lady of the lake


Man, I was excited to post some more of my work for Fable Legends this week, but with recent news it’s definitely on a more somber note.  It’s still worth saying that working on this project, and with this team, was some of my happiest time at Xbox; I adored Mike McCarthy’s concept art for the previous Fable games, and getting to collaborate with him was an absolute pleasure.

Regardless of the fate of the final project, this is my development work for Evienne – the Lady of the Lake who grew tired of waiting for the next king, took up the sword, and went out adventuring on her own.  She was the first character I sketched out on my first day at Lionhead, and she was the last character I finished before leaving for HBO. :)

Raise a glass,


My submission for Ladies of Literature Volume 2

I chose to illustrate the Lady of the Lake out of a long-time love of medieval folklore and women in mythology. Sometimes treacherous, always mysterious, and instrumental to the plot of the Arthurian legend, the Lady of the Lake is a timeless figure in historical myth.

If you missed the kickstarter, you can still check out some of the submissions on the project’s blog @ ladiesofliterature​!