoever they thought convenient” Shizune continued, as she now took a seat next to her, stretching a little to take a look at the candidates Sakura kept on disregarding.

The young woman’s response was a proud and gleeful smile “That must likely have something to do with the fact that Tsunade-sama knows how to make a deal”, it was no secret that not mattering time and health, queen Tsunade always managed to stand her ground against the council and other leadership figures. It was no doubt; one of the traits Sakura admired the most of her beloved mentor.

They both grinned as they looked down at the file, only reacting when Shizune gasped.

“Oh my! Look at this handsome man…” she said as she pointed her finger at a small picture compiled in the large page.

“Uchiha Sasuke…” Sakura read, something in the sound of his name waking a weird feeling.

“Oh, I’ve heard of him, he’s a good one. Prince of Sound Country, known for his great knowledge of battle and war strategies, he has helped out various allies out of war”.

“A warrior man?” she summarized Shizune’s description, pondering the options of selecting him as a candidate.

It was true their kingdom had yet to face an adversity like war or riots during Tsunade’s reign, but she was also aware there were a lot of underground rebels that did not held her image as a lucky low casted princess very dearly.

With the announcement of her likely ascension to the throne, she wondered how many would support her despite being a country ruled only by Senju descendants.

Sakura marked the page with a little fold at the top of it, once she was done with the resting fourteen candidates, she would send their invitations to the address mentioned at each profile’s description.

Had they checked twice the first selected candidate, they would have noticed that the description actually matched to another prospect which held a different name and picture.

And so, inadvertently, an invitation was send directed to both princes of Sound Country which lived in the same household.

#100Days100Women Day 92: Wu Zetian was the only Empress Regnant of China in its 4,000 year history. Wu was born into a wealthy family, but additionally her father encouraged her to read and become highly educated. Wu worked her way up through the royal court to become empress-consort, empress dowager and finally rule in her own right as empress regnant. Much has been written about her cruel and murderous ways, but as with Livia, it’s difficult to separate what is true from what is Cautionary Tale of Bad Woman. It is a fact that she ordered political rivals executed & had spies and secret police (though repugnant our democratic sensibilities, this is common practice in history’s empires) but the salacious tales of infanticide and sexual depravity could very well be highly embellished. 
What is known is that in a highly patriarchal society, she managed to peacefully and gainfully rule for decades. She prepared the country for her rule by improving the reputation of her maternal line and ordering biographies written of famous women. She elevated Buddhism above Confucianism and built Buddhist shrines (the faces of these Buddhas are said to resemble hers). She finally, under pressure, gave up the throne at age 80, shortly before her death. Her reign is remembered as a high point, even by hostile biographers and historians.

Royal Pains Of Cinderella (Royal AU Jungshin) Pt 2

Part 1

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Hey Can you please do a 2nd Part of Royal pains of cinderella? ❤️😍


Part 1

~read is a bit shorter than him~

“Sit up straight. Pop your chest out” your etiquette teacher spoke you sent her a sharp look. You were not so okay with this stuff. Since you weren’t royal you had to be taught ‘how to be a lady’ and for the past month you had been changing everything for your marriage. You didn’t get to wear pants unless you were in pajamas as your teacher told you pencil skirts would become your best friend. Soon a book was placed on your head “keep it steady” she told you. “Why do I have to sit like a have a pole up my ass?” you hiss before she hit you with her trusty ruler “a lady doesn’t swear” she says “then honey you haven’t been treated right in the bed room” you continue as she hits you again. You deserved that one. A smirk of pride came to your face as the book did not fall from your head.

Jungshin was watching from the floor above with a large grin on his face. The fact you were willing doing all this was sweet. You did it to please his parents and royal families around you. Being married for roughly 4 months now, you two had only a few duties ‘be good in the publics always watching eyes, give the people the hope that they to could have a love like yours, and of course the job the people love the most. Produce children’ it wasn’t a long list but it was an extremely pressured list as you two were expected to have at least one before you sat on the throne. Soon his ear was grabbed as he made sounds being pulled away by Yonghwa. “You have duties as well. Stop watching your wife and get to work” he told the prince who sent him a harsh glare and rubbing his ear.

“I was taking a break” Jungshin comments “you’ve been creepily staring down at her for the past 30 minutes” Yonghwa spoke. “She wore my favorite shirt because I watch her” he says “its a tank top” Yonghwa comments as Jungshin rests against his hands “you know you two are very indecent?” Yonghwa spoke “get a wife and then you’ll be a pervert too” Jungshin says with a wink before his eyes went to the book.


Jungshin’s lips lightly kissed their way up your spine as he zipped up your dress. Before his lips found themselves on your neck. “Don’t leave a mark” you whined as he chuckled “later then?” he asked as you two stood in front of the mirror. A sweet smile came to your face as you spun around. “I look like a stereotypical princess” you comment as he grabbed your hips “well you are Cinderella so I thought baby blue was perfect” he spoke. “it’s not a ball gown anyways. Just a tight dress that shows you off a bit” he continued as you rolled your eyes “come on I needed something overly sexy to drool over at this boring dinner” he says as he offers you his arm. “You’re a dork” you tell him as he leans over kissing your head before you two made your way down the grand stair case.


You could just tell by the tones alone that the people were talking down to you. The comments about money and all that jazz, irked you dearly but they wanted a grand reaction while all they got was your smile saying a grand ‘screw you’. “Does your father still work at that bakery? I heard the cakes there are to die for. Little cheap cakes just adorable” one woman asked as you had been staring off. Your wine glass was resting against your front teeth as you had been listening to her drone on now for god knows how long. You gave her a smile noticing how your lipstick had smeared onto your hand slightly and your began rubbing it off as you spoke. “My father changed the name of the bakery and everything. Cinderella’s Bakery. Its grown quite popular for youths as they too hope to find Prince Charming” you tell as she nods. “I should go now darling tata” she spoke waving you off as you could see the drunk steps she took. You made a face as you chugged the rest if your drink.

“I thought you didn’t like wine” Minhyuk spoke as he handed you another glass. “I need to get tipsy at least to get through the night” you told him. “Well it could be worse” he spoke as you raised a brow. “You could be at a real ball. I hate those, I’m expected to dance with every old woman and needy girl who throws themselves at me” he rants as you smile. “I’m not even from an overly wealthy family. Mine and Jungshin’s fathers just get along well” he spoke as he took a rather large sip from his glass. “Where did Jungshin go?” you ask “Princess of fake boob’s family over there are still trying to convince Jungshin to marry their daughter” he says as you you covered your mouth to hold in your laugh. “She’s the better looking one. Her sister got one of the worst nose jobs ever” he continues as you look down trying to contain yourself.

“Minhyuk darling” a posh voice calls as Minhyuk makes a sound turning to face her with a fake smile “hello Lady Chung. You look lovely” he spoke a she pressed a kiss to his cheek leaving an obvious kiss mark before she rubbed it off. You could see in her eyes she wanted to jump the much younger man’s bones oh so much. “Darling would you join me for a dance?” she asked as he looked down before he looked back up with a nod.

You waved off the miserable Minhyuk as you watched him being dragged to the dance floor before someone tapped your arm “may I have this dance?” you smirked turning to your husband as you nodded. He took your hand and pulled you to the floor. “Everyone will watch us” he says as he gets you in proper position “I haven’t learned this part yet” you tell him as he smiles. “Follow me” he whispers as you nod. “At one point I have to save Minhyuk. That lady-” “yeah she’s after most young men” he told you as you two started dancing. “But let’s worry about us right now” he spoke as you two danced.

It felt like an eternity but a happy one. By the end of the song you had given up on the proper dance and just slow danced. Then his lips were on yours as you two had stopped all together before he pulled back. “I love you” he cooed “I love you too” you tell him as he pressed a quick kiss to your lips and pulled back. “Now I’ll sacrifice myself so you can get Minhyuk off the floor” he spoke as he put you two back into position as you giggled at him.