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Titans Appreciation Month: Under Appreciated Characters Week 

Name: Kiran Singh

Alias: Solstice

First Appearance:

As Kiran - Teen Titans Volume 3 #89 / As Solstice - Teen Titans Volume 3 #90

Recommended/Favorite Reads:

Wonder Girl Volume 2 #1
Teen Titans Volume 3 #93
Teen Titans Volume 3 #96
Teen Titans Volume 3 #97


Kiran is the daughter of archaelogists Vijay and Rani. Together they live in Delhi, India, but due to the work of her parents, she accompanies them around the world in search of artifacts and archaeological sites, such as Australia, Brazil, China, etc. During “The Great Britain Archaeological Conference” in London, she met Cassie Sandsmark, making friends with her instantly. Together, they faced off against Lady Zand -ruler of Zandia- who was trying to steal some of the artifacts in the sample at the Conference.

Later, Kiran is in Mohenjo-Daro, Pakistan, alongside her archeologist parents and fellow archeologist Helena Sandsmark, mother of Cassie. While some of the other researchers have fled the dig site after recent discoveries, the foursome carried on. During the night, Vijay and Rani investigate the site when they suddenly go missing, prompting Kiran to begin searching for them.

The Teen Titans are called in by Helena Sandsmark to helpt them find Kiran’s parents. The team encounters Indian demon Tataka and it is assumed that the demon has a role in the disappearance of Kiran’s parents.After defeating the demon and rescuing her parents with the help of the Titans, Kiran decides to join them.

Fun Facts:

Kiran was the last recruit of the Titans before the reboot.
Kiran also possesses a tattoo on her right wrist, which glows whenever        she uses her abilities.
She is fluent in Hindi, Punjabi, and English 
In total, Kiran appears in 10 numbers of the Teen Titans pre-New 52

What If

What if Varda and Manwë had actually been parents to Eönwë and Ilmarë? :3

I don’t know what’s with me and keeping them Valar eyeless >.o

Why I simultaneously crave and dread more TWD

My fellow Richonne Shippers/Trash. Even though we may not get a lot of fluffy, romantic scenes because of the constant struggle for survival, know this! We’ll be getting more Richonne than any other ship on the show, simply because Rick is the lead male character, and it’s technically his story we’re following. 😆🙌🏾 Now I just have to ignore my fear of Negan using them against each other 😖

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If I Ever Make a Fantasy Role Playing Game, Here Are the Tropes I Will Avoid:
  • Slavery. So often video games in fantasy settings use it for color, but I’ve never seen a game that does it justice. 
  • ‘Women are equal to men!’ ‘Hey baby, the dancers entrance is downstairs’. Don’t tell me men and women are equal without showing it. If men and women are equal in this world, have a woman character be treated with as much respect, or more, if she’s of a higher position, than a male character. 
  • All the antisemitic dwarven stereotypes. 
  • The ‘animalistic’ ‘exotic’ race from some place hot. Do I even need to say why?
  • Grey morality. Not everything will be black and white, but certain things will be black and really really really light grey. 
  • All the lady characters, especially lady rulers, are uniformly young and pretty. NO! I want diverse looking ladies. Old ladies, little girls, ladies who are fat, ladies with big noses, ladies with curly hair, ladies with beards! LADIES!
  • Also, really really large buff men and really really skinny, small but supposedly equal in strength ladies. Give me barrel chested ladies, bean pole men and fat NB people as options too.