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A Macbeth version where one of the witches is always hooded and no one sees her face all through the play. Then after Lady Macbeth’s death we see two witches approaching the queen’s corpse, bearing a cloak and  reaching the body say “Come sister, your part is done” at which the Lady rises, takes the cloak, pulls the hood over her face and all three witches disappear laughing manically at their latest triumph over the gullible humans.

We are out of time.

In the days and weeks since the electoral college gave control of the most powerful nation and military on the planet to a short-tempered insecure billionaire man-child, the downward trajectory of our nation and the entire planet has never been more visible.  For years we’ve seen rising tides of political unrest and rising seas threatening to swallow all we know.  A new aristocracy hiding behind corporate facades and 501©(4)’s is on an unholy crusade to exploit, hoard, and destroy every resource on the planet, including human beings.  They will enslave or destroy us all if we let them.

We have already let them.

We have let the most downtrodden among us struggle on alone in the cold and dark, drowning in gutters, homeless and addicted.  We have collectively failed to reckon with the bloody underbelly of a civilization built by the hands of black slaves on the bones of conquered indigenous peoples worldwide.  We’ve been perfectly comfortable with using disabled and queer and transgender people as inspiration porn, giving hollow congratulations for their “bravery” while they struggle to survive because we won’t reach down to pull them up.

We have given up our voice in government, in the workplace, and on the streets because we have been complacent.  We have been lazy.  We have let the smallest fraction of a percentile of social Darwinists divide and conquer us.  We have stopped speaking out because we’ve let them convince us that we won’t be heard.  We have been cowed and are being led to slaughter.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve lost faith in government.  Democracy is our JOB.  We need to vote in every election we can.  Our hands-off approach has led us here. It doesn’t matter if you find nonviolent protests inconvenient or uncomfortable.  We need them.  We need everyone to see the violence being done to people of color and the poor firsthand.  We need the complacent to see the police beating and shooting and gassing those of us who have been pushed so far that there is nowhere left to go.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a pacifist.  When someone openly advocates for genocide, when white men strip us of healthcare (and make no mistake, more than 40,000 a year will die from that action alone), they forfeit their right to discourse.  When a human being proudly proclaims their wish that other human beings JUST DIE to make their own life more comfortable, they are beyond reason.  If we don’t have the stomach to clash with Nazis, we had damned sure be willing to quietly step out of the way without making false equivalencies.

There is no neutrality.  The entire world is in peril.  We must use EVERY resource we have to fight, and even then it may still be too late.  Those of us with the most resources, the most privilege, MUST step up and shoulder the burden that the most downtrodden have borne for centuries.

We cannot stand by and let others do the work.  Our survival depends on ALL of us pulling together.

Be brave.

Be strong.

Be determined.

Do these things in any way that you can.  In every way that you can.  

This is a battle to save the world, and YOU are Earth’s champion.


Sojung and I have been together the longest. My first impressions was questioning myself “why is she working so hard?” She has overflowing passion then and even now. Now I love it when I see her trying hard. I know she is under a lot of pressure but seeing her fighting through it is really awesome.“ (trans)

Today I’m asking all of you to let EunB & Rise rest in peace...

Look at this lovely girl. Today it’s her birthday, we lost her 2 years ago on September 3rd, and today is her 3rd birthday in heaven.

As many of you know EunB died before she turned 22. Her family, her friends, her members and her fans were probably excited that in 2 months this girl will celebrate her birthday. But guess what… that never happened, because she passed away. And I just want you to know:

whenever you say: “I hope that this idol dies like EunB and Rise” just because you don’t like some idol or just because you don’t like their music

whenever you say: “I hope that this bitch dies like EunB and Rise” just because some female idol is dating your favorite male idol

whenever you decide that you will ruin someone’s birthday just because your favorite idol released a music video on the same day as Rise’s birthday

whenever you say: “At least my idols are still alive LMAO”

whenever you say: “They only care about Ladies’ Code because 2 of them died”

and whenever you use heir names in your pointless fan wars

REMEMBER that you’re also making fun of their family who cried for days and days, you’re making fun of her friends who still can’t believe that they lost EunB & Rise. You’re making fun of their fans who sometimes randomly get sad while they’re listening to Ladies’ Code. And of course you’re making fun of Ashley, Sojung and Zuny who survived the car accident.

Every time someone disrespect EunB & Rise I think, okay that was probably the last time. But guess what… it’s never the last time. People disrespect them again and again and again. And for what? Your reasons are insane. Dating? And simply not liking other idols? Music videos that were released on the same day as someone’s birthday? I’m sorry but such people need serious help. I don’t care if you’re an internet troll. A troll or not behind that screen is a real person.

Never forget that EunB & Rise were more than just idols.

They were someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s cousin, someone’s friend, someone’s inspiration, someone’s crush… so many times we hear how music make us feel better and how music can help someone through hard times. I bet that EunB & Rise made someone’s life a little better. They made people smile, they calmed their fans down when they were upset with their beautiful voices, they inspired them to dance, sing,… they made people believe that everything is possible if you work hard. 

In the past 2 years different fandoms insulted EunB & Rise numerous times. And honestly that’s so heartbreaking, especially because they never gave anyone a reason to hate them.

All we ask you is to: let our angels rest in peace and stop pitying Ladies’ Code. 

You don’t have to like them, but please respect them. 2 years of disrespecting them was more than enough. I hope that next year we won’t see any disrespectful posts, tweets and comments. 


commission for @sheriffsam! all the iron lords together in the good ol’ days :’)

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If you say

that you have never

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had a fictional crush

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then you’re a liar.

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