“You look nice,” Luna had agreed, “which is funny because you aren’t.”

“Luna,” Blaise had hissed.

“What?” Luna had looked up at him, “I thought we were admitting she was evil. Are we not openly admitting that yet?“

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…Geralt’s and Yen’s story is the embodiment of the classic love that was destined to happen. Sapkowski combines this idea with the element of the Arthurian Avalon. The destined relationship of Yen and Geralt ends in the mythological land of the undying. Thus it doesn’t really matter if they live or die, because in the end they are way past the point of the question of mortality. With Ciri transporting them to Avalon they became the living tale. At the same time myth and reality in the Witcher world.
That’s basically what the entire story of Nimue is about, who after all is also a figure of the Arthurian legend.
And that was basically a short summary of why I consider Sapkowski’s novel cycle to be so excellent. In it’s full purpose it is so much more than just another high fantasy story.


GWENT : Nilfgaard – False Ciri

Her voice stuck in her throat so rapidly that she instinctively raised her hands to her neck, as if what she had on was not a necklace, but a choking garrotte. Emhyr continued to measure her with his eyes, still full of praise for Stella Congreve. At the same time he also felt anger. Unfounded anger and therefore even more terrible.

“Know that I had nothing to do with your kidnapping girl,” he said sharply. “I had nothing to do with your kidnapping. I gave no such orders. I was fooled…”

He was angry with himself, aware that he was making a mistake. He should have ended this conversation long ago, ended it with grace, with power, menacing, like an emperor. It was necessary to forget about this girl with the green eyes. The girl did not exist. She was a double. An imitation. She did not even have a name. She was nobody. The emperor does not ask for forgiveness, does not apologise to someone who…

“Forgive me,” he said, the words sounded strange, unpleasantly sticking to his lips. “I made a mistake. Yes, it’s true, I am guilty of what happened to you. Guilty. But I give you my word that you will come to no danger, no injustice, no harm, no threat. Do not be afraid.”

“I’m not afraid,” she lifted her head and etiquette notwithstanding meet his gaze. Emhyr flinched, struck by the honesty and trust in her eyes.

- Lady of the Lake by Andrzej Sapkowski, Gwent card illustration by CDProjektRed

Women who want to understand magic…in between space and time. Just people, women. Chosen like you. When you learned to walk between worlds, you proved ready to join our Circle. 

Science and magic. Long ago, we of the Lake realized those two practices would eventually become one.