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Popping in for a Visit (@lady-rhioa1199)

It had been a while since the Doctor had seen his daughter, Rhioa. Too long, he decided. Donna was visiting her family, so the Doctor decided it was high time he visited his daughter. She didn’t live too far from where he was… So the Doctor figured that he would walk over. Surprise her a bit. Bit difficult to do with the TARDIS.

The Doctor walked up to her front door and knocked.

If I Didn't Have You mp3
Billy Crystal & John Goodman

((A song to thank all of the wonderful people I RP with.

Generally, this should be the theme song of RPing.))


The Doctor was happier then he’d probably been a long time- His daughter had survived the Time War. It was really more than he could ask for. And now he was on his way to take her on an adventure- or two, perhaps. He set the TARDIS to land on June 12, 2012- right outside her window.

Driving Lesson (@lady-rhioa1199)

“Alright, Rhioa,” the Doctor said as he worked his way around the console, “welcome to your first TARDIS driving lesson. Just setting her up now so she’ll recognize you. Isomorphic controls and all that. You ready?” he asked his daughter with a grin.