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Request from my fave @i-am-the-luna for a Jax x Reader using the following prompts:

#10 - “I’m gonna kill him!”

#58 - “Well this is a nice change of scenery.” “____, we’re in a prison cell.” “I was being sarcastic.”

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You pace the cage, Jax sitting calmly on the bench, an amused smile on his face as he watches you.

See, today had started out wonderful. So wonderful in fact, that you decided to head to the clubhouse with Jax and see if Gemma needed any help at TM.

Long story short, some bitch had come in to get her car serviced, though you were pretty sure she was just there to drool and flirt with Jax. You’d obviously not taken to that kindly, and when said bitch started to run her mouth, you’d punched her straight in the face.

She called the cops, one of the officers grabbed you a little too roughly for Jax’s liking, which then led to him punching said officer in the face - you and Jax both having the same low tolerance for bullshit - and now the two of you were being held hostage in a fucking cell. Great.

“Well this is a nice change of scenery.” Jax breaks the silence, you stopping your pacing to glare at your cellmate. He swipes his tongue over his lower lip, a teasing look on his face.

“Jax, we’re in a prison cell.” you deadpan, holding your arms up around you to gesture to your current surroundings. He smirks at you, rolling his eyes, his hands coming to rest on his thighs as he pushes himself upwards.

“I was being sarcastic.” You raise your eyebrows, his laid back exterior slowly cracking through your stressed one, a smile making its way onto your face. He reaches you, pulling you by the belt loops until you’re right in front of him, your palms resting on his chest.

“I’m sure after the second or third time of being locked up, I’ll be calmer.” you jest, Jax’s arms slipping around your waist and resting on your ass in a protective way. “Just let me freak out for my first time.”

He hums, leaning down to share a gentle kiss, your eyes slipping shut he does so. Once he pulls away, he moves his hands to your waist, squeezing comfortingly. “My apologies, babe. I sometimes forget what a good girl you are.”

“Damn, I bet she is.” you jump at the sound of company, Jax moving you aside and going closer to the bars, the police officer from earlier on the other side, a painful bruise forming on his cheekbone.

“What did you say?” Jax spits, his figure tall as he stares down the officer. The man just smirks, his eyes moving to you as they trail up and down your body, your skin crawling as he does so. Creep.

“I bet she’s really good with orders, hm? You know what they say, a lady in the streets is a freak in the sheets.” You scoff in disgust, knowing this man is just trying to push Jax’s buttons, and he’s definitely going to succeed. “Bet she’s real good with her tongue.”

“You better shut the fuck up before I reach through these bars and shove my fist down your throat.” Jax growls, his tone overflowing with venom. You rub your hand up and down his back soothingly, trying to calm him down.

“Bet she’s nice and tight, wet too. That true, sweetheart?” you scoff in disgust, feeling Jax shaking out of anger. He grabs at the bars, the officer flinching as Jax yanks at the metal, anger radiating off him in huge waves.

“I swear to god, I’m gonna slit your goddamn throat, remember that.” The look of terror on the man’s face is hilarious, and you’d laugh if the tensions weren’t so high.

“We alright here, gentleman?” you breathe a sigh of relief when Unser interrupts, a set of keys in his hand. His officer coughs nervously, before scampering out of sight.

After Unser cuts you two loose, the whore intelligently deciding not to press charges and Unser managing to let Jax off with a warning, you wait outside the station for your ride.

“I’m gonna kill him!” Jax yells suddenly, before he takes a drag from his cigarette, the nicotine failing to lower his vexation.

“Hey,” you push off the wall you’re leaning against, moving to stand in front of Jax. “Don’t let him get to you. He just said those things to piss you off.”

He shakes his head in defiance, his lip curling as he replays the confrontation over and over in his mind. There is nothing that gets him angrier than people disrespecting his family, especially you.

“It fucking worked, and once I get my hands on him, he’ll have more than a sore cheek to worry about.” Jax seethes, throwing his cig to the floor. He sits on the wall, pulling you gently to stand in between his legs.

You comb your fingers through his hair, knowing it helps calm him, his eyes slipping shut as you tug softly at his locks. “You’re my girl, (Y/N). I’m always gonna look after you, you know that right?”

You smile warmly at his confession, nodding in confirmation as he looks up at you. “And me, you.”

A/N - I hope you guys liked this! These requests are making it so much easier to write, I like knowing what you guys want to read :) till next time! X


for reference, posts are labeled fluff, smut, angst, or nsfw. what does this mean? fluff = cuddles and snuggles and happy thoughts, smut = sexual sexy sex, angst = angry sad everything is awful, and nsfw = suggestive content at most. go crazy!

scenarios & imagines - by member:

☆ N:

  • smut quickie x
  • fluff you’re depressive and having a bad day x
  • smut forbidden love, he sneaks out to see you x
  • nsfw mafia boss hakyeon has you cornered in his lair x

☆ LEO:

  • nsfw leo’s biting habit x
  • smut you wear a vibrator to an important dinner- part 1 / part 2
  • smut you find out he’s a vampire x
  • smut birthday sex x
  • fluff he accidentally lashes out, regrets it later x
  • nsfw lingerie shopping x
  • nsfw suggestive photoshoot together x
  • fluff he takes care of your baby daughter while you’re gone x
  • angst error themed x
  • fluff you tell him you’re pregnant x
  • smut he comes home after being on tour x
  • fluff you like him, and try to keep your distance x
  • angst(?) vampire leo x
  • fluff height you two have a height difference x
  • nsfw your shirt keeps sliding off your shoulder in public x
  • fluff he buys you matching sweaters x
  • fluff you’re nervous about your first time x
  • fluff you have a habit of biting your lips x

☆ KEN:

  • smut youy ask him to teach you how to pleasure a man x
  • fluff you’re an idol, he’s a fansite x
  • fluff arranged marriage, you don’t like each other x


  • nsfw hickies x
  • smut he’s your best friend who likes you, and you like him back x
  • smut sub!ravi x
  • nsfw lingerie shopping with ravi x
  • smut you film yourselves having sex and you put it on his phone x | part 2 x
  • smut he pampers you on your anniversary x
  • fluff comforting you after you have a nightmare x
  • fluff you aren’t his type but he falls for you anyway x
  • smut you’re scared of the dark, and he distracts you as the power goes out x
  • smut he turns into his hyde self x
  • angst he confesses; you don’t return his feelings x
  • fluff cuddling during a thunderstorm x


  • smut seven minutes in heaven x
  • smut he becomes dominant x
  • angst he realizes he’s in love with you x
  • fluff you’re a baker and he falls in love with you and your treats x
  • angst you’re distant and he gets upset x


  • smut thigh riding x
  • smut morning sex x
  • smut handjob from you x
  • smut daddydom!hyuk and you in a harley quinn costume x
  • fluff hyuk sees his newborn for the 1st time x
  • smut your first time, you’re not usually affectionate but become touchy x
  • smut he asks his noona s/o to ruin him x
  • smut masquerade ball/assassins au x
  • smut vixx walks in on you and him getting kinky x


  • fluff bodyguard au x


  • smut threesome - ken and ravi x
  • smut threesome - rough dom!leo and loving dom!ravi x
  • fluff you bake when you’re anxious and vixx comes home (you’re dating hyuk) x
  • fluff n and hyuk both have crushes on you as trainees x
  • angst optional bias; piece based on depend on me x


  • vixx as incubi x
  • how they confess to a childhood friend x
  • you film yourselves and put it on his phone (minus ravi) x
  • you’re pregnant with twins x
  • their gf being short and curvy x
  • their young daughter asks why they’re always gone x
  • prom with vixx x
  • you send them a pic of the hickeys they left x
  • your boobs are a peace offering during an argument x
  • how vixx act when they get jealous x
  • daddy!vixx finding you touching yourself when you’re not allowed to x
  • their short gf being able to carry them x
  • they come on your face by accident x
  • how they feel about phone sex x
  • what attention-seeking vixx is like x
  • their s/o has OCD x
  • they get their fingers stuck in your curly hair x
  • you’re pregnant and wear lingerie x
  • you’re a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets x
  • how they’d spank you x
  • they forget your birthday but you’re chill about it x
  • you want to try something new x
  • you ask them to teach you how to pleasure a guy x
  • the others walk in on them with their s/o x
  • you’re having a low self-esteem day x
  • you accidentally turn them on x
  • you say you want a baby x
  • you get really sick before your finals x
  • you give them a lap dance x
  • their gf cries from bad cramps x
  • they’re on a variety show with their idol s/o and are teased to do a sexy dance with you x
  • they see you in lingerie for the first time x
  • you clean the house in yoga pants x
  • you tell them that you’re trans x
  • waking them up with oral, and vice versa x
  • their crush moves into their dorm x
  • they find out you find conspiracy theories interesting x
  • you’re long-distance and surprise them on their birthday by coming to visit x
  • you cup their junk x
  • you bite their ear to let them know you’re horny x
  • you post a hot picture while he’s away on tour x
  • you bring home 4 puppies x
  • you get your period in the night x
  • how they like their hair being petted x
  • you come on to them while you’re in an elevator x


  • mtl likely to sext their s/o (with texts!) x


  • “dating him would include…” n / leo / ken / ravi / hongbin / hyuk
  • leo’s reaction to a handjob/full body massage x
“How’s  the saying go?”  ~Naughty November~

Prompt: Reader is shy, quiet, thick, Roman and Dean take an interest.

Pairing: Dean x Reader x Roman

Word Count: 750


TAGGED: @crysxtal @dunbarkiss @kirsty-lou666 @emo-chick-59-stuff@xxshewollfxx @horror-movies-and-disney@kittencutie245@thejulietfarciertlove @jwowwluv @jkjk-h @migirl323

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Reaction to You Saying Something Dirty, but Being too Innocent to Know What it Means. . .

Anonymous said: okay, so i had this ridiculous conversation with my friend, she always says dirty things but is too innocent minded to know what the alternative could mean. so could you do that for mx and exo. where their innocent girlfriend says something dirty, but then is like , “what? whats wrong? what did i say?” thanks sorry if its so detailed… lol

Reaction to You Saying Something Dirty, but Being Too Innocent to Know What it Means… (this is a long ass title)

[Monsta X Reaction Here >click]

A/N guys,,, i’m back. it’s been too long, and i feel so guilty for that,,, but here’s a reaction to make up for it. please forgive me,, everything is okay so thank you j-j-jackson-ah for the supportive message,,, gash i didn’t know you guys cared like that. everything is okay,, my grandma is in assisted living,, life happens,, shes a sweet old lady and she’s staying strong. <3

Kai Eonni ~


You would be sitting at a dinner table, deciding to have a relaxing night out with the boys. You had suddenly said something, not really thinking before saying it. There was a silence throughout the group, some trying to figure out if you meant to say that, others wondering if the innocent persona you emanate was just a show all along. Suho would quickly cover it up, and if he has enough time would ‘shhh’ you before you got the whole ill phrased sentence out, knowing that you didn’t mean for it to come out like that. He would quickly try to make an excuse for you to the other members, knowing what was going through their heads at that time. As you ask, “What? What’s wrong? What did I say?” Suho would refuse to explain to you, however, if you keep asking for him to tell you, he would give in and say, “I’ll tell you when we get home Jagi. But don’t worry about it for now. Okay?”

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This would be what he lives for. This has happened before, and every time he would find this so amusing. However, whenever you ask for him to explain what you said, he would refuse and just ask that you never change. He finds it so sweet and cute, and he doesn’t want to ruin it by explaining the meaning of the dirty things you’re saying. He would then mock you by patting the top of your head like a kid in a loving way trying to keep a straight face while saying, “When you become more mature I’ll explain, but until then, no.”

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This would shock Puppy-Channie. He would find this hilarious and would jokingly ask, “Babe, have you been holding out on me this whole time?” However, he would know that you were too innocent and meant the latter meaning. This has happened many times and he would always tease you before explaining what the other meaning is. He would enjoy watching your face change into an expression of shock as you quickly rush to explain you didn’t mean that. He would always tease you, wrapping his long arm around your shoulder and say, “But did you really not mean that? Or are you trying to give me hint?” Like the little ass he is. However, the moments this tall ridiculous giant really lives for are when you slip up in front of the other members, especially the other little ass Baekhyun so they can bully you together. And don’t think that Chanyeol isn’t sending a text to Baekhyun when Baek isn’t there to witness it first hand, ‘cause the moment you mess up, Chanyeol is sending that shit faster than lightning – like a mom sending a video of their child walking for the first time to the husband.

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This would shock little cinnamon roll. He would feel sympathetic, especially if it was in front of others, because he knows you don’t mean it in that way. However, you would catch on that you said something questionable when you see the face Xiu-Xiu makes *cue gif* He would try to reassure you that he knew what you really meant, but there are those times when you get so fed up with his and especially the other member’s dirty minds, but all sweet-mittens-Xiu would be able to say is, “I’m sorry Jagi, but… We’re men, we can’t help it if our brains are wired to 98% of the time to think sexually.”

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He wouldn’t notice. And if you were with the other members, he still wouldn’t notice, and you two would need the other members to explain it to both of you. He would probably do the same thing, say one thing, but it be taken by other people around you guys as something dirty and sexy. The best part would be you two talking about something and then Lay says one thing that sounds dirty and you reply with something else that sounds even dirtier and you two don’t notice –having completely serious faces, talking in a fairly serious tone as well – but Baekhyun and Chanyeol were sitting there waiting for this moment, their phone cameras on and rolling, ready and catching the golden moment for laughs later in the very near future when the rest of the members come home and they share it with them.

*Lay learning the alternate meaning of what he said*

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Chen would have a hoot about this. This would be his daily dose of entertainment, and the best part for him is that it was his girlfriend. He would also find this as a good way to get you all hot-and-bothered while teaching you new things about ‘activities’ you can do in bed. Chen would see this as a win-win for both sides, being a win for you ‘cause you’re learning and a win for him because his girlfriend is leaning new sexy things and also he gets a laugh out of it. He’s a gorgeous sexy beast that knows how to use his time to his benefit, let’s just end it on that.

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He would approach this situation with more maturity out of all of these morons. Of course he would let a chuckle out, I mean, who doesn’t laugh at unplanned dirty jokes from the most unexpected of people? He would quietly lean over and whisper into your ear, “You might want to rephrase that Jagiya…” Giving you a heads up when he sees you look confused as to why the other members are trying – but failing – to hold in their laughter.

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Hysterical laughs, that’s all you’ll be able to hear after you let out a poorly constructed phrase. He would need a moment to get himself together as you sit there confused as to what you said that was so funny. He would be willing to explain the other meaning, but would ask you a few times, “Are you sure you want to know?” just to be sure you’re 100% ready to hear what he and the other members heard. After when you get flustered, Baekhyun would cuddle you close as he gushes over you, “Awww, my Jagiya is too cute and innocent for this world! I can’t handle your cuteness Jagi!”

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This would also come as a shock to Luhan. He liked the innocent side of you, giving him the feeling of responsibility to care for you – a feeling he likes. However, he wouldn’t hate this either, it would be cute, and he would get a laugh out of it, however, when you ask him to explain what you said, he would refuse, saying, “No, you’re too innocent minded, and I like you like that.” Giving you a kiss on the forehead to show his affection and unconditional love for you.

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The moment that phrase leaves your mouth, expect Tao to give you that ‘What the fuck?’ expression. He would have those days where he acts dramatic about it and rests his forehead on his hand, needing to take a break from the world and all it’s throwing at him in that moment. Though those reactions would be rare, most of the time he would tell you to rephrase what you said, then remind you that you need to think about what you say so you don’t come off as a pervert to people who don’t know the real you – meaning the innocent you. He would always feel bad for his harsh responses though and would silently apologize by giving you extra affection later.

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This would shock Sehun. Probably into silence to be honest. He wouldn’t know where this came from and would be questioning the relationship – not whether you should break up, but wondering if you were one of those girls where you act like an innocent lady in the streets but become a freak in the sheet. ‘Cause to be honest, Sehunnie-Poo isn’t sure if he’s ready for that kind of Fifty Shades of Grey relationship just yet. After all, he is still just barely older than a toddler, lezz be honest, we’re counting in male-maturity years after all. He didn’t think that was where the relationship was heading. He would ask if you knew what you just said, in a fairly serious manner, and when you give him a blank stare back, he would sigh in relief and realize your innocent mind was as close to a dirty mind as you would get. He would then tell you to be careful about what you say to who.

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He would find this cute and very endearing. He would always cover up for you when out with other people, just to help you from getting flustered, however when you two are alone and you slip up, Kris would tease you about it. Loving you blushed cheeks and rush to fix what you said, sometimes only making it worse, giving him more of a laugh. He would always pamper you afterwards though, trying to get you to forgive him when he pushed you too far and got you upset with him.

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anonymous asked:

are cancers the lady in the street but a freak in the street sign?

Assuming you meant “lady in the street, but a freak in the sheets”

Cancers, Virgos, Taurus, and Libra fit that quote very well imo

8 facts meme that @dziewanna tagged for me 23098423 years ago. My inquisitor Grazham Jezebel Trevelyan :y

1. Loves to primp, a lot.

2. Is clingy af.

3. Has his arms, shoulders and hip tattoed with flowers and symbolic stuff, and a whale on his back.

4. His nose is broken, has lots of scars on his face and some arrow shots scars on his right shoulder.

5. Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets.

6. Is sad and crying 24/7.

7. But smiles and laughs very easily.

8. Knows a great deal of astronomy, history, flora and fauna.

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Shea and Sasha celebratory fucking backstage during untucked after challenge win??? 😍😍😍😍😍🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Thank you Leanne, I needed this! I decided to make this basically a direct follow on to the last Sashea drabble I wrote. I used male pronouns throughout because the smut was sounding weird with female ones xD
Send me sentence prompts and drag race pairings and I’ll write you a little drabble!

Sasha had been reeling from the kiss all day. He’d tried to focus on the runway and the Naughty Nighties challenge but it was hard, pun kind of intended. It certainly didn’t help matters when Shea turned up in that black and gold teddy that clung to his padded tits and showed off his incredible legs. God Shea had been right, Sasha wanted to taste all of that chocolate. Sasha didn’t think this was fair, it felt like Ru had chosen this runway to purposely frustrate Sasha. Shea knew what he was doing to him, he kept looking in Sasha’s direction and smirking. So Sasha decided to fight fire with fire. He decided on a white corset, panties, susependers and stockings with only sparkly pasties to cover his boy chest. He wore a blonde wig that was big and sexy and a sheer pink robe over the top. Once he was dressed he turned to see Shea staring at him. Sasha winked at him before he sauntered off in the other direction. It took eveything in his power not to turn back around. Let him watch you go, make him want you.

Their chemistry on set paid off, but Sasha was still so surprised to hear Ru say, ‘Sasha Velour, Shea Couleé; you are the winners of this weeks challenge.’ Shea had immediately engulfed Sasha in a hug and whispered in his ear, ‘I want you. I want you so fucking bad.’ When he’d pulled back Sasha had to try and keep his composure and hope to God that he didn’t pop his tuck.

They’d been backstage in the untucked lounge less than a minute when Shea stood up.
'I need a smoke.’ He spoke looking at Sasha only. The look in his eyes told Sasha he was supposed to follow him. They made it out to the corridor towards the exit when Shea pulled Sasha close and pinned him to the wall. Shea’s lips found his and kissed him passionately just like he had earlier that day. Sasha let Shea kiss him, he’d let Shea do anything to him, he was sure of it. Sasha’s tuck was becoming painful, he bet Shea’s was too. Shea pulled back to gasp for air and then came close to Sasha’s ear.
'I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me more than I’ve ever wanted anyone to fuck me in my entire life.’ He spoke in a low raspy voice and his tongue lapped over Sasha’s ear. Sasha moaned at his words, his tuck now throbbing.
'Jesus I need to untuck.’ Sasha told Shea before taking him by the hips and pushing his front into the wall. He pushed himself into Shea’s back and grinded his hips on the other queens. Shea moaned now.
'Me too.’
'How the hell is this going to work in what you’re wearing?’ Sasha didn’t think they could strip naked in the corridor, if anyone were to catch them it would be better if they could keep their clothes on. Shea looked at him over her shoulder.
'Poppers bitch.’ He smiled and reached between his legs. Sasha heard a pop and then the teddy was coming undone between Shea’s legs. He wriggled his sheer tights down enough to reveal the most perfect ass Sasha had ever seen. While Sasha was distracted staring, Shea managed to pull the tape off and free his dick. He reached behind him and grabbed Sasha by the hand. He brought Sasha’s had around to his front and placed it on his hard dick. Sasha instinctively wrapped his hand around it and started pumping making Shea moan again.
'Fuck I need you Sasha.’ Shea moaned, Sasha found it a little odd hearing his drag name leave Shea’s lips but he didn’t think about it too much. He used his free hand to move his own panties to the side and strip the tape off. He gasped at the feeling of his dick being able to spring free and pressed his erection into Shea’s back, still pumping him.
'Don’t have lube.’ Sasha panted a little in Shea’s ear. Shea looked at him over his shoulder again.
'You have a tongue don’t you?’ He winked at Sasha and god Sasha was amazed he didn’t just come then. He nodded a little dumbly and let go of Shea’s dick before dropping to his knees. He knew they probably didn’t have a lot of time so he parted Shea’s cheeks and let his tongue lap over his hole. Shea moaned even deeper and it spurred Sasha on to plunge his tongue into his tight ring of muscles. Shea was pressed flat against the wall but Sasha knew he was stroking his own dick. Sasha worked his tongue in Shea’s hole, desperate to open him up as quickly as possible whilst he pumped his own dick. Sasha had never needed someone like this before. He had never been so desperate for someone in his entire life. Desperation taking over he let his tongue slide out and he placed a kiss on each of Shea’s magnificent ass cheeks before he stood back up.
'What about a condom?’ He groaned as the realisation hit him. He was too desperate to stop now. Once again Shea looked over his shoulder with that smirk and then one of his hands went in one cup of his padded bra. He pulled the item back out and dangled it in front of Sasha like a carrot being dangled in front of a hungry donkey.
'Came prepared.’ Shea winked at him as Sasha took the condom from his hand.
'You planned this.’ Sasha smirked, giving his ass a slap.
'As if you didn’t think this was going to happen?’ Shea smirked again and then turned to face the wall. 'God just fuck me already! I need you to fuck me like yesterday.’
'I’m going to fuck you into yesterday.’ Sasha slammed his hips into Shea’s ass with a growl. Shea was so turned on he was light headed.
'Fuck me like a man Sasha.’ Shea growled in reply, hoping it would keep this angry Sasha around. He so wanted to be fucked by angry Sasha. Shea heard the condom wrapped ripping and then he felt Sasha’s head pressed against his entrance.
'You want it rough Shea?’ Sasha nibbled his ear lobe as he spoke.
'Oh fuck yeah.’ Shea panted a little. Sasha smirked and before Shea knew what was happening Sasha pounded into him. Shea screamed a little and Sasha clamped his hand over his mouth.
'Shut up.’ Sasha groaned and started thrusting in and out of him hard just like he’d wanted. He kept one hand over Shea’s mouth and used the other to roughly pump his dick. Every time he thrust in he thrust Shea into the wall. His hand was clamped hard around his mouth and the ferocity in which Sasha was pounding into him was making Shea more turned on than he’d ever been in his life. Sasha pounded into him with no mercy, he never imagined the soft spoken, sweet Sasha to be like this. A lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets, Shea smiled to himself. Harder and harder Sasha pounded, his pumps on Shea’s dick getting harder too. His hand slipped from Shea’s mouth and he grabbed his shoulder instead. Shea was close to his orgasm, really close. He’d never been fucked like this in his entire life.
'Me too Shea.’ Sasha spoke when Shea couldn’t get the words out. Something about Sasha’s beautiful deep voice pushed Shea over the edge and Shea came hard, covering Sasha’s hand and the wall in front of him. Sasha pounded harder and Shea had no idea how he could still be going. But it wasn’t long before Sasha moaned deeply and then Shea felt his cock twitching inside him as he came. Sasha pulled out and stripped off the condom. Shea turned around to look at him. Their lipsticks were smudged and one of Sasha’s eyebrows was a little smudged from sweat. Sasha tossed the condom in a nearby trash can and wiped Shea’s come on his stockings hoping it wouldn’t be noticeble. He stepped closer to Shea and cupped his face.
'I didn’t hurt you, did I?’ He asked softly. Shea smiled at how quickly he could turn sweet again.
'No, I’m fine. I’m more than fine in fact.’ He smiled and kissed Sasha gently. 'Turns out I like me some white chocolate just as much as you like your dark chocolate.’ He winked at Sasha and Sasha chuckled and blushed a little. They got their under garments back on just as they heard a door open down the corridor. Peppermint stepped out and looked between them.
'Guys we’ve got five minutes until mainstage. I’d ask what the hell is going on out here but it’s kinda obvious.’ She laughed. Shea and Sasha bet they looked a state. Between their make-up, lopsided wigs and bulges in their panties they hadn’t tucked it probably was obvious.
'Don’t tell the others.’ Sasha blushed again.
'Course not darlings.’ Peppermint winked at them. 'Now come and get your cute butts over here so I can try and make you look as though you haven’t been fucking.’
Shea blushed now too. He glanced at Sasha and Sasha glanced back. He took hold of Sasha’s hand and pulled the other queen close and kissed him once more.
'How about another…chocolate tasting session after filming?’ Shea smirked at Sasha. Sasha’s blushed deepened knowing Peppermint could hear them. But really, he didn’t care who heard. If Shea was dark chocolate he must have some kind of addictive filling. Because Sasha wanted more. Sasha wanted everything. He was hooked on the taste of Shea Couleè.

the morning after

about five of my friends and i were just casually chilling around the coffee table @ 3 am last night (morning) talking about what we would do if any of us ever hooked up with harry. don’t ask, idk either. but that’s how this got thrown together. i should be doing homework right now btw. i hate harry styles a lot (jk i love that bitch) 

WARNINGS :: a lot of this is literally just “texts” but you know i like to think i have a sense of humor so :-) like i said this is what i, ME PERSONALLY, would do if i ever hooked up with harold (lol) soooooo keep that in mind lmfao. 

don’t know how i feel about this one (questions my entire thought process) but hey! it’s something and i haven’t posted in a while :) enjoy (;

O V E R V I E W 

“Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets or summat like tha’?”

He gets a playful shove and the roll of her eyes as she tries not to laugh at that. What a fuckin’ dork (which, in truth, just makes him all the more perfect to Y/N.)

“You’re a comedic lad, aren’t ya?”

She didn’t get crushes very easily, but it seems Harry was just the right amount of charming to have her falling faster than Alice did chasing after that damn rabbit.


Y/N doesn’t do one night stands and Harry truly and honestly believes she’s a proper angel or something. 

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Preference #16 He Talks About Your Sex Life To Another Boy



You told Liam you were hanging with some of your friends today. He told you he was having Zayn to play some game on his Xbox. You came back early since it started to rain.

“Liam!” you called through the house when you walked in.

You figured he couldn’t hear anything since you could practially hear the game they were playing from down stairs. You walked up the stairs and heard Liam laugh in the distance. You walked into what Liam called his mancave. You could only see the game they were playing and and the back of their heads.

“I’m not saying she’s not great in bed because she is, but she never wants to try anything new,” Liam complained. “Like Y/N knows how to get me off, but she never wants to change how she does it, you know.”

You felt your heart sink. Liam has never brought this up to you nor has he ever complained.

“Maybe you should tell her that,” Zayn suggested. He was right.

“How do you tell your girlfriend that she can do better in bed?”

“You tell her upfront and honestly,” you say more pissed than upset.

Both Zayn and Liam quickly turned around, “Y/N, I thought you were with your friends,”Liam quickly said.

“You should of said something, Liam,” you yelled before leaving the room.

“Wait, Y/N!” Liam said running after you. He caught you before you could make it down the stairs. “Y/N, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”

“Liam, do you remember how long it took us to have sex in the first place?” you asked him. “I was basically a virgin because I had only been with one guy before you. I’m sorry I’m predictable, but I’m not as experienced as you and I don’t want to to sound or look stupid” you yelled.

“Y/N, I don’t care what you do or say, you always sound sexy to me. You can trust me.”

You sighed, “Okay but I’m still mad at you.”

“We can work it out in the bedroom,” he whispered.

“Go and play your game.”


You walked into the boys dressing room to hear the voice of your boyfriend and Louis talking about tonight’s show.

“Hey, princess,” Niall smiled, gesturing you to sit down next to him.

“Hey, princess,” Louis mocked looking at you.

“Don’t be jealous that someone loves me and not you,” Niall said before kissing your cheek and pulling to him. Niall was always good with PDA no matter who was there and you didn’t mind it either. “What’s up,” he asked.

“Lou wants you both in hair and make-up,” you told them both.

“Okay, just give us a minute,” Niall said before you walked out of the room.

“Okay I don’t bye Y/N’s innocent act,” you heard Louis say. You stopped and listened. “Is she the classic lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets?” Louis asked.

Niall wouldn’t answer that, right?

“Well yes and no,” he confirmed. Your eyes widened. “She isn’t crazy but she knows what she is doing. She is absolutly no lady in bed. Like between me and you, she is better than any porn I have ever seen,” he chuckled.

“Well I know you have a video some type of video from her.”

“Niall, don’t say it,” you whispered to yourself.

“Well she did send on one of her over a couple months ago and then there’s the one of us..she even record this one thing she only does of special days where-”

He was done, “Niall!” you yelled, pocking your head in your head. “I think you Lou really needs you, now,” you demanded pulling him with you. “Niall, you just don’t tell people about what we do or what I sent you. That’s a secret,” you said, punching his arm.

“Why are you ashamed?” Niall asked.

“I’m not ashamed I just don’t want your friends looking at me like some piece of meat,” you said.

“Hey, I’m sorry,” Niall said, hugging you. “I won’t get into detail about our sex life.”

“Good because that will be non-exist until my say so,” you decided.


“I think Lou needs you.”


You woke up with no arms around you. You slowly opened your eyes to see Zayn not the there by you. You slipped on your pants and shirt and walked down stairs. You heard talking but you only could really hear Zayn’s voice.

“I don’t know, it’s just different,” you heard Zayn say.

“Different in a good way or bad way?” you heard Liam ask.

“She is always in the mood. Always.” he chuckled. “Like I don’t mind, but it’s tiring. At first, I didn’t mind. But now, I would come home from the studio and she would want me and I would be tired. And I know she has needs and she’s my girlfriend, but its tiring.”

You began to feel bad. You didn’t realize you were being that needy. Zayn never said a word about it.

“Just tell her you’re not in the mood,” Liam suggested.

“I would but there were times in the past when she wasn’t in the mood and I could tell.”

“Then she can probably tell as well.”

It was true. Zayn would sometimes be able to get into it, but other times, it would take work. Now you really felt bad.

“Hey, guys,” you slightly smiled as you came around the corner. “Zayn can we talk really quick,” you asked, motioning him to you.

Liam chuckled before Zayn slowly got up. “Hey what do you need?” he asked.

“I wanted to say I’m sorry,” you whispered. “I have been asking for you a lot lately.”

“Y/N, it’s okay-” he began.

You quickly cut him off, “If it was okay you wouldn’t be talking to one of your friends about it.”

He nodded. “Then lets make an agreement,” he proposed. “We will always be honest with each other even if we think the other won’t like it.”

You smiled and nodded, “Okay.”


Tour with Harry were fun. It was fun until he had to wake up at the crack of dawn for a morning interview. Usually you would stay asleep until it was a closer time for the interview to start, but today, you wanted to want it out with him. Harry still left earlier, but you were still going to meet him there.

You walked in on the boys’ rehearsal just as they were on a break. You saw and heard Niall and Harry laughing with each other.

“Okay she was loud but you, my friend, were louder,” Niall chuckled.

“Well when you’re with a girl like Y/N, it’s hard to keep your voice down,” Harry explained.

Last night, you and Harry did have sex, but you never realized how loud you both were. You even tried keeping it down because you knew Niall was next door, and you didn’t want to keep him and Harry up.

“I thought thirty minutes, tops, and you would go to bed, but it only got worse,” he laughed. “You two are like rabbits.”

“Well let me put it this way,” Harry began, “When you are lucky enough to find and love the girl of your dreams, mine is Y/N, enough will never be enough,” he chuckled, putting his hand on Niall’s shoulder. “Because she is just spectacular.”

“Oh, don’t worry. The whole entire floor knows.”

“When you find a girl that does what mine does in bed, I hope the whole entire knows and be proud.”

“Are you proud?” you asked, coming from backstage, hugging Harry from behind. 

He chuckled, “Of course,” he smiled, turning his head to quickly kiss you.

“Ew, okay well, we have to rehearse again, so lets go,” Niall said, shoving Harry s bit and walking away.

“Why must you talk about our sex life to your friends?” you asked, turning him around.

“Because now they know what they’re really missing out on.”


You tagged along with Louis to the studio today. You wanted to see how the new album was coming along. You sat in front of the control panel as both Louis and Harry talked in the booth. You couldn’t hear them from outside. You searched for the mute button to the booth and to your luck, you found it.

“and it’s not like we don’t do it, but she has been faking it, you know,” Louis commented.

You raised your eyebrow as you went onto your phone so they wouldn’t know you were listening.

“Maybe it’s your fault,” Harry chuckled.

“Maybe but I wait and wait and wait for her to finish but nothing,” he sighed. “I mean I don’t know what to do because I feel bad and every time I ask her if anything is wrong, she says no and brushes it off.”

You felt bad now. You were faking your orgasms and you felt bad about it. It wasn’t because of Louis; it was the things he wanted to try in bed. He loved it, but it wasn’t doing for you. Louis was enjoying himself, and you didn’t want to ruin the best sex of his life.

“Lou, if you don’t talk to her sooner or later, it’s only gonna get worse,” Harry suggested. “I mean maybe it’s not what you think or maybe it is,” he chuckled again.

Now you felt even more worse. You kept your head down and decided to send Louis a text to talk to you outside the booth. You knew this needed to be discussed.

“She actually wants to talk right now,” Louis said to Harry. He looked up at you through the glass and smiled before hopping of the stool and walking out the booth. “Yeah, babe, what’s up?”

“Louis I’m sorry, I have been faking it,” you blurted out. “It’s not you. Well I guess it is you, but only because you suggested you change it up in bed. You love it but I-I just do it. I can’t get the same feeling anymore, but I know you love it.” You felt relieved, but now he looked hurt like you just shoot his ego.

“Y/N, why didn’t you tell me sooner?” he asked, soothing you by rubbing you arm.

“I thought I wasn’t feeling it the first time but it wasn’t the only time,” you whispered in shame.

“Hey, it’s okay. Come here,” he opened his arms for a hug.

“I can’t come through,” you chuckled at your own word play.

Louis laughed at your joke, “Well not on my watch anymore.”

In Defense of Hoejabis, Bangjabis & Other "Slutty" Hijabis

A couple of months ago, I shared an article on my Facebook page about ‘Hijabi Hipsters’; a new generation of hijabis who fuse fashion with faith by wearing stylish hijab-friendly outfits.

“Wow, that sounds like you!” One of my friends noted. Most of the other people in the thread seemed to agree with him. His comment made me smile. Although I wouldn’t consider myself a hijabster, I was glad my friends thought I was stylish. 

yay!! me trying hard to look fancy. I love maxi skirts <3

Then, it happened.

The negative comments started pouring in.

“Umm…isn’t the point of a hijab to be modest and not attract attention to yourself?” My male atheist friend remarked.

“Yea, I have met girls who wear a hijab with tight jeans and it just doesn’t make sense. How is that even modest?” My female non-religious Hindu friend chimed in.

“You can’t wear that with a hijab. It still attracts boys. She is beautifying her face.” My male Muslim friend offered.

Soon the entire thread took a dramatic turn and went from praising hijabis for being modest yet stylish to bashing “hoe-jabis” for making a mockery off an important religious symbol by wearing “slutty” clothes in the name of modesty.

& throughout this entire encounter, I sat next to my computer screen, a cup of hot Kashmiri chai in my hand, wondering when I will finally get a chance to live without having to justify my attire to every single person I interact with on a daily basis.

no. fuck you. don’t tell me what to wear. I’ve never seen a hijabi wear something like that anyway.

Earlier this year I discovered the Youtube channel of a black Jewish girl who was mocking hijabis for wearing jeans with a headscarf. “Jewish girls are more modest than Muslim ones!” She argued, “we wear skirts!”

Across the globe, thousands of hijabis sighed in unison.

I’ve also heard many Muslim non-hijabi women remark, “Just because you wear a hijab doesn’t make you more modest. What is the point of wearing one if you have a boyfriend or you wear tight clothes?” 

This is in defense of every single girl who has gotten told her clothes are not “hijab-friendly”. This is for every single person who thinks (s)he has the right to tell hijabis what they can and can’t wear.

I became what Muslim women call a “permanent hijabi” at age 18. Before that, I had a rocky relationship with the garment I chose to wear at age 10 to school only. I was the first female in my family to start wearing it. I had no guidance whatsoever. No one told me I couldn’t wear short sleeves with a hijab, for example, so I proceeded to do just that until I got called out for it at age 14.

Since I lived alone and didn’t interact with Muslims (especially hijabis) on a daily basis, I wore all kinds of “inappropriate” clothes with my hijab: short skirts, short sleeved shirts, tight skin-hugging pants, etc.

It wasn’t until I started living with my aunt (who started wearing a hijab by then) that I finally realized the hijab was more than just a cloth you wear on your head. It was an entire lifestyle that you couldn’t just put on and off as you pleased. 

Here’s what I wish people understood about “hoe-jabis”:

  • Most of them are confused. They most likely don’t live with or around other hijabis so they have no idea what really counts as “modest” since different people have different perceptions of modesty. For example, in my school where all girls wore crop tops and booty shorts, my knee length skirt with thick black tights and loose knee high boots were really modest in comparison.
  • They might be experiencing a change of heart. Often times, hijabi girls stop covering their hair for a multitude of reasons. Usually the transition starts with them wearing more “inappropriate” clothes. Once you start wearing the hijab, it’s hard to take it off. It literally makes you feel like you’re walking around naked. That’s why many hijabis use that as a stepping stone so when they are ready to finally take it off, they feel more comfortable doing it.
  • They might be wearing a hijab for reasons other than modesty. It is not uncommon at all to meet a Muslim girl who wears a hijab to make a political statement. I’ve also met cancer patients who wear headscarves once they start losing their hair due to chemotherapy.
  • They are tired of your shit. Seriously. Think about how hard it is to be a hijabi. You take shit from Islamophobes who are more likely to attack you than any other group of Muslims, from white feminists who keep telling you that you’re oppressing your own self for choosing to dress a certain way, from people of other religious groups who judge you on your “fake” modesty, from pervs who fetishize you, from misogynistic Muslims who try to police your behavior and choice of attire, & from other hijabis who judge you on your style…They don’t need you and your bullshit opinions. So please, for the love of pizza, shut the hell up.
  • They are humans too and are thus not exempt from making mistakes. Seriously. Hijab-malfunctions exist. Sometimes the way you step out of your house is not the way you end up looking like halfway through the day.

So please, spare me that BS about hoe-jabis, bang-jabis and “slutty” hijabis. Most of the “slutty” hijabis I met were just girls who got exploited by men who fetishized them (teh M0zlem wimmin r forbiddun fr00t!”). It’s disgusting that you would even use those gendered slurs to refer to them (or any other woman for that matter).

If you are a hijabi who is really interested in helping a girl out, guide her towards fashion bloggers like Amenakin, saimasmileslike and nabiilabee who manage to wear 100% Sharia-approved clothes and still look bitchin’…or towards actual Muslim sources written by scholars explaining what a hijab is and what the rules are for wearing one.

for all my fellow hijabis <3

& remember, folks, if you yourself are not a hijabi, please take a seat and shut the fuck up. 

Hijabis do not exist for you to mock, criticize or fetishize. We are not “forbidden fruit” or hypersexual oriental beauties who are ladies on the street but freaks between the sheets. We sure as hell aren’t repressed creatures who need orientalist men to come and “save” us by sexually exploiting us. 

Remember this, and kindly fuck off.

Honeymoon Heat- Jungkook(Requested Smut)

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

//he loves how you’re a lady in the streets but a freak between the sheets//

~I hope the nonnie who requested this enjoys:) sorry for the wait. 

The suite is huge, big bay windows and ornate furniture artfully placed around the room. Two double french doors are open, giving me an eyeful of the master room, an impossibly large bed surrounded by four posters with white curtains billowing around the dark duvet.

His arms snake around my waist, resting his chin on top of my head. “The view is beautiful.”

“Too bad we got in so late.” I sigh. “We could’ve explored.”

The stars are bright and unshadowed by clouds, a thin moon gleaming down on us from the sky. There are a multitude of houses below us, all of them leading to the beach, lights dotting along the sand before the endless black of the ocean.

“We have tomorrow.” Jungkook reassures me. “And every day after that for a week.”

“I don’t want to go back.” I turn and nuzzle into his chest, little fists gripping the soft cotton of his shirt. “Can our honeymoon just last forever?”

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